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My "Creepy" yard

Halloween is serious business in my neighborhood. Every year, several houses in my area get totally decked out for Halloween. Being the creative folk that we are, my family couldn’t just sit back. We jumped onto the Haunted Neighborhood bandwagon. In all honesty, we were already decorating our house before there even was a bandwagon.

My nephew, who is a pirate at heart, ended up building a full sinking pirate ship in our front yard. There’s even a hanging tree.  And we can’t forget the fog machine. What would a haunted pirate ship front yard be without one of those?

So I invite you to view our own version of ooky and spooky…

The two pictures above show the construction of the back bow of the pirate ship. The lights inside really help cast an eerie glow, especially at nighttime.

These two pictures are from last year. The back part of the ship is a new edition. We don't have any pictures of the back part at night yet.

This is the infamous hanging tree. Who knew so many skeletons and goblins could hang from one tree?

This is the boneyard, where skeleton's can buy their spare parts. The proprietress's name is affectionately named by my nephew "BoneHeala." I believe he got the name from the new Sims 3 Supernatural game. Your Sim can buy a skeleton maid named BoneHilda.

This guy I'm not too sure about. He used to be a pirate. He lost his hat and now he's stuffed into a wheelbarrow.

This guy has clearly drunk too much rum.

And last but not least, this is the new part of the ship. No worries. It's not smoke. There's a fog machine hidden inside.

So there you go, a tour into my creepy front yard. No need to worry. My yard will return to normal soon--until Christmas, that is!

So what is your favorite part of Halloween? Costumes? Candy? Pumpkins? How about your most vivid memory? One lucky commenter will win a $20 gift card to Amazon.


  1. Wow, Sidney! That is some yard! I'm impressed. We have a pumpkin...

  2. What an awesome yard. I bet the neighborhood kids will remember your house for years to come!

    I grew up in northern MN, and my primary memories of Halloween involve planning a costume that could be worn over a snowmobile suit. Needless to say, I was a witch or a ghost for many, many years. ;-)

  3. That is beautiful! My personal favorite part of Halloween is going to the pumpkin farm and selecting way too many pumpkins. This year, the highlight was my 3 year old daughter's enthusiasm over *everything* Halloween. She even needed to have 4 dancing skeleton toy figures. She loves Halloween so much, I am wondering if we will have to have creepy crawlies on our Christmas tree.

  4. What a fantastic job you do on your decorating..
    I have never been much for decorating for Halloween. We have a few pumpkins on the porch and a scarecrow or two around. But that is about it.
    I love to see the little ones come to the door, all shy and timid asking for some candy.. Always give me a smile.
    I am waiting for Christmas. this is much more my decorating thing...

  5. Nice decorations. I like the candy.


  6. I like your decorations. My favorite part of Halloween is the pumpkins. :)


  7. Love it, Sidney! I have a huge old spider -- she's purple and black -- who celebrates Halloween with me. :)

  8. Wow, that's one of the best displays I've ever seen! I'm the decorator in the house - my husband refuses (bah humbug). Now that my children are grown I don't do as much and it's mostly in the house but I always have a hand carved pumpkin and I like to dress up to give out candy. Maybe if I ever get some grandchildren...

  9. Oh forgot - catslady5(at)

  10. I am truly impressed with your yard display. My favorite part of Halloween is the costumed trick or treaters. The neighborhood kids get creative and competitive with their outfits.

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  11. Awesome-tastic!
    My favorite part of Halloween is all the STUFF! I mean the entire month of October is FILLED with Halloween-y things! How much fun is that?!


  12. Hi Sidney,
    Great yard! I think the hanging tree is my favorite. Since I live in the boonies we don't get any customers LOL. Instead I look forward to my grandkids coming over afterwards for 'candy-check.' Yeah, we adults gladly search all those lovely little candy bars for um...poison. And eat any suspicious looking treats. Happy Halloween!

  13. That is too much fun!!! I love it!!! I want to go to your house for Halloween! :) I decorate inside. :)

  14. What a blast. Great job.

  15. Okay, I'm impressed. Very impressed. Halloween is my least favorite holiday (is it a holiday?). Anyway, I'm a Halloween Scrouge. I don't decorate.

  16. Great decorations, we use pumpkins and sometimes a scarecrow. I like the candy and costumes too.

  17. WOW!
    You get the prize for the creepiest yard! I bet lots of folks bring their kids to your yard to take their Halloween pictures!

  18. Great pictures. You go all out on Halloween. I think my favorite part of Halloween are the kids in their cute costumes. I like the candy too because I get to eat what's


  19. Great yard. We don't decorate here. I can't get hubby to do it. I do buy out half a store in candy though. We usually get car loads in our city neighborhood and around 300+ treaters. I always pass out the candy. I just love to see all the cute little kids in costume. Those that I like best usually get a larger candy than others. If some time was invested in the making of the costume, then they should be rewarded for it, I always say. Carolyn
    j-coverholser at sbcglobal dot net

  20. I am SO stinkin jealous...the whole time we were in the military, you could tell if there was a holiday or observance because we were decorated on the first of the month. Now I live in the fun.

  21. Great decorations!

    My favorite part of Halloween is the corn maze at a local farm. We top off the trip with apple cider donuts and picking pumpkins to carve.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  22. Wow! Thanks for all the awesome responses. I am just getting home from work and can finally start carving my pumpkins.

    I have four of them!!! LOL

  23. Great decorations! I love seeing the kids in their costumes and of course, the candy!

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  24. My favorite part of Halloween is the fun-sized candy. I like my candy in little bites and this is the best time of the year to get that. You have impressive decorations...we are doing good to plug in our plastic jack-o'-lantern.

  25. Great pics! My favorite thing is the pumpkins. Love them!

  26. I love going through the corn mazes and staring at some of the elaborate decorations. The haunted houses are also fun. Thanks for the giveaway!

    kliu107 (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. My favourite things about Halloween are the candy and decorations! I love it when neighbors decorate their houses :)



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