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Can someone turn up the heat?

While you are all enjoying summer it’s the middle of winter in Oz. Not that Perth gets really cold (I was freezing my butt of at RT in Chicago), but when the temperature drops below 65F we break out the scarves and jackets. I know some of you are now laughing, and I do too as I grew up in Tasmania were anything over 70F was a summer day.

Since the weather isn’t making me feel warm I went looking for some hot heroes.

I’ve just discovered the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearn. It’s urban fantasy and the hero is a two thousand year old tattooed Druid. (If you’ve read ‘Kiss of the Goblin Prince’ you know tattoos and magic are my kind of thing in a fictional hero).

Spartacus: Vengeance DVDs are about to arrive in my mail box any day now (runs out and checks again). I pre-ordered the series as I missed the start of it while I was travelling in the US (for those of you in the US scratching your head and wondering why I’m so far behind we get everything months late in OZ). I love this series: the scheming, the fighting, the very fit guys…I’m feeling warmer already.

DIY hero—he’s the one I have to write myself. New series=new heroes. So. Much. Fun.

Who are your favorite hotties on TV or in fiction?


  1. We who are having triple digit temperatures are envying you the sweaters right now, you are welcome to come out and visit as long as you bring some of your cooler weather with you (-:

  2. Will trade 100+ thermometer for yours that only registers to 70. Thinking of the little lady that was asked if she liked winter or summer best. She said winter because she could put clothes on and clothes on and get warm, but in the summer she could just take them off so far!
    Any time of year is good for hot heroes, or any place in the world, or...

  3. Our temps have dropped into the 80's and 90's, which is a lot better than 105, but it's still hot, and now the humidity is back. 70's sound darn good. Maybe it'll be better in Anaheim...

  4. Out temps are in the 90's and humid.. I hate humidity...
    Now things will heat up tonight, one of my fav TV shows is on Sunday Nights.. It's called The Glades. It's about a quirky, handsome police detective out of Palm Glades, Florida.. (made up nameof the town). I never miss an episode..
    Another great show is Longmire.. it is a modern day western about a Sherrife of a small county in Wyoming. It is a great show.. The lead in it is acutally a man from OZ actor Robert Taylor...

  5. I was cold in Chicago too! I'm used to warm weather in Houston, Texas. I don't get to watch much TV, but I've always been partial to a fictional hero whose a spy or a pirate :-)

  6. My fave hottie is Mary Balogh's Wulfric Bedwyn, the Duke of Bewcastle. On her FB page, Mary has just graciously allowed that Richard Armitage would make a fine Bewscastle, with which I have to agree.

  7. Castle is my favorite show, though I don't get to watch it much because of work and deadlines. The other men and women are wearing t-shirts with POLICE written on them as they go into crime scenes. Castle? WRITER.

    He only writes one book a year. I had a patron telling his wife as he was checking out Castle's books on Saturday that he was a real author. I shook my head and told him the truth. I'm a real writer. Castle's a real actor. I'd love to get in on his card games though. They're real famous authors--but mystery. :) LOL

    Here it's been in the triple digits, but we had rain, and that's always such a relief...for a few minutes. It was like a flood outside our building. Two hours later it was so hot, you couldn't tell it had rained at all.

  8. I had to google OZ to figure out you meant Australia. My first thought was you were in the magical land of. ;} I live in Arizona, Shona, so I also put on a coat when it's under sixty degrees. Oh, and my fav hottie is always the one I finished writing it would be a knight of the round table, Gareth, in Everlasting Enchantment. Fun post!


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