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HOT Cowboys + Giveaway by C.H. Admirand

It’s official, cowboys are HOT…for those of you who have read a western romance, this isn’t news, but for those of you who are new to western romances…the cowboy is THE quintessential American hero. They work from dawn til dark and get up again to do it all over again the next day. There are no days off…the land is a harsh mistress, but they love working their spread…their land, caring for their animals/herd, and if they are lucky enough have a good woman to stand by their side through it all. This is where I come in ready to give one of my favorite hero-types a shot at happily ever after!

Cowboys can be tough as nails when they have to…with a marshmallow center that they only show to a select few. Add a tall rangy frame, broad shoulders, and working-man’s hands and you’ve got my attention. Toss in a few character flaws and you’ve got a kick-butt story. What’s not to love?


Although the third book in my hot cowboy trilogy, JESSE, released in July, I’ve got this idea for a fourth book as well as a whole new series. A long-time fan of TV Westerns and Silver Screen legends, how could I not come up with another idea with role models like John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Clint Walker, James Arness?

While I’m working on the proposal and need a break, I sit on our patio by the new stream and pond that our oldest son, Phil, designed and let me help build. It’s too funny to watch all of the birds come in and stand amid the river rocks, leaning down to sip from the running water…or bathe in the pool by the waterfall. Only our loveable puppy, Jameson, is brave enough to test the limits of my patience by putting his paws in the pond  and chewing on the ornamental grasses and water lily that were happily growing there.

Here’s the before…


And the after…

Soooo...back to Hot Cowboys Heroes...Coffee Time Romance is hosting a contest for me this month, giving away a signed copy of the trilogy for those handsome Garahan's the link to enter... be sure to stop by!!! 

LASR is having their Fifth Anniversary Celebration and giving away all sorts of prizes.  I’ve offered to give away the signed trilogy for my hot cowboy series: The Secret Life of Cowboys to help them celebrate. Here’s the link to their website to enter the contest

I’m also part of their blog hop tomorrow, the 19th, here’s the link that will go live on the 19th:

Grab a hold of your Cowboy with both hands...and love him like the devil...he'll thank you for it. 
Happy Reading!!! 


  1. Isn't that a great promo LASR is running? Congrats on the release. The book looks fabulous!

  2. You are definitely talking my language! And I recognized every one of those old time cowboys who have been our heroes!

  3. It's a great promo, Shana! I'm so glad Danielle told us about it. It sounds like it will be a blast for readers, with lots of prizes:)

    I'm not sure about the blog I wrote, though. I had an idea that got sidetracked remembering summers from my childhood and then our kids' childhood. :)

  4. Hey Carolyn! What's not to love about those cowboys? After growing up with them, I have a hard time seeing other actors in similar roles. I did like Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck in The Shadow Riders and the Sacketts--how could you go wrong with a classic by Louis L'Amour?

    Which actors today could you see in any of those roles?

  5. I love your cowboys! But also, what a beautiful pond! Well done!

    I really liked 310 to Yuma, and wish they had more great westerns today like they used to have! I did have to see Cowboys and Aliens...just because. LOL :)

  6. I have not read any of these Hunky cowboys yet, but I am hoping to get to them asap...
    John Wayne has always been my idea of what a cowboy should be and okay Clint Eastwood too... I could keep going.. but I won't bore

  7. I have long been a fan of cowboys! And your covers and books are a great reminder of why.
    Wishing you much success!

  8. Love those covers! That cool gardens looks pretty good to me right now. It's going to be sizzling here today!

  9. Thanks, Terry :) Did you see the 1957 version of the 310 to Yuma with Glenn Ford and Van Heflin?? Just curious.

    I did have to see Cowboys vs Aliens...and knew they would win :)

    I liked Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove with Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall...but cowboy movies have been few and far between.

  10. Thanks, Kathleen O and no worries you are definitely not boring me...I love talking about cowboy movies and TV shows:) My hubby is a big Clint Eastwood fan from his Dirty Harry roles to all of his westerns. We have most of them :)

    One of my faves is Two Mules for Sister Sara with Shirley MacLaine...and Paint Your Wagon with Lee Marvin...who knew that Clint Eastwood could sing?!

  11. Thanks, Amelia...another cowboy fan!
    The Art Department at Sourcebooks does wonderful covers for us, don't they?

  12. I'm glad you liked the pond, Terry:)

  13. Thanks, Amanda. Sourcebooks does do beautiful covers for us. :)

    It's been pretty warm up here, too...not a full-fledged drought as bad as the one I remember as a kid...but pretty close.

    Our flowers are gasping, but we have a well, so we have to be careful what we water and how much.

    Keep cool!

  14. Wow! Your stream looks so lovely. I bet your patio is a wonderful place to sit and read or write now.


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