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Adieu, sweet springtime... by Cheryl Brooks

What is there to say on this last day of May?
Perhaps a quick ode ere the month slips away.
As I sit here writing, my roses have bloomed.

The lilies will dazzle, but could use lots more room!

I've been on vacation; I even went twice.
The Keys had their charm,

Myrtle Beach was quite nice!

But the Derby is over,

And the Preakness was won.

The Belmont at Elmont is yet to be run.

The Indy 500 was a fabulous race,

And when Tony won, he poured milk on his face. 

But alas, like the month, my post is now done.
For tomorrow brings June with its heat and its fun.

Next summer's vacation? I haven't a clue.
But for some unknown reason,
Only Scotland will do!

Come on, now.
You knew I'd get the hunk in there somewhere. *;) winking


  1. You're a poet, and we didn't even know t!

  2. LOL!!! How we got from Roses To a Sexy Kilted Hunk in Scotland, I do not know. It was a lovely lyrical trip.

  3. I agree with Donna starting with the smell of a rose to a taste of a kilted hunk. :) thanks

  4. Thanks, ladies! Believe it or not, it took me a while to get there. ;)

  5. LOL, I LOVE poetry, and when it ends in a kilted sexy hunk, so much the better!

  6. Thanks, Terry! I thought you might like that one!

  7. Yeah, but why is it that those sporrans always get in the way???

  8. *ahem* I have several other pics in which the sporran DOESN'T interfere.
    But I can't post them here. ;)

  9. Lol, sure, for inspiration and research. :)

  10. And for posting on my other blog!

  11. saved the best for last! LOL

  12. That was a trip of sensory extremes. I'm ready for those other posts on your blog anytime. The Scots in kilts are definitely inspirational ;-)

  13. Perhaps we'll do a "Kilt Week" sometime. :D

  14. That was a lovely collection of pictures and I certainly enjoyed the way the poem ended!


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