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An Excerpt of UNTAMED and a Giveaway!

I am so excited and can't believe that the release of UNTAMED is just a little over a week away! This is the third book in the Amoveo Legend series and it's a bit different than the first two, UNLEASHED (#1) and UNTOUCHED (#2) which are available now. In this installment, the heroine is a hybird (half human-half Amoveo) but she knows what she is and has zero interest in some Amoveo man coming along and dragging her off like some caveman. William is a hopelessly  uptight attorney and while he believes in their pre-destined mating, he was never convinced that love was real. However, when he finds his mate...all bets are off and the poor man is befuddled.

The series is about the Amoveo, a secret society of dream-walking, telepathic shape-shifters made up of 10 different animal clans and they are in search of their one true mate. They can only have children with their mate and if they don’t find their mate by the age of thirty they begin to lose their abilities and ultimately die. Bummer.

If you’d like to get a peek into the world of the Amoveo you can download the novella UNDENIED for free! This is just a taste of the series and is designed to hopefully intrigue you to try one of the full-length stories. This short story was written as a promotional tale and will remain as a free download for my current and future readers.
Here's an excerpt from UNTAMED:
Why wouldn’t her legs go any faster? Her lungs burned with effort, and sweat dripped down her back as she stumbled blindly through the fog-laden woods. He was right behind her. Always. His energy signature, the spiritual fingerprint that was so distinctly his, rolled around her in the mists. Behind her. Above her. In front of her.
He was everywhere. 
His energy enveloped her, but still—she couldn’t see him.
Layla’s breath came in heavy, labored gasps, and a bare branch caught in her long, curly red hair as she tripped over a log. She pulled the tangled strands away, swore softly, and ducked behind the trunk of a giant old elm tree. Layla pressed herself up against it, praying he wouldn’t see her. In response to her silent plea, the fog in the dream realm thickened and provided additional shelter from her relentless hunter.
 She’d been able to avoid him so far, but tonight it felt as if he was dreadfully close to finding her—and claiming her. His powerful energy swamped her and stole from her lungs what little breath she had left. She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed that the tree and the fog would swallow her up. Could she do that? Could she control the environment of the dream that much? Just as she was about to try, an unfamiliar voice tumbled around her.
 Why do you run from me?
The smooth, deep baritone flooded her mind and filled every ounce of her being in a shockingly intimate way. The sharp pang of desire zipped through her and made her breasts tingle. The sudden onslaught caught her off guard and had her head spinning.
Layla froze.
He’d never spoken to her before. She could barely hear him above the rapid pounding of her heart and wondered for a moment if she’d imagined it.
You did not imagine it.
His voice had become irritatingly calm. Please answer my question. Why do you run away from me? That distinctly male voice rumbled through her. It reverberated in her chest just like the deep bass beat of one of her favorite songs. Why are you afraid of me? Amusement laced his voice and floated around her in the fog.
That did it. Now she was pissed. He was laughing at her? First he haunts her sleep every night for the past two weeks, and now he’s making fun of her? Oh, hell no! Layla’s eyes snapped open, and she expected to find him—whoever he was—standing right in front of her. However, she was met only with the thick fog she’d created.
I’m not afraid of you.
She placed her hands on her hips and looked around at the swirling mist. Layla tilted her chin defiantly.
I just don’t want anything to do with you. So why don’t you piss off!
Rich, deep laughter floated softly around her. You make it sound as if there is a choice in the matter.
You bet your bossy ass there is.Layla shouted boldly into the gray abyss.I decide my fate. Me. Layla Nickelsen. She pointed at her chest with her thumb. Me. Not you or anybody else.
She waited. The beautiful sound of silence encircled her. Was he gone? She sharpened her focus and found him quickly. No. His energy still permeated the dream but had lessened. He had backed off? Interesting.
Layla stepped away from the tree, and the fog retreated in response. She steadied her breathing as her heartbeat slowed to a normal pace. A victorious look came over her face as she found herself gaining control. She pushed her hair off her face and watched the familiar woods where she had grown up come slowly into focus. A satisfied smile curved her lips; she nodded and made a hoot of triumph.
Fate can kiss my ass.
The words had barely left her mouth when two strong arms slipped around her waist and pulled her against a very tall, hard, and most definitely male body. Stunned and uncertain of what else he might do, Layla stayed completely still and glanced down to discover that her hands rested on two much larger ones. She could feel his heartbeat against her back as it thundered in his chest and thumped in perfect time with hers.
He dipped his head, and warm, firm lips pressed an unexpectedly tender kiss along the edge of her ear. Luminous heat flashed through her with astonishing speed, making her breasts feel heavy, and sending a rush of heat between her legs. It took every ounce of self-control to keep from sinking back into his strong, seductive embrace. Her body’s swift reaction was positively mortifying. She shivered, bit her lower lip, and fought the urge to turn around and kiss him. Why, and how, could she be turned on like this? Layla stiffened with disgust at her lack of self-control and her body’s obvious attraction to his.
You cannot outrun your destiny.
His surprisingly seductive voice dipped low, and his breath puffed tantalizingly along the exposed skin of her neck.She closed her eyes and tried to fight the erotic sensations, but it was like trying to stop the tide as it throbbed through her relentlessly.And for future reference, Firefly, the only one kissing your ass—or anything else on your beautiful body—will be me.He released her from the confines of his embrace and disappeared with the mist.

The shrill ring of the motel’s wake-up call tore her from sleep. Without even looking, Layla picked up the receiver and slammed it down harder than necessary. For the first time in a long time, she hadn’t wanted her dream to end. That was a switch. She pushed herself up onto her elbows and blew the bed-head hair out of her face. She looked around the cheap motel room and squinted at the sun that streamed so rudely into her room.
“Why can’t the damn curtains ever close all the way in these places?” Her sleepy mumble echoed through the empty room. The memory of last night’s dream was still fresh and raw, which was painfully evident by the heat that continued to blaze over her skin. Layla flopped back down and threw her arm over her eyes. It looked like her bossy stalker was right.
There was no escaping fate.

Here’s what reviewers are saying about UNTAMED:
“The characters are well-developed, the twists and turns of the plot are well-crafted, and the situations are alternately funny, action-packed, and sensual. ” - Fresh Fiction
“An excellent paranormal romance with awesome world building and strong leads. ” - The Romance Reviews
“Compelling… Deft world-building and sensuous love scenes make this paranormal romantic thriller an enjoyable journey. ” - Publishers Weekly
“Humphreys’ spectacular talent is on full display… You will feel as if you are entirely immersed in her world… This series is getting better with each book. 4 ½ Stars” - RT Book Reviews
“High quality stories featuring remarkable story lines and enchanting characters… ” - Long and Short Reviews
“So amazingly yummy and fun… Fascinating ” - Delphina Reads Too Much Book Reviews
Can't wait? Want to pre-order your copy? You can do that here.
So, want a chance to win a signed arc of UNTAMED? It’s easy. Simply leave a comment here on the blog and say hello! Post your comment by 11:59pm today and I'll pick one person at random to win the signed arc. I'll post the winner here tomorrow.


  1. Sara, loved the excerpt!! Cant wait for it. :)

  2. Cannot WAIT to get my greedy hands on this book!! Hope you have lots of torture planned for William.. Who will be next after him?

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    alainala AT hotmail DOT ca

  3. Hi Dina--Thanks for coming by and I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt. I'll have a new one for the launch post in November :)

  4. He's so beautiful!!!! I want him! Congrats and looking forward to your newest release, Sara! Congrats!

  5. Hi Alaina--I love to hear that and YES, William gets his share of torture. The poor thing doesn't know which end is up. UNDONE will be out in May and that is Pete Castro and Marianna Coltari's story. You may remember Pete from UNTOUCHED? Marianna is Dante's twin sister.

  6. Hi Terry--He is dishy, isn't he? SB does such gorgeous covers. I love your jaguar covers--so yummy! Thanks for stopping by and sorry I was late with my post.

  7. Wow, great post and scorching excerpt! Cannot wait to read it! Are you counting the days til Tuesday yet? Congrats, Sara:)

  8. Hi Colleen--Thanks for the support my friend! Can't wait until the release but before that we get to do your chat on DANL! I'm going to make a little promo video for us to use.

  9. Congrats on the release. This series is so great!

  10. I really enjoyed the excerpt!

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  11. Loved the excerpt, Sara! Good luck with the launch.

  12. Thanks, Lil! William and Layla are one of my favorite couples. Fire and ice.

  13. WOWOWOW! Great cover. Great excerpt! It should be packaged with a bubble wrapped blood pressure pill for the faint hearted!

  14. Sounds like an exciting read. Should they be read in order? Gorgeous covers too!


  15. Congrats on the release, looking forward to reading it

  16. Thanks, Carolyn. I love that bubble wrap idea. LOL

  17. Hi Catslady-They don't have to be read in order but most folks seem to like it best that way.

  18. Thanks, Claire! I hope you'll love it.

  19. That cover is so hot it glows! I know you can't wait for it to hit the stands!

  20. Thanks, Amelia! I am super excited and nervous but hopefully things will go well.

  21. enjoyed the prior stories in the series I've read & am looking forward to reading this one too. the excerpt is just yummy ;)

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    Will the novella UNDENIED be available for the Nook?

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  25. Thanks for the free novella... picked up my copy:) I haven't started the series yet, but I am definitely going to when I go on vacation.

  26. Congrats on the upcoming release. Thanks so much for the excerpt and this book is definitely on my must have list :)
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  27. Thanks for sharing the excerpt and for letting us know about the free novella! I have downloaded it and look forward to reading it :)

  28. *Waves hello*! I so want a copy!

  29. The winner is Julie Beasley!!! Congrats :)


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