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New Beginnings: Good and Bad (well, to the mom in me...) by Judi Fennell

Friday the 13th... Ah, my lucky day.

And I hope it stays that way. I have some things going on writing-wise that i cant yet share, but im hopeful they'll be nee beginnings. More to follow on that later, hopefully.

Other new beginnings for this year include a Kid starting college. I don't like to share a lot of info about my family (the PR is for my career, not theirs, and we like to keep their private life private), but as this Kid will be an adult this (another new beginning), I figure I can mention the college thing. This, of course, is HUGE for our family. Will said Child/Adult commute? Live there? Be too far away for Mom's liking? I now know how my parents felt, and omg, time to go give them a hug. Luckily, I still can. And I have to hug the Kid of course. (Kid is getting tired of the hugs...)

Other new beginnings - big changes at my Day Job and today is the day we will find out about them. It will affect the direction of the company, though, hopefully, NOT my job. But then again, one never knows. So that's happening today.

I'm just hoping that because Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me, that today will follow suit and all my wishes will come true. :)

Now, off to hug Pagan, my black cat (yes, I giggled when I named her.) Under a ladder, of course. Which brings me to my question for today - are you superstitious? Completely, or just about a certain thing? Does today freak you out or, like me, are you going to go out of your way to walk under a ladder, maybe break a mirror or two, and hug a black cat?


  1. Hoping your Friday, the 13th, is a lucky day for you. Love the picture of Pagan and I'd hug him for sure. My first born, the Wonderful Son, was born on Friday, the 13th so I've always considered it very lucky. We won't talk about ladders or black cats crossing the road or...

  2. I was born on Saturday the 13th... so the 13th is in there somewhere. And, funny, Ms. Pagan, who is very stand-off-ish, did come to me for a morning cuddle. Go figure...

  3. I have two enormous black cats, Cosmo (Coz-moo, owing to his size), and Petey Pumpkin. And with respect to the number 13, I was told it was a number of completion, being a prime, and standing for things like the thirteen annual lunar cycles, Jesus + 12 Apostles, etc.

    Once you start looking at the number differently, supporting data tends to pile up.

    Best of luck to you today, but I'm not sure standing under ladders is such a good idea regardless of the day.

  4. Since I have not one, but THREE black cats, the odds are good that one will cross my path today. Hope everyone's Friday the 13th is a lucky one!

  5. I hope today is super lucky for you! Nope. I'm not superstitious at all. Maybe that's why my attempts to write paranormals never panned out.

  6. Lots of stuff going on with you! And awww, Pagan is a sweet looking kitteh! And I'm super superstitious (although since my very first publishing cred is happening today, perhaps I can be persuaded to change my mind about that whole Friday the 13th thing. Knock on wood.) LOL!

  7. Hope your lucky day stays lucky!

    Nope, not superstitious at all:)

  8. Well, so far, it hasn't been lucky. Stuff that needed to happen at the day job hasn't happened yet and might not now, so that's rotten... But the day's not over, right?

  9. I hope your day has improved and the 13th continues to be your lucky day! I'm not overly superticious, but I do things like knocking on wood or throwing salt over my shoulder. I do like black cats - had a big, black, manx Tom cat that fought dogs - and won! We called him Mugs and he did live his life like a gangsta.

  10. Another black cat owner here! (As you might guess, I'm not the least bit superstitious.) Our Weasel is a big, beautiful, bitey guy with a full set of claws he doesn't hesitate to use when we annoy him.

    I hope the news about your job is positive!


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