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Hot, Hot, HOT?

I'm leaving California today after having a terrific time at RWA Nationals. I got to see several old friends and make a few new ones, in addition to learning all kinds of new things that should improve my writing. I'm already looking forward to next year in Atlanta, where I'm sure it'll be a lot hotter there than it was in Anaheim!

I'd always thought the weather in southern California would really be hot, but it's been mostly in the 70's, and after the 100+ temps back home in Indiana, it feels downright chilly here. I can't wait to see my family, but I can do without the heat. A little rain would be a nice touch, too!

One thing that has come out of this conference is that there will be another book in the Cat Star Chronicles series after Wildcat. This one is currently titled Rascal, but you know how that titling process goes. No telling what it'll be called by the time it's released in February 2014. I'm hoping it'll be the best book yet, and it will certainly heat up the chilly winter days for my readers. After all, there's nothing quite as hot as a Zetithian hunk!


  1. Sounds fun, Cheryl! Glad we got to have lunch together! The weather was gorgeous. Not looking forward to the Texas heat! Had a great time! I haven't seen the Pacific Ocean since I was a kid when we lived in California, so that was really special to me.

  2. Sounds great! It was wonderful seeing you and I'm already looking forward to next year :) Can't wait to read Wildcat.

  3. I pouted when we didn't get to sit together at the signing! Looking forward to seeing you next year! May the year bring you wonderful days!

  4. I had an absolutely BLAST and the best part was seeing my Casa Babes! I am happy to be home and exhausted, but I miss all of you already. Counting down to Atlanta!

    Cheryl, super duper congratulations on Cat Star #10. I know it will be fabulous!

    Big hugs, Sharon

  5. Finally made it home a little while ago, and yes, it's really hot here. My nose is already running too. Apparently I really am I'm allergic to Indiana!

    It was wonderful seeing all of you! Can't wait until next year!

  6. It was great getting a chance to meet you at the signing. Believe me, not all of Southern California has the weather you got to experience...we have triple digits up here in the High Desert. Looking forward to reading more in the series, congrats!


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