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Kansas City, Here we Come!

Next week hundreds of romance authors and readers will beheading to Kansas City for the annual Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. If you're a reader or writer of romance and you've never been, you really have to go. (Just FYI, next year we'll be in New Orleans).

This is a really fun convention because it's all about readers and writers meeting and mixing. Lots of authors on the Casablanca blog will be there, waiting to meet readers! I'm participating in several fun events.

The first is Wednesday afternoon. It's UNDRESSING THE HERO.

Whether they wear cravats, kilts, or cowboy boots, a hero is a hero--and when you meet one, you just know. We'll play an interactive game, where readers undress a life-size hero, piece by tantalizing piece. 

Sounds fun, huh?

Then I run off to join my friend Deeanne Gist for her workshop, BOTTOMS UP: VICTORIAN WOMEN'S CLOTHING FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

I get to play lady's maid and help Deeanne dress layer by layer. Still have to work with her a bit on the corset!

Unfortunately, while I play lady's maid, I'll miss the Sourcebooks publicists' presentation on HOW TO WORK WITH YOUR PUBLISHER FOR PUBLICITY AND MARKETING. If you're not interested in Victorian dress, head over to that one.

That evening I get to be one of the hosts of a fabulous party. Mary Wine and Mia Marlowe from this blog will be there, along with Victoria Alexander, Monica Burns, Elizabeth Essex, Heather Graham, Sabrina Jeffries, Kieran Kramer and more! It's the ROSIE GULCH GALS' GET-TOGETHER. We'll have food, drinks, and lots and lots of swag!

Thursday I'm excited to attend the Sourcebooks spotlight. Every year I've been they've asked for audience input on real book covers, and they always have lots of giveaways.

Saturday there's a huge book signing. I mean, huge. I'm going to have to sneak away from my table to get books signed from some of my favorite authors. The best part is that even if you can't go to the convention, you can go to the book signing. It's open to the public, and I think the fee to get in is $5.

Finally, I get to schmooze with librarians and booksellers at the NO PLACE LIKE CASA event. It's always fun to talk with both groups.

Are you going? If so, what events do you have on your agenda? If not, what sounds good to you?


  1. Shana, I might just have to go there next year. I've never been to RT. I'm going to RomCon, AAD, Nationals, and Boas and Tiaras, so I figured what with blog tours and book deadlines, that would keep me out of trouble! But it sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun!

  2. I'll be the one at home pouting but like Terry, I'm planning to to next year. Mr. B and I had too much on our plates for another trip like that this year! Have fun and bring home stories for us who stayed home and pouted.

  3. Terry, you should come next year. New Orleans is so close to us. It is fun, but it's a bigger conference than the others you're doing. Sometimes a small group is nice.

  4. Carolyn, I definitely understand having too much on your plate. I haven't gone every year for that reason. But you should go next year. Louisiana and Oklahoma are neighbors!

  5. Shana, I went to FF&P's conference in New Orleans, stopped in on my daughter in Houston, so it cut down the driving time. I could do that again. :)

  6. Sounds like so much fun. I wish I were going. =( I hope you have a great time and I can't wait to see pics. =)

  7. Absolutely, Terry! Houston is 6 hours from NOLA.

  8. I wish you were going too, Danielle. You would have a blast!

  9. Have fun! *sigh* Maybe next year...

  10. Hopefully next year, Cheryl!


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