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The best way to read about things that go bump in the night -- by winning a NOOK

Hi all! I'm celebrating THE STORM THAT IS STERLING with a fun contest to win a NOOK! That's right -- a NOOK! And if you check out my website I am doing an early blog tour with all kinds of prizes as well! Including in November a HONEY BAKED HAM AND GODIVA!

So go HERE to win a Nook -- good luck!
Go HERE to see what other great prizes I am giving away

And I don't know about you guys but as much as I like a scary story its always better with a hot hero nearby that you can snuggle close to.

And I have a feeling I'll be doing that when I go see Paranormal Activity 3 out today ! Tell me this preview isn't scarier than some of the entire movies you've seen!

Happy Paranormal Activity Day everyone!


  1. Yeah, OK, great chocolate, a Nook, and some excellent protein... but TELL US ABOUT STERLING!!!

  2. I am such a weenie..LOL I couldn't watch the preview. I don't like scary movies. I can read scary books though.(Yes i am very strange)
    Thanks for the fun blog tour and I am so looking forward to reading Sterling's book.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  3. LOL yeah I'm not a big fan of Scary movies. Haunted houses and such love, LOVE but hate horror movies.

    I can't wait for Sterling's release and you have some awesome prizes!


  4. Okay, the trailer freaked me out! I'm not a scary movie kinda gal. They give me nightmares. My kids would love it and will be sure to pass it along.

    I'm however looking forward to reading Sterling's book!

  5. I love to watch these types of trailers because I could never see the actual scary movies so at least I got to see the non heart stopping parts but got the flavor. I would rather read about things that go bump in the night (I can always skip chapters if too scary) in my good old recliner with my throw blanket and a good glass of something.
    Love to read and Sterling's books would be great.

  6. HATE, yeah I know strong word, but really I HATE scary movies. I have not seen paranormal activity 1,2 and will not be seeing 3, no matter how much my friends and family bug me, lol. I am not a fan of being scared ****less

    Great blog post and I cannot wait for sterling to be released :D

  7. yeah I am so not a scary movie fan. But the books looks awesome! Thank you for letting us know about it.

  8. Not a big fan of scary movies, can watch some, but overall they tend to give me nightmares. Can read a scary book without a problem. Look forward to read Sterling's book!

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  9. I'm not sure how many times this month I can say I don't watch or read scary. But a huge congrats on the book. Sterling is one hot looking fellow!

  10. can't wait to read the next installment!:)

  11. I like scary movies, but hardly see them in the theater. I'd rather watch them in the comfort of my own home and scream as loud as I want to without embarrassing myself.

  12. I LOVE scary movies! My favorite are the corny ones, though. Bruce Campbell is my hero!

  13. I like scary movies and this is certainly the month for them. Enjoyed the preview, both for your book and the movie!

    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  14. I think PA3 looks good. I've enjoyed the previous two films in the series so am hoping to get to see it this weekend.

    Thanks for all the great prizes!

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  15. Yes, yes it is! Super creepy!


  16. Had to turn off the preview half way through. I'm such a "G" girl!

  17. Ok Lisa, I will tell you now I canna watch that preview, those movies seriously freak me out and give me nightmares!!! If they come on during the preview at the movies I have to step out until the preview is over. If I don't catch it right away my kids whack me and say "Mom, you have to leave now!" I've trained them well.

  18. personally my favorite type of scary movie are the psychological thrillers. I love movies that mess with my mind more than show gore and so on. :-) I find them much more scary than the horror and gore. :-)


  19. great post. Hope you enjoyed the movie.

  20. Not sure about that one, but we've just started watching the next series of walking dead. (Note, we, not I. Definitely helps having someone beside me.)

  21. I couldn't watch the clip you had, anytime commercials come on for
    PA3, I have to turn my head, it just scares me O_o


  22. scary have not seen
    congrats on the books whooo
    kim h

  23. My favorite scary movies are the Sci-Fi ones like the Thing & Alien. I can be scared when I watch, but it's not something that will give me nightmares.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  24. The Storm that is Sterling looks great!

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com


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