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By Deb Werksman
 Editorial Manager
Sourcebooks Casablanca

Naturally, I love to read. When I'm not reading you may find me:

 *   submitting a list of title ideas to retitle a project
 *   submitting options for a new tagline
 *   writing, revising or rewriting back cover copy
 *   calling an author to discuss editorial notes during a developmental edit
 *   emailing an author with a recap of our editorial notes discussion
 *   reviewing a revised manuscript and contacting the author for further revisions
 *   accepting a revised manuscript and turning it over to be prepped for copyediting
 *   making notes for the copyeditor
 *   meetings to review schedules, publication dates and seasonal lists
 *   mapping a season's list (starts with a batch of sticky notes on the wall, results in a spreadsheet and database entries)
 *   making sure manuscript delivery dates allow for sufficient time for the sales department to sell in to the retailers and wholesalers
 *   reviewing synopses
 *   meeting with buyers
 *   preparing database entries for submitting launch material for approval
 *   preparing database entries for presenting launch material at launch
 *   researching cover comps
 *   writing catalog copy
 *   researching specific market trends while thinking about a particular author's career
 *   researching general market trends to present to colleagues in sales, marketing, PR and design
 *   reviewing book covers
 *   looking at photos of proposed models for book covers (it's a tough job, but someone has to do it!)
 *   reading submissions
 *   responding to submissions
 *   corresponding with authors about materials we need from them
 *   asking authors for title ideas
 *   sending authors' feedback on their cover designs to the art department and discussing same
 *   answering authors' and agents' questions about sales, marketing, planning, proposals and market conditions
 *   negotiating contracts
 *   preparing contracts to be negotiated
 *   preparing submissions to be presented at our weekly acquisition meeting, including researching author track record and category and other market research
 *   reviewing sales numbers as soon as they are updated each week
 *   writing blogs :-)
 *   taking pitches
 *   reviewing/revising metadata
 *   attending a conference
 *   planning to attend a conference
 *   arranging travel to attend a conference
 *   following up after a conference
 *   phone calls with my authors, prospective authors and agents to discuss authors' project ideas
 *   phone calls with agents to talk about what I'm looking for
 *   answering emails
 *   I know I'm forgetting about a dozen more things...
 *   Lather, rinse, repeat. :-)

And then, I get to read, escaping into the world YOU created, hanging around with heroines who become my imaginary friends, falling in love with your heroes, and loving every minute of it!


  1. You did forget one important job: Enforcing the "Ten Minutes of Celebration" rule when good news comes in the door--as it has been frequently! And when you were a little girl, did you EVER think this is what you'd end up doing?

  2. I'll volunteer to look over the male model photos and offer input!!! :) Sounds like an absolutely great way to start the day. Hmmm...

  3. What a job description! You deserve a Superwoman cape! I'm so glad that you love your job and make my job as an author flow so smoothly.

  4. That doesn't leave you a whole lot of time to eat or sleep, Deb! Wow, I knew you were a busy lady, but...just wow!

  5. Deb,
    It is a lot of work that you do, but nobody does it better! Take a well-deserved bow!

  6. Well I'm exhausted just reading through the list, Deb. :)

    I love working with you and am so delighted to be one of your authors.

    Thank you for all you do!

  7. When do you find time to sleep? Wow! No wonder you're so extraordinary!

  8. I knew it! You don't eat OR sleep! That's the only way you can get everything done!

  9. Thanks for the rundown, Deb! There's so much going on behind the scenes. And to think you do that with every author---incredible!

  10. Just reading that makes me exhausted.


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