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The things we collect...

Isn't it amazing how many different sort of collections there are out there? I know that I'm constantly amazed when I catch a report of some persons passion for an item which I wouldn't have considered the lady who collects dryer lint. Yes, you read that right. That little vent in the front of the dryer that most of us empty straight into the trash, well it's something someone considers worthy of being collected. She makes art out of different colors it seems.

Now most of us, can claim books as the object we collect but what else? I adore fabric. The type of sewing I enjoy most is historical. Here's a picture of me in a 1550's court dress.'s heavey but it was cold in England. If you pick up a copy of 'To Conquear a Highlander' and read about the Maypole dance...well I know how to do it!

When I'm working on one of my Highlander books or maybe one of my new Steam Punk titles that will release next year...I'm always snared by the lives people lived. People didn't have time for all the entertainments we enjoy today. They farmed in the spring and summer but once the snow drove them inside they began to work on items they needed. They produced amazing embroidery and leather work with tools that would drive us insane with frustration today. They chiseled stone because it was what they had at hand and raised monuments that we still struggle to comprehend how they did it. But it all began with someones enjoyment of what's yours?

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Mary Wine


  1. Love your dress, Mary! I definitely collect books. But also furs to make award-winning teddy bears--not the real kind of fur, but mohair, angora, and plush.

  2. It takes a real seamstress to design and make a dress like yours. It's gorgeous, Lady Mary!
    Collections? No much, other than books in material things. But memories, now that's a different matter. I LOVE happy memories and family stories that can be told at gatherings over and over again and still be fresh every time.

  3. Beautiful dress, Mary!

    Fairies are a weakness of mine. I love their pixie poses and butterfly wings. Looking at them makes me happy.

  4. Love the dress! I collect metal lunch boxes and cat figurines.

  5. Well, books, of course. I also have a collection of dolls from all over the world. My grandparents traveled a lot and brought me a doll from each country.

  6. HI Mary,

    I love that outfit you made. I make jewelry and have way more supplies than I need! Not that anyone can have too many jewels, right? LOL

    I'm starting a new trend in hair jewelry. I'll have to put sme examples on my blog soon.

  7. Love the dress, Mary! I collect yarn and wool. I'm a knitter, spinner, and weaver of fabric and stories. I haven't been knitting much lately, but when I get really tense, I spin wool. It's instantly relaxing. I think it's the rhythm and the feel of wool in my hands.


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