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I’m So Thankful by Shana Galen

There are so many things I’m thankful for this time of year—my family, my friends, good health, toddlers who sleep through the night, and much, much more.

When I think about my life as a writer, I’m glad to be writing for Sourcebooks, glad to be writing stories I love, glad to be working with a great editor, publicist, marketing people, and the Casababes.

But right now I am exceedingly grateful for the new title and cover of my February book, The Rogue Pirate’s Bride. Here it is! What do you think?

This book has been through several covers and three or four titles (I lost count), but I think we’ve finally found the perfect one. And even though it’s not related to Lord and Lady Spy, I love how the two covers complement one another.

You know what else I’m thankful for? Fabulous author friends who donate books for me to giveaway on my Facebook page. Every week I give away copies of awesome books, and when I reach 2000 LIKES, I’m giving away Julie Quinn’s complete signed backlist! I feel like this is one way I can give back to all my readers who have supported me for so long.

The one thing I am not thankful for is ebook piracy. It seems I spend increasing amounts of time sending take down notices to people illegally selling my ebooks.

Is there anything you are not thankful for this Season?


  1. House problems. Plumbing problems! Not me, but the house! I hate not being able to fix things that go wrong on my own...$800 and two days later, my plumbing was fixed. :) Now it's a light fixture that won't work... :) Argh.

    Love your new cover, Shana! It's beautiful!

  2. Shana, Congrats on your new cover. Love how the heroine is holding a sword.

    Car problems. Had to break down and buy a new car this weekend because of all the money we were putting into the old one.

  3. Great cover, Shana!
    I'll go along with the ebook pirates. I recently received a Google alert from a site where someone was bemoaning the fact that the only copy she could find of Rogue had the logo for Nitro pdf Professional on every page. I can tell you, my heart bled for her! Apparently someone took pity and sent her a copy. Honestly, if these pirates had any idea how little authors earn to start with, they might be less apt to share our work.
    But I wouldn't bet on it.

  4. My list is too long lol. Too many bills, an ex son-in-law, cold weather etc.

    Congrats on both your books. And book pirates are not sexy.

  5. Love the new cover! While I'm a huge fan of pirates in a romance book, I could live without pirates of romance books!!

  6. Oh, Terry! Sorry about the plumbing. I never try to fix electrical or plumbing on my own.

    Tracey, car problems are the worst, but I bet it's nice to have a new car you don't have to worry about. I love the heroine holding the sword too!

    NO, Cheryl, I don't think most of them care. But sometimes they really don't know that it's illegal and are apologetic. All the free file sharing sites do pretty much nothing to enforce the law or even police their own sites.

  7. catslady, I hear you on the too many bills! No, ebook pirates are decidedly disgusting!

  8. Wow. That's a beautiful cover, Shana! Of course I love the gorgeous hero, but I really like the heroine too. She looks like quite the spunky woman with attitude! LOL

  9. Thanks, Ash! I love the heroine on the cover. She's perfect for the book.

  10. Shana: Gorgeous covers. My daughter may get these for Christmas. She's been bemoaning the fact that she can't find a new historical author to fall in love with!
    What I'm not thankful for? The big burner on my stove has gone out right here at Thanksgiving time. That means I have to get used to a new one. This one is 30 years old...I've just gotten it broken in really good! LOL

  11. I remember what it felt like to be grateful for a full night's uninterrupted sleep. :} Love all your covers!


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