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For The Love of Flowers...

By Robin Kaye :)

I’ve always loved flowers. When I was a kid living outside Philadelphia, the highlight of the year was the Philadelphia Flower Show. It’s usually in late February or early March—most times, we would be trudging through winter weather to get there. I’d walk in and it was like instant summer with flowers and trees blooming.

I’d go with my mother and my sister, lose them as soon as I could, and buy as many plants and flowers as I could afford. When I moved to Pennsylvania and lived with my dad, I took the train into the city and explore it on my own. Carrying a box of plants and flowers on the SEPTA train was not fun, but I gladly did it every year.

I also adore going to Longwood Gardens, in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania.

They have indoor and outdoor gardens, amazing tree houses, and a great restaurant--everything you need. There’s something to see there all year round.

Even in the darkest, coldest winter, you can go into the Conservatory and go from the rain forest to the desert, the orchid room to the orchard house and then to the children’s garden. It’s full of the scent of flowers—a treat for the eyes and the nose. Although, I have to say, it doesn’t agree with my nose…

Longwood is also a huge, historic arboretum. It was purchased by Pierre-du Pont to save the Pierce arboretum from destruction. Mr. du Pont went on to build the gardens and incredible fountains from there.

When it comes to gardening, I’m not really into it. I love to visit gardens, see the flowers, but I’m not one to muck about in the dirt. I’m allergic to just about everything. If I had the money to employ gardeners, I surely would, but I don’t see that happening for a while. For now, I’m just happy to be able to go to the flower show every year and make monthly trips to Longwood Gardens. No matter how many times I go, I find myself taking pictures of the perfect flowers… and using my inhaler when my asthma kicks in.

How about you? Are you into gardening, or are you like me, just someone who appreciates the labor of others?

I'm going to be traveling much of the day, but I'll try to stop in to comment when I can. I'm off to New Jersey--The Garden State which is fitting, isn't it?


  1. Robin, great pictures! I love walking through the various gardens and conservatories near me. Such a stress reliever.

  2. I'm a bulb gardener, mostly. Stick 'em in the dirt, a few months later (when I really need it), watch 'em bloom. Just looking at those pics, though, I am going to have to make a day to go up to Longwood gardens. Maybe I'll have a heroine who hides in her conservatory, and call it a research trip. Do I hear any seconds?

  3. @ Tracey - Isn't it though? My husband and I take the kids with us to Longwood at least every few months. It forces them to unplug and we walk around all day together talking, eating, having fun with absolutely no distractions. I love it!

    @ Carolyn - I think so too! It really is incredible!

    @ Grace - I'd gladly take you up to Longwood. You would absolutely love it. I can't wait to show it to you! It's really close to the Brandywine River Museum where the Wyeth family, N.C., Andrew, and Jamie have most of their work. It's incredible too! It would be a great research trip.

  4. I'm off to New Jersey. I'll try to check back in later!

  5. Robin the pictures were so beautiful and calming. I could have looked at them all day. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us.

  6. Robin the pictures were so beautiful and calming. I could have looked at them all day. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us.

  7. Beautiful! I miss living in Michigan, where I saw so many tulips. Being in Chicago recently made me so nostalgic.

  8. I love flowers. I think that no matter what neighborhood you live improve the appearance and lift your spirit. I like the fact that my iris are quite content to bloom without much input from me as I tend to be absent-minded about watering. Thank you for the beautiful picture, I will have to go to the botanical garden sometime soon.

  9. I love flowers and love growing them! But I love going to the gardens and seeing how beautiful their flowers are too. :) Thanks for sharing, Robin!

  10. Love the pictures! Love flowers too, but they have a greater chance of survival if someone else nurtures them!

  11. @ Amelia - You're most welcome. I really love those gardens. I dream of having an office in one of their tree houses, you should check them out. httP;//

    @ Shana--I didn't realize Michigan had a lot of tulips. I guess they'll grow just about anywhere, won't they? But then, what the heck do I know. I just love to see the work of gardeners labors.

    Elf - I loved the Brooklyn botanic garden in the Prospect Park since before I could walk. When I was in PA, high school and college, I'd go to Longwood to clear my head. There's nothing better than sitting in the middle of a meadow studying.

    @ Terry - I'm not so interested in growing them, but I surely appreciate the work that goes into it, and the end result!

    @ Amanda - Tell me about it. When I had no kids and just a 40 hour a week career, I was fine with house plants. Since I had my third child, I consider it a miracle that the only things I've killed are plants.


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