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One day is was storms the next 29 deg C (84F) and sunny. Such is Perth weather. My blueberry and lemon trees are flowering, and the strawberry patch is fruiting. Spring has arrived!
my mini potted lemon

With the change in season I’ve realised it’s also time for me to clean up my writing area. For three years the wall and notice board have been covered in notes about goblins, but this year the fairies have invaded. When I look at the wall there are notes about future heroes, about Annwyn and a heroine that is proving very tight lipped. Now that the page proofs are done on the last Shadowlands book there is no need for me to hang onto the notes (or at least keep them stuck to the wall).

There’s things like ‘Brac died before Fane’ (crucial not to forget that one!).

‘Goblin with a scar on his face’.

And my personal favourite ‘Meryn’s nightmares come true’.

Alongside them I now have fairy related things like ‘Verden=Johnny Depp in Chocolat’ and ‘when did Jacqui eat the fairy food?’ and ‘How many should die from plague?’.

On one hand it’s sad to end a series, but on the other I know that my Celtic heroes all got their HEA and there are new worlds to create and new adventures to have.

Spring is also time for me to corral my new ideas into something workable as I get quite a bit of plotting done over the long summer holidays (December and January in Australia). Come the new year I’ll have lots of stories to write and new goals to set :)


  1. I love your little notes, Shona. I bet a guest in your house who hadn't read your books would be a little confused.

  2. It's fall here in Oklahoma. Nice cool mornings but summer is still hanging on in the afternoons. I usually clean my office after each book...and I'm amazed at how many pieces of paper get involved in writing!

  3. Great to see inklings of your creative process, love those cryptic reminders. Fascinating to get that reminder that your seasons are opposite to mine!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one with random notes of madness and mayhem. If someone looked at my notes they would really wonder what I was up to.

  5. I recently found one that said ‘body parts’. No other reference, and I have no idea what it related to but it was obviously important enough that I write it down.

  6. Save those notes. They're important to your subconscious and who knows what echoes they may produce? I do like the idea of summering into the New Year. Might have to come pay a call long about the third week in January...

  7. I know what you mean about ending a series. One of these days I'm going to have to leave my Zetithians behind, and I will miss them dreadfully! Good luck with the fairies!

  8. New goals and new series. Sounds great!


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