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My Crazy Summer

by Olivia Cunning

Summer is only a few days old, but mine is already crazy. Last month, I was wishing on a lucky star that I'd get a new job in Galveston, TX. And... I got it! So life went from hectic to crazy in the span of a few days. I just finished teaching an accelerated summer class at my present job (yesterday, to be precise), or I'd probably already be driving a moving truck to Texas. I'm currently packing and getting the house ready to sell. We leave next weekend. Next weekend?!?! That can't be right. I'd better get back to packing.

I spent last weekend running a yard sale. I met neighbors I didn't even know I had. They bought my stuff for cheap which means less packing for me. I also donated a lot (LOT) of stuff to charity, which also means less packing for me. The less I pack, the less I have to unpack.

While getting rid of all these material possessions, I have determined that I'm a total pack rat. As we're moving from a three bedroom house with a full basement (and I do mean full) to a two bedroom townhouse with no basement, I had to purge all the unnecessary junk. It's kind of liberating to get rid of stuff. Now I just have to make sure I don't replace it with new unnecessary stuff.

So I'm not getting much rest and relaxation yet, but in about 10 days, I'll be living across the road from the beach. I plan to make up for all of this craziness with lots of beach lounging. I'm going to need a few months to recuperate from the stress of the last couple weeks. I'm sure you understand. I've always wanted to spend the summer by the beach and now I'll be spending the whole year there. I'm so excited!

Good-bye, Nebraska! Hello, extreme humidity! This will be me in 10 days. Can't wait!

Tell me why you could use a little rest and relaxation. I'm sure we could all use some.


  1. You will need some R&R! Recall that moving is way up there on the list of things that can cause stress. Maybe you should move some of your extra stuff though, so you can have a yard sale when you arrive and meet your neighbors upfront.
    And I do need some R&R. I've been bouncing between the office and the writing and the writing and the office, and if it weren't for walking the dog, I'd be a complete spud... which is NOT what summer is for.

  2. Summer means a madhouse at the it's not a restful time at all for me. I've got 2 books due this year and I'm madly trying to finish one of them. So I think I'll have to take a trip to Houston to see my daughter and drop in on an author friend who's going to be soaking up rays in Galveston! A friend of mine says her group from Chicago was thinking of a Galveston writer's retreat! :)

    Have fun and enjoy the beach!

  3. Grace, I'm about to the point of selling my house "as is" including furniture, food, and remaining junk. The folks at Goodwill are getting to know me well. I'm there dropping off a car full at least once a day.

    Terry, an author retreat in Galveston would be awesome! As would a visit. I'm glad to hear the library is busy in the summer. That means people are reading, right?

    Time to get busy again.

  4. Bless your heart, Olivia! When we moved into this house we'd been married 13 years and had moved 21 times...and we were not military. Enjoy that beach lounging and welcome to Texas!

  5. Congratulations on landing the job!And that you are so close to the beach, well, that's just a little slice of Heaven!

  6. Moving is really stressful. I wish we had basements here because there never seems to be enough storage. There's that whole below sea level thing, though.

    I moved last year and purged so much stuff, and while there are a few things I have thought about and briefly wished I still had, for the most part, I don't miss it at all!

    Enjoy the beach! The humidity only lasts until Halloween :-)

  7. OMGoodness, Olivia! Congrats on getting the job and the upcoming move to one of the most fabulous locations in the US. :) It's soooo beautiful there, you are going to love it.


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