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DEAR SANTA, By Kathryne Kennedy

Dear Santa,

Well, I suppose it’s been a long time since I’ve written you. But our theme for this month on our Casablanca blog is what I would like under my tree, so I figured, who better to ask than dear old Saint Nick?

Gosh, how old was I when I last sent you a letter? Nine? Ten? I can’t imagine what I asked for. Maybe a doll. Maybe roller skates. I remember getting a pair about that age and loving them. When I was young, it was a wonderful time of egocentricity, where the world only revolved around my own wants and needs. I couldn’t really comprehend the Big Wide World, nor did I truly have much awareness of it beyond my own sheltered life. I was blessed with a great childhood. No one in my family got sick. No one close to me had died. The only thing I lacked was a bit more entertainment, so I imagine my list to you was comprised of only those things.

But I’m a big girl now. So I’m afraid that what I want under my tree is going to be difficult for you. Maybe impossible. But it’s a short list, so see what you can do:

A package of World Peace. If you can’t manage it the whole year, then I would settle for Christmas day.

A box of Healing. You know, kinda like Pandora’s box, but good stuff coming out of it instead of bad. Maybe a cure for Cancer. For Diabetes. For Epilepsy. For Aids. I tell you what, although I have a personal preference, you can pick. I’ll take any one you’d like to tackle.

A basket of Answers. Okay, I know, this one may sound strange. But I figure if I had some answers, we could solve a lot of problems. Like, the economy. Which means people are out of work. Which means children go hungry. So, maybe with a few answers, we can fix all those things. And again, I’ll settle for just one Big Answer. You get to pick.

I think there’s a reason why I haven’t written you for years. My list just keeps getting harder to fill. It was so much simpler when I was a child. But you know what? I still believe in you, in the concept of Christmas and the magic it can bring. So I’ll be looking under my tree this year for a mysterious box. Or package. Or basket.

And if you can’t quite manage it this year, I’ll be waiting for next.

With Hope and Love,



  1. Kathryne, I love this post. Thank you for making us think. May the peace and cheer of the holidays be with us all through the year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  2. Thank you for reminding us to stop and pause in a hectic world long enough to think about the really important things ...what a lovely post!

  3. Awesome post, Kathryn! I second every one of your requests!

  4. When I was a kid with a brother serving in Vietnam, I used to find the Christmas Day ceasefire baffling. If we can put our guns down for one day of a Christian holiday, why not for one week of Passover? One month of Ramadan? One year of just being humans?

    Maybe I will come over to your house for Christmas, Kathryne, and we can have two people worth of World Peace. That's a start, yes?

  5. It would be a terrific start, Grace. I have a dear friend that believes that if you send your positive energy out into the universe, you can make what you want happen. So you and I can try with this post. :}


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