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Spring is in the Air

My uncle took the fabulous picture above. He takes awesome pictures. He should! He used to be the White House photographer. I don't know about you, but the spring bug hit me hard. And nothing says spring like spring cleaning.
I know what you're thinking, but there were some things just bugging me. You know the feeling. I couldn't stand it any longer. How much longer could I possibly ignore my dusty drapes? Ugh. Believe me, I've tried.

After dry cleaning all of my drapes at home (which look 100% better-Dryel works wonders), another project I tackled was my great-grandmother's hutch.

My mom told me when she gave me this beautiful piece of furniture that the hutch was the only thing in our family that survived the Vandergrift flood of 1936. I love antiques with a story behind them. I also love the fact that when it's time for my daughter to have the hutch, she'll know the tale to pass down to her daughter. How cool to actually have something passed down from her great-great-grandmother?

My other grandmother collected decorative plates. When she broke up housekeeping many years ago, I was fortunate to get a few of them. They now hang proudly displayed on my dining room wall. But I was thrilled when I actually managed to snag my favorite plate of all. It may not look like much, but the darned thing holds more memories for me than anything.

When my sister and I used to stay overnight at my grandmother's house, every morning she served us breakfast on these plates. I would stare at this particular plate all the time. The picture always reminded me of the streets of England. When I see the plate now, it floods me with nothing but fond memories of those times.
Is there anything that you hold sentimental in your household?
Victoria Roberts writes Scottish historical romances about kilted heroes and warriors from the past. She was named by RT Book Reviews as "one of the most promising debut authors across the genres" and was also a 2012 Reviewers Choice nominee for Best First Historical for Temptation in a Kilt.
X Marks the Scot (Bad Boys of the Highlands #2) was awarded a TOP PICK from Night Owl Reviews, and To Wed a Wicked Highlander (Bad Boys of the Highlands #3) is scheduled for release September 3, 2013. The first of Victoria’s new Royal Rebellion series is scheduled for release spring 2014. 


  1. Love the antiques and pictures, Victoria. My mother hated antiques, but I still have a blanket her grandmother handed down from Scotland, and a very old snuff box from Scotland from her father's side of the family, along with a silver pickle fork with a thistle from Scotland. I love antiques that have a memory.

  2. Love the pictures...I love Spring and the promise of new growth sprouting and blooming :)

    How lovely to have the hutch and antiques passed down to you :)

    My mom gave me photos of my great-grandparents (both sides of our family) and great-grandparents--they sit on our mantlepiece.

    I like sharing our lives with them watching over us :)

    Congrats on the great reviews for your Highlanders :)

  3. I have a very worn old chef's steel that belonged to my grandfather who was both a butcher and a trained chef.He gave it to me when he helped me chose my cooking knives.When he passed away, I inherited most of his cooking knives along with his favorite cast iron skillet.

  4. Spring has arrived in Oklahoma...we've had our first tornado watch!
    All of my books are in an antique secretary passed down to us Husband's father. Still has the bill of sale attached to the back showing that it was delivered to Jacob Coppenhaver in 1907.

  5. I'm fairly free of hand me downs and inheritances, but I have some pictures of my daughter and her horses that I will take with me wherever I live. I hope, should she have children, they will value them as I do.

  6. I'm with you, Terry. Anything with a story hooks me.

    C.H., photos are definitely a keepsake. I'm with you. I love to display them. I have some sassy ones of my grandparents when they were dating. Too cute.

    Virginia, that's funny. My aunt just gave me my grandmother's old chef steel knife, too. Very sharp. I remember her threatening her sons (my uncles) with it to get the heck out of the kitchen while she was cooking. ;-)

    Carolyn, how wonderful to have old books with a date! I'm sure you'll treasure them for many years yet to come. Tornado warnings? Yikes!

    Grace, pictures hold a ton of memories. I'm sure your daughter and/or someday your grandchildren will enjoy them as well.

  7. I have a ceramic cat my great grandmother made. It's really lame--not something you would normally display--but I love it because it reminds me of her.

  8. Shana, those are the best gifts to have.

  9. Love the antiques. What makes them special is the connection to your famiky. My grandmother loved old iron tools and had a bunch in her kitchen, which are now in my kitchen. They give me happy memories!

  10. Amanda, isn't it nice when we have those things to pass down from generation to generation?

  11. I don't have antiques from the family (unfortunately, my grandmother's house had a pretty major fire) but I do have a set of plates that were a wedding gift that are some of my favorites. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.


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