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Pitch Appointment - the Editor Responds!

by Deb Werksman
Editorial Manager,

Sourcebooks Casablanca

Last month Sourcebooks Editorial Manager opened the blog for your pitches.  The time has come for her response!

Ellie Heller said...

Yay! May I ask for more details? Is there a window of dates you'll be taking pitches from? A deadline to submit them? I post weekly roundup of pitch/query events on my blog, any additional information would be super helpful!

Deb Weksman:  Hi Ellie, thank you so much—sorry I missed the opportunity to have this pitch session posted on your blog. If you’ll please email me directly:  I will notify you next time in advance. Thank you!

Shelly Bell said...


b. Subgenre: Paranormal Romance, complete at 91,000 words

c. 50 word pitch:

In a contemporary world in which the Seven Deadly Sins are winning the war against humanity, Rafe, an obedient guardian angel, must save the soul of Eden, a self-reliant abuse survivor , from wrath and recover the lost relic hidden somewhere in her home before the dangerous fallen angels locate it and use it to return to heaven.

d. Next two books:

Every book in the series confronts one of the Seven Deadly Sins and also ties into the central plot of finding and protecting lost relics from the fallen angels seeking to overthrow heaven and turn Earth into hell.

In ANGELIC ENVY, Tag, a resentful guardian angel, must help Avery, an amnestic pop star ghost, who is stuck between the realms and discover the truth behind her death.

In ANGELIC PRIDE, as World War Three begins, Mia, a submissive guardian angel, must help a Luke, a detective with multiple sclerosis, cope with his illness while battling a demonic Governor from turning Detroit into the Capitol of Hell.

e. Sales History:

I have a women's fiction novel which was released earlier this year with a small publisher and is a part of the Jewish Book Council Network Author Tour.

Deb Werksman: Hi Shelly, thank you for this pitch. It’s a good pitch, and you’ve clearly thought through how to build a series and make each book individual while still true to the series. I’m not sure about guardian angels, however, in the marketplace. For authors at the absolute top of the category, who can write anything they want, almost any theme will work. At the midlist or debut level, this paranormal element is much more difficult. It looks to me as though angels are difficult to separate from their religious origins, and people feel very strongly about their religious beliefs. So they don’t go along with other interpretations, and that’s going to really limit your audience. I also have concerns about a hero with multiple sclerosis, and I have a pet peeve about amnesia, which I think is an overdone trope.

Loralie Hall said...

(such a great opportunity, thank you ^_^)

Leasing Love
Contemporary Romance, 87,000 words

Riley’s To Do List:
- Meet that next critical deadline at work.
- Stop lusting after her dead sexy - but completely set on staying single – roommate, Zane.
- Convince her boss she won’t take the fall for someone else’s a multi-million dollar breach of contract.

Book 2: Riley’s best friend, Chloe prides herself on being a top-notch matchmaker, but when her own relationship begins to crumble, she has to dig deeper than the rush of seeing a happy couple on their first date to keep the man she loves.

Book 3: Zane’s buddy, Rich always coasted through life until it cost him his job, his marriage, and his daughter. He’d rather wallow than confront his own demons, but his too-optimistic-for-her-own-good neighbor has other plans.

I’m a debut author.

Deb Werksman:  Hi Loralie, I am looking for contemporaries, and especially contemporary romance with characters who are very relatable. I didn’t quite get the world of your series here—the pitch needs a bit more info and world-building. I like the idea of the To Do list, but then I don’t really engage with the character—it evokes a modern working girl, also evokes women’s fiction, but doesn’t give me a real reason to care about the characters. Who are they? How do their stories relate to me (the reader)?

Krista Hall said...

Broken Places

Romantic Suspense, 96,000 words

FBI Agent Cruz Larsen has no respect for professional do-gooders like sociology professor Trevy Barlow who spends her evenings teaching a literacy class for girl gang members. But when one of the girls is murdered on her way to Trevy’s class, they team up to hunt down a killer.

Deb Werksman:  This is good, I like the premise, I like that the hero is an FBI agent. Cruz Larsen is an odd name for a hero. Isn’t “Cruz” a woman’s name? and also Hispanic, while Larsen is Scandinavian. Confusing. Otherwise, a good premise.

Book 2: On the US-Mexico border, disgraced ICE agent Emelina Villarreal is forced to seek asylum with a transnational crime family in order to stay alive long enough to undo a $2 million blunder and resurrect her once sterling reputation.

Deb Werksman:  No hero in this one, you’re going all the way mystery. And ICE agent isn’t a strong law enforcement identity.

Book 3: Mineralogist Aliya Perreault is hired by a private investor to appraise African mine cuttings rumored to contain rare blue garnets and instead discovers the body of a missing US Senator.

Deb Werksman: Again, no hero, and now you’ve moved away from law enforcement altogether.
Debut author, two-time Golden Heart finalist
Deb Werksman:  Doesn’t hang together as a series. I am interested in romantic suspense with a law enforcement theme, remember each one has to have the love story central to the book.
Willa Blair said...

Thanks for this opportunity!

a. Title: Triple Threat (working title)

b. Subgenre: SciFi Romance

c. 50 word pitch:

On the explosive Concord-Gral Imperative border, Anzal Jai, pilot of Concord starship Unity is also an undercover Zirini operative with feared sensual powers. Ora, new ship’s doctor, recognizes what he is. When Gral pirates attack, will she help him or expose him and risk a 3-way interstellar war?

d. The next 2 books in the series:

Book 2: The Gral Imperative changes tactics from piracy to forcibly adding border systems into it’s territory. Unity destroys a Gral warship in planetary orbit and captures surprising survivors in its lifeboat.

Book 3: On shore leave, Unity’s captain is enthralled by a Zirini and goes AWOL. His subcommander must seduce him away before he gives up Concord secrets, and before the circumstances of his absence cause an interstellar incident.

e. Debut Author with The Wild Rose Press, HIGHLAND HEALER release: 4 January. HIGHLAND SEER with editor, HIGHLAND TROTH under construction

Deb Werksman:  Hi Willa, thanks for pitching. I find the pitch for the first book kind of hard to understand—you’re doing a good job of introducing the world-building, but the made-up words are throwing me off. Since I don’t know what they mean, they’re not conveying information that makes me want to read the book. I don’t understand “feared sensual powers” at all.
The second book has no hero/heroine—remember, this is romance category and therefore the love story is central.
The third one has the love story, but the characters are unnamed, which makes it hard for me to relate to/care about them.
I do like fantasy romance quite a lot.

Court said...

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

1. Title: Under African Skies

2. Genre: Contemporary Romance with Action elements

3. Blurb/Pitch: Throughout South Africa Jaco Vermaak is known as The Protector for his tireless work to stop the poaching of endangered animals, and he’s just the man photojournalist Molly Rodriquez needs. One great story and Molly’s back on top but nothing prepares her for the full force of the former Solider. Under starry African skies, Molly gets much more than her story, but only if she has the courage to embrace it.

4. Next book in “Men of the World” Series is tentatively titled Boston and St. John’s – When Liza Doyle receives a letter from a mother she never knew existed, her life is turned upside down, and she’s forced to travel to Newfoundland. There she meets fisherman, Malchay Bennett, and a gets a chance at love and life.

Deb Werksman: How can anyone have “a mother she never knew existed”? Too odd to be credible.

Next is titled Lost in Mumbai - Daci Bishop travels to India for the filming of her latest script and meets Ramu Khanna, the Ram of Bollywood. When Ramu’s fans find out about his tryst with the pretty American tourist, the Bollywood star ends up in hot water. Can Ramu keep Daci in his life and still be the Ram of Bollywood? Can Daci come to grips with the fact her perfect man is really a star and splashed all over billboards?

5. I have had numerous shorts included in anthologies for Ravenous Romance as well as a full length novella, KONA WARRIOR. Also my historical romance novel, THE HOODED MAN, was just released by Decadent Publishing. I am also a freelance journalist for Nevada Magazine.

Deb Werksman:  Hi Court, thank you. I like the idea of a contemporary series set in exotic locations. Having the heroes be local while the heroines are American is interesting. That does kind of throw the series almost into the multi-cultural area, though, especially with the Indian hero, and I’m not sure how to sell multi-culti romance. And if they’re not all multi-culti, then you’re mixing elements in a series in a way that I’m not sure will work. Remember, you’re building a brand.

Nancy Weeks said...

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

a. Title: In the Shadow of Evil

b. Subgenre: romantic suspense with a supernatural element complete at 100,000 words

c. 50 word pitch:

Mendoza killed Jennie’s parent and walks free. He must be stopped. But the one man she trust to help her, Detective Jared McNeil, she will protect at all cost. Jennie's father bridged death to protect his daughter. His message: Jennie and Jared must take down Mendoza together. Alone, they’ll fail.

d. Second book in Shadow Series:

In the Shadow of Greed, romantic suspense with a supernatural element complete at 87,000 words

Cryptologist Dr. Sarah Tu disables the most dangerous botnet ever created, spawning a web of deception which envelopes those she trusts most. The Botmaster demands his malware back by threatening the man she loves, FBI agent, Jason McNeil. Sarah’s comatose sister penetrates her wall of darkness to protect them.

Third book in Shadow Series:

In the Shadow of Malice, romantic suspense with a supernatural element

A single mother, running from a past she can’t escape, finds herself part of a ruthless criminal’s vendetta. Her children’s lives depend on her trusting Detective Jordan McNeil, a man she barely knows.

Deb Werksman:  Hi Nancy, I’m not sure about romantic suspense with a paranormal element—I think you’d have to call it paranormal—many paranormals are suspenseful as well. I like that your heroes are law enforcement, but you have no consistency across the series. One of the most challenging aspects of romantic suspense is the credibility and I’m afraid your paranormal elements actually take away from the credibility.

Tina Medlock said...

Thanks for this unbelievable (and nerve wracking) opportunity.

A. Home on the Range (71,000 words)

B. Contemporary Romance with erotic elements

C. Liza Grant spent her life hiding her feelings for Sam. She left home to keep from mooning over him. Now she’s back and tired of hiding.

Sam Fielding stayed home. He never felt like he was missing anything. But Liza is home, and Sam’s realizing how much he’s missed.

Deb Werksman:  I like this pitch—it’s competent and I find I like the characters. It sounds fairly formulaic to me, however, and although you say there are “erotic elements” I don’t quite know what you’re referring to. Don’t mix your subgenres and then exclude one from the pitch. Is it erotic romance? Or is it contemporary romance? Or is it erotica? Very important to be clear—remember, this is building your brand.

At 71K words, this is probably more appropriate for category romance—in my experience it takes about 90,000 words for sufficient plot and character development for single title romance quality.

D. Next book: What if you met the guy that every woman dreams of? What if you agreed to marry him, and then met the man of your dreams?

Next book: Tess Hunter has a crush on an ex-con her brother met at a parole meeting: right time, wrong guy. Declan Scott has met the perfect girl while he’s working undercover to bring down a crime syndicate: right girl, wrong time

Deb Werksman:  Ex-con hero is a non-starter for me, sorry. One of my criteria is “a hero the reader can fall in love with.” If the hero is undesirable, I lose interest in the heroine. Even if the hero is undercover pretending to be an ex-con, I wonder about the heroine going for a guy like that.

E. Debut

Lexi H said...

Dragon Blades series, working title

Fantasy Historical Romance
(some steampunk elements)

In your darkest hour will you stand and fight? Evangelina, once a titled lady of the ton, is running for her life because of her fae powers not seen in centuries. On board an airship surrounded by enemies her choice is to fade into shadow or save her lover, Hawk.

Book 2

Picks up right where book one left off as Evangelina escapes with Hawk promising to return for the rest of their faithful friends. Faced with harnessing her new powers she must now confront her betrayer and find the man behind this genocide.

Book 3

Evangelina’s darkest hour has found her and broken her. With her connection to her lover Hawk and her dragon blade holding her together she faces off with Lord Sutton for her soul.

Debut author

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate any tips or thoughts you may pass my way.

Deb Werksman: Hi Lexi, with the same hero/heroine across three books, this belongs in the sci-fi/fantasy category rather than the romance category. Our readers want a happily ever after ending and a new hero/heroine in each subsequent book.
I like the steampunk elements you’ve introduced, this is an interesting premise.

Robin Delany said...

a. The Rules for Not Marrying the Earl – Simple Kiss series
b. Historical romance – 90,000 words
c. 50 word pitch
Nathan Landers, an earl with a debilitating fear and a dark past, is blackmailed into acquiring the Hawkley's treasured relic. Maia Hawkley wants him to marry her twin. Even more than her tempestuous younger sister, two gargantuan ruffians, and a crapulous muff chaser—one simple kiss might well ruin everything.
d. 1-2 sentences on each of the next 2 books in the series
1 Thomas Hawkley thinks of his sister's best friend as another little sister, until he discovers she is being courted by a villainous suitor he should have warned her off of. He must marry a wealthy woman to refill his family's coffers, but doing so will mean abandoning the intriguing woman he's always known, yet never truly seen, to the machinations of a wicked man.
2 Clare Hawkley is a quiet and proper lady, everything her mother wants her to be—outside. Inside she craves mystery and excitement, so when a stranger arrives who believes she knows where his grandmother's jewels are, she's torn between propriety and the need to be who she really is.
I'm a debut author.

Deb Werksman:  With Regency romance, it’s really important to establish the hook for the book immediately. What makes this series different, exciting, a must-read for an audience that has lots of choices? Some of the first pitch is confusing—you’re not providing enough information to draw me in. Examples: “debilitating fear” “treasured relic” “crapulous muff chaser”—I’m thinking “what is she talking about?”

Elizabeth Stoever said...

a. Ruby City

b. Paranormal romance

c. Anne Haze is comfortable living a privileged life until Darius, a mysterious man from England, reveals the secrets that lurk behind her family’s century-long legacy in the U.S. Senate. He is desperate to revive the dying secret society her family left behind and the ability of foresight they took with them.

d. A string of disobedience sends Abigail to the isolated countryside where a retired woman is hiding a man not of this world.

When Elijah returns to the suburbs for his father’s funeral, Mae fights to separate her old flame from his life in the mob.

e. Debut author.

Deb Werksman:  Foresight is going to be a tough paranormal element to sell. And, I have concerns about anything to do with politics these days. It’s such a divisive environment that you really can’t avoid taking a position altogether and as soon as you do, someone’s going to be upset. The second and third books don’t hang together with the first one as a series, so I’m not sure how to build your brand.

The Milkshake Mummy said...

A. Leaky boobs and uncool shoes
B. Romantic Comedy
C. 50 Word Pitch
Lucy has the baby blues, a toddler from hell and more bags under her eyes than she cares to count. Messy hair, dirty clothes and baby sick perfume, dragged through a bush backwards would be a compliment. Who can love Lucy until she loves herself?

D. Book Two -
When Charlie proposes, Lucy gets much more than she bargained for. The Mother in Law seems to be a permanent fixture in their life. Nagging, clean freak, un-approving, chain smoking and demanding. How will Lucy plan her dream wedding whilst living with a nightmare?

Book 3
After a year of wedded bliss, Lucy scores her dream job in LA, how will the family cope with such a big move especially when she learns of her pregnancy. Balancing family life and keeping everyone happy, will their relationship last the test of time?

Debut author

Deb Werksman: Hi Milkshake Mummy! With the same heroine in each book, you’re not going to publish in the romance category. Romance readers want a HEA in every book, and a new hero/heroine in every subsequent book. These sound like a series of women’s fiction, however in women’s fiction, series’ don’t really function quite the same way they do in the genre fiction categories. I think you need to decide how your series progresses and where you want it to appear in the bookstore as a way to pin it down.

Catherine Lawrence said...

Thanks for this exciting opportunity!

a. Miss Stewart's Seduction

b. Historical Romantic Adventure – early Georgian Britain (1730s)

c. When a rakish Scottish baron tries to steal an heiress’s affections from his sworn enemy, he doesn’t expect to fall in love, or have to mend his indolent ways to win her heart, much less find her leading a Jacobite conspiracy while he spies for the Crown.

d. Series based on siblings and cousins from a prominent Lowlands clan.

Lord Buchan's Bride (1730s) – When a baronet’s daughter visits Bath with her newly married sister and brother-in-law, she nearly falls prey to a fortune-hunting cousin, until her beauty, cleverness, and religious devotion catch the attention of an heir to an earldom.

The Fair Seafarer (1740s) – A baronet’s sister, with Robinson Crusoe as a constant companion, dreams of visiting faraway lands. It isn’t surprising she falls in love with a charming, impecunious army officer eager to see the world and willing to take her with him to Canada, but the match doesn’t suit her family’s plans.

e. debut author

Deb Werksman:  Catherine, I would love to acquire a series set in the Georgian era, however I worry about the change of scene from Scotland to Bath to Canada from one book to another. I don’t quite see how the series hangs together and that makes it hard to sell. If you can pull the branding together better, I’d like to see a full submission on this.

Ellie Heller said...

a. Title: Warder

b. Subgenre: Paranormal Romance

c. 50 word pitch:

With shifters being magically forced to change into their beast, Mona, untrained but with the unusual Elf ability to manipulate spells, works with the half-elf who may be her unwanted mate to find the culprit even as the evildoer discovers her ability and sends minions to capture her or die

d. The next 2 books in the series:

Book 2: From an early age single mother Elodie's son has shown the amazing powers mixing fairy and elf blood causes. Now he's old enough he's attracting unwanted notice and she's searching for a safe haven for her small family while resisting finding one for her untrusting heart.

Book 3: Three years ago Averill was thrown into the role of pack leader and single adoptive mother. Now with a challenge rising to her leadership and her daughter's powers starting to bloom she must decide whose safety is more important, the pack's or her daughter's.

e. I had my first publishing experience with Noble Romance in February, prior to their current restructuring. From my discussions with other Noble authors my story has sold on par with other releases at the time, which does translate to 'not very well.'

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Deb Werksman:  Hi Ellie, I like the way your series has consistent world-building. I think the Fae/Elf paranormal element may be a little tough to sell for a debut into the mainstream. I also notice that the heroes are ciphers. Since the hero is the object of desire, the weighting toward the heroines seems to push you more into the fantasy/sci-fi category than the romance category.

Barbara Storey said...

Title: World Enough, and Time

Subgenre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

50 Word Pitch:
Becca – shy set decorator – and Jon – famous, gorgeous actor: stranded together on location, middle of nowhere, an entire weekend. Utterly different though they are, fate decides to take Becca and Jon down an unforeseeable path. But they don’t believe in fate. Do they . . . ?

Book 2: “All That Lights Upon Us” - Becca and Jon’s first idyllic weekend has passed, and so have the consequences of that time, which brought both great pain, loss, and an intimacy beyond what they’d ever expected. Now it’s time to live in the real world – their relationship deepens, despite the objections and judgements of family and friends, who can’t see how this is going to work, and Jon’s frustration with Becca’s belief in fate’s influence on their lives.

Book 3: “Only the Heart Knows” - Two people who work in the world of movies should be able to find a happy ending, right? Becca and Jon plan their wedding and start a family – but the fear of their first loss comes back all too sharply when Becca’s life is endangered by their most cherished dream coming true, and Jon is sure fate is never kind and not to be trusted.

(This series is set in contemporary UK.)

I am a debut author. Thank you for this chance!

Deb Werksman:  Barbara, I like this pitch—I’m not sure about having the same hero/heroine in all three books, though. And, I don’t see what makes this erotic romance? I like the UK setting and the conventional ending. Is “fate” code for a paranormal element? How long are these? Can this story be told in one book? Or are you trying to do a 50 Shades kind of thing?

Carolo said...

a. Title: Witches West
b. Subgenre: psychic happenings
c. 50 word pitch: Sedona Arizonia psychic, dog lover, coffee addict Claire Raines reads bruised battered handsome Guy Bauer. Once inside his head she discovers things she dare not reveal. Romantic sparks fly between then until Claire discloses all when his memory returns. Her pumped up powers are released during a violent confrontation and she nearly loses Guy.
d. Have follow up book Deadman's Pass with same characters and also five others available at and one at Publish America (that was before I learned about free publishing) Haven't earned anything yet but here's hoping as I have many more in my computer as it's on my bucket list of things to get done before I am.

Deb Werksman:  Carolo thank you for this pitch, I think psychic happenings as a paranormal element is going to be very difficult for us to sell. It’s a “deus ex machine” device that I think readers don’t particularly like—it allows the author to have things happen that don’t necessarily credibly fit into the plot, and also allows for a plot that doesn’t have to be fully developed. With so much to choose from, I think readers want the author to do the work of the plot development.

Masha Levinson said...

Title: Seducing His Duchess

Subgenre - Historical

50 Word Pitch - The Duke of Norwood must convince his new wife to allow him marital liberties, otherwise, how will he ever beget an heir? Seeking help from Celeste, a specialist purported to help couples settle matters of a “personal” nature, will Nicholas get Catherine to see reason or will he learn it takes more than an arrangement to turn a marriage into a relationship?

Book #2 - Reforming A Scoundrel
Renowned scoundrel James Camden seeks to right his reputation after rumors swirl he’s no longer a rake of epic proportions. James turns to Celeste to help redeem his prowess but will it be a beautiful spinster who makes him a better man?

Book #3 - The Damsel
Jane Willow doesn’t believe in love or kindness. Forced to bear a child and then held against her will by an ardent suitor, she’s rescued from captivity by widower William Stuart. Unable to help her heal, William and Jane seek Celeste’s counsel, and learn that even a damaged heart never stops loving.

Book #4 - The Healer
Celeste Smith learned a lot by growing up in a brothel. Now she secretly helps members of the ton tackle matters of a personal nature. But when her life is threatened by a disgruntled client, Celeste’s only hope of survival is the self-righteous barrister intent on putting her out of business.

Author sales history - debut

Thank you for reviewing the pitch.

Deb Werksman:  Martha, I like having a character who ties a series together and then gets her own book in the end. This Regency series needs a clear and compelling hook, though. It’s not quite credible that Celeste grew up in a brothel and is now trusted by members of the ton. They were pretty snobbish and class conscious back then. There’s an awful lot of competition in the Regency space. You have to make yours stand out as a must read.

Kimberly Truesdale said...

Title: My Dear Sophy

Subgenre: Historical Romance & Adventure, Regency, Austenesque (Mild Sensual Elements)

50 Word Pitch:

Twenty-three year old Sophia Wentworth is ready to marry a quiet country curate and start her life of pleasant duties. But when exciting Captain Conrad Croft returns to town after fourteen years with the British Navy, Sophy faces a choice. Here is the story of how the Admiral and Mrs. Croft of Jane Austen's Persuasion first meet.

Book #2: Sophy and Conrad are adjusting to married (and land-bound) life when Conrad's ship is suddenly commissioned for a secretive mission. Sophy must find her place in the working order of the ship even as she and Conrad try to unravel the mystery of why the Pleasant was chosen for this mission.

Book #3: This series is going to feature Sophy as a “female Horatio Hornblower” and tackle life aboard ship in the glorious Age of Sail from a female perspective. I plan lots of adventure à la Hornblower, Master & Commander, and Ramage, but I'm still researching further details for plots.

Author sales history, title, publisher, # of copies sold:

This volume was self-published on Amazon and Smashwords on July 6, 2012 and has sold 148 copies to date.

My name: Kimberly (Egolf) Truesdale
Email: authorkimberlytruesdale (at)

Deb Werksman:  Kimberly, I like the idea of a “female Horatio Hornblower”. Also “life aboard ship in the glorious Age of Sail from a female perspective” is terrific as a positioning. The connection to Persuasion isn’t helpful at all, unfortunately, but beyond Pride and Prejudice sales decrease by about 90% or more. Also, historical fiction works best when it’s tied to real people or events, so if you could find a woman who actually sailed the world at that time, and hook your story to her as well as to JA, that would be something.

Lisa said...

Series Title: The Naughty Town Series

Book 1 title: The To Do List - 80,000 words

Subgenre: Contemporary Romance

50 word pitch: Knotty Town is about to become a whole lot naughtier in this remake of Pretty Woman w/a twist. Richard Gere, aka Jason Hart, is turning a mostly abandoned town into a singles' only town. Julia Roberts, aka Moxie Wells, who grew up in the town's orphanage, has come back to Knotty to finish an inherited to-do list. The town's ghost causes havoc in everyone's plans.

Book Two: A remake of When Harry Met Sally.

Book Three: A remake of Friends With Benefits

I'm published with The Wild Rose Press, DIBS. I'm an instructor for the Margie Lawson Writer's Academy.

Lisa Wells

Deb Werksman:  Lisa, I’d be cautious with contemporary romance based on hit movies because those stories are intellectual property and are protected by copyright law. That said, the first book doesn’t sound much like Pretty Woman, and then there’s the ghost…

authoremmabarry said...

Thank you for your consideration!

a. The Easy Part

b. Contemporary

c. Millie Frank becomes an unwitting celebrity after a DC hostage crisis. Loosing her status as an anonymous cog at a labor right’s organization is such a shock that she uncharacteristically propositions Parker Beckett, an arrogant, charming media specialist, her opponent her in budget negotiations. Compared to love, politics is the easy part.

d. Millie's self-absorbed roommate, Alyse, could summarize her future life in one word: lush. But a one-night stand with an up and coming blogger shifts the world-view of an uptown girl forever.

Parker's best friend from college, Ari, doesn't think there are many surprises left in politics or life. But at Millie and Parker's wedding, he discovers that a small town idealist may have the key to his redemption.

e. Debut author

Deb Werksman:  Thank you so much for this pitch. I am looking for contemporary romance, and particularly for stories that focus on real life and characters who are down to earth and regular people. I’m concerned, however, about introducing any aspect of politics. It’s impossible in this divisive climate not to radiate a point of view that’s going to risk alienating some readers. If you can re-orient this away from that angle, I’d like to take a look.

Mission Creep said...

Thanks for the newbie love!

A. NOBLESSE OBLIGE: The Darcy Fund Series
B. Contemporary/P&P variation
Elizabeth Bennet loves the challenge of fundraising for girls' empowerment until she meets her match with the handsome new president of the oldest foundation in town, The Darcy Fund. William Darcy may seem a rude, condescending snob but ends up teaching Elizabeth the true meaning of charity.
Georgiana Darcy joins the family business as the chair of The Darcy Fund’s Junior Committee. Conquering her shyness to produce the hottest charity ball of the season, she is put into the path of eligible bachelors including bad boy George Wickham. Will she fall victim to his charms again or learn to love a do-gooder?
Captain Fitzwilliam, newly returned from service in Afghanistan, moonlights at the family business -- The Darcy Fund -- as he adjusts to civilian life. Sparks fly with community activist and grantee Lydia Bennet who loves a man in (and mostly out of) a uniform. Can she Occupy Meryton and find room in her heart for the Captain?
E. Debut!

Deb Werksman: This is fun. I especially love Occupy Meryton. Let me see a full submission on this, please:

Rachel said...

a. Project Shadow

b. Romantic Suspense-85,000 words (The DIO series)

c. A feisty Defense Intelligence Organization Middle East analyst meets her match when paired with a retired Navy SEAL to investigate a global conspiracy threatening to bring down the entire DIO. Is he protecting her from danger or leading her further into the shadows?

d. Book 2-A DIO European affairs analyst trades in her desk job for the field when her Russian cousin is implicated in a dirty bomb plot. She’ll need the help of the man who broke her heart to uncover the truth.
Book 3- A DIO internal affairs analyst is mired in a political scandal, and the one man who she despises is the key to proving her innocence.

e. First ebook to be released in April 2013.

Rachel at rachelkall dot com

Deb Werksman:  Hi Rachel, this could be interesting. Are the second and third heroes also retired Navy SEALs or otherwise former special ops?

Katie Teller said...

Kiya: Hope of the Pharaoh
YA Historical Romance

To save her sisters from being taken, Naomi steps in to be a wife of the crazed Pharaoh.
In the palace, the Queen Nefertiti seeks to destroy Naomi as she rises through the ranks of the wives. To protect herself, Naomi charms the Pharaoh, who grows to love her. But when she conceives his child, Nefertiti’s lust for blood is turned against Naomi.

Book 2: Mother of a King - Naomi
returns to her family but is still being hunted by Nefertiti. When the Pharaoh dies, the Egyptians return to Thebes and her son is expected to take the throne.

Book 3: Rise of a New Dynasty - Naomi's son is the young Pharaoh and is developing into a strong leader. But Nefertiti's father wants to reclaim the crown for his line of the royal family, so Naomi must do all she can to protect her son.

I am a debut Author.

Deb Werksman:  Hi Katie, I myself don’t acquire YA, so please pitch this to my colleague Leah Hultenschmidt:

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR PITCHING TO ME! Pitches can be sent any time to


  1. Deb,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond with suggestions!

  2. Sorry, that comment was from me! Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my pitch.

  3. Deb,
    I always learn so much just reading through the pitches and your comments!

  4. Thanks for responding to all the pitches. I know I appreciate any comments as I am just sticking my toe in the water for the first time.

  5. Deb,
    Thank you so much for responding to my pitch. Like Carolyn, I learn so much from your feedback.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to respond! I learned so much from all your comments.

  7. Wow! This is so exciting. Thanks, Deb, for your thoughtful comments to everyone's pitches. I'll work on rebranding my hist rom series as you suggested.

    My 3 heroines are sisters with a common thread of Jacobite intrigue, though they choose very different spouses. Their brother's story is fun, too; he makes for quite the transformed rake. You've inspired me to think of their stories in closer relation to one another.


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