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Fallin in love with my hero...again by C.H. Admirand

What is your definition of a hero? 

Merriam Webster breaks down their definition of a hero in three parts:
1.)  The mythological or legendary figure
2.)  The principal male character in a literary or dramatic work
3.)  The submarine (as in sandwich)…FYI: I grew up in northern NJ, and we do NOT call them heroes up here…only subs.

But then Webster breaks down the mythological or legendary figure into four other parts:
1.)  He is often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability
2.)  He could also be an illustrious warrior
3.)  He could also be a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities
4.)  And lastly is a man who shows great courage.

My hubby is my hero for many reasons, some of which I might be coerced into sharing over a pint or two of Guinness… but I digress. Recently when I was at the point of pulling my hair out, or simply breaking down due to the stress-load I was carrying, my darling offered a solution I would never have thought of—quitting my job and writing full-time!

For the last fifteen years I’ve been writing, working, raising our family, and taking care of my mom. It was always a challenge, but in the last five years, it had become next to impossible to juggle all of the balls at one time. He reminded me that when he wanted to open his own business, I worked 60 hour weeks so that he could and he said that now it was my turn. 

During hurricane Irene we were without power for five days! No power where I live means: no well pump, no water, no INTERNET OR CABLE CONNECTION!!! Yikes! BUT, my hero came through and fired up our generator so that we had the essentials.  

This is the Shell station on Route 23 N in West Milford. Just one obstacle, having the major highway in your town under water.

This pic is of Pompton Falls a few towns south of us, the water roared right over Hamburg Turnpike for the second time since 1984!

Can you believe this shot of Route 287 S? My oldest normally takes this road to get to work!

But what earned him the title of “intrepid” from my fabulous editor, Deb Werksman, was his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to find a way for me to email JESSE to Deb without the internet…driving around downed wires and trees, navigating around flooded roads until he found a library that had power and the internet!

Even though he captured my heart all those years ago when we said goodbye after our 1st date and he stopped and turned back around and said, “Hey…I’ve got this great idea!” and then kissed the breath right out of me--he still does things that would make me fall in love with him all over again.

So, because of his bold and selfless actions, I am dedicating this blog post to the love of my life, DJ, because I will always love him more than yesterday, less than tomorrow, but forever.

Who have you fallen in love with recently and why?


  1. That's an awesome post, and I cannot believe those pictures! Well, since I live on the Gulf Coast, actually I can. So glad you had a generator so you had some power.

    Right now I'm in love with the hero of my WIP. I'm almost through with the book, so he's really suffering right now. Gotta give him his happy ending.

  2. Colleen, what a fabulous post. Actually, I think I just fell in love with your hubby. LOL

  3. Colleen, There are a lot of people who fall in love--violins, roses, smoochies--but the trick to a happily ever after is staying in love. You and DH own that brass ring. Thanks for reminding us what the real thing looks like decades later.

  4. Your post is swoon material!
    You should put that scene about braving the wilds in a book...and that's what makes the heroine KNOW that the hero will do to ride the river with...quite literally from those pictures.

  5. Awww, I love that first date story! Definitely right out of a romance novel. It sounds like you've got a great guy to be trapped with during the flood!

  6. I loved the part of him kissing the breath right out of you! Wow! Now that is romance and your husband is surely a hero. Here's wishing you forever!

  7. Thanks, Shana ;) I know that you have some really bad storms on the Gulf Coast, too! Here's hoping we have a quiet rest of the hurricane season!

    Oooh...can't wait to hear more about your latest hero :)

  8. Thanks, Tracey! He usually just looks at me as if I've lost my mind when I tell him he's hero-worthy material. :)

  9. Thanks, Grace;) I won't lie and say that our life is perfect, but we made the choice years ago to stay married and work on it all the time...but that's not as romantic to write about! LOL!

    He's definitely a keeper ;)

  10. Thanks, Carolyn. Hmmm...maybe I can use it in my new Small Town USA series...Welcome to Purity! LOL!

    Actually when I'm on deadline buying me a huge chocolate bar is hero-worthy, too!

  11. Thanks, Joanne...glad you liked the first date story. It's sad, but for some reason our kids don't really believe in love-at-first-sight, but our daughter has found her perfect for our boys! LOL!

  12. Thanks, Amelia. He really is the perfect match for me. :)

    Now if I could only finagle a way to add on a 1/2 bath and add in a life would be perfect!!! LOL

  13. I absolutely loved this post! Your hubby sounds like such a doll. Congrats on your latest release. Love the cover :)

  14. Thanks, Sara...he really is. So far every cover has been fabulous...I've been really lucky!

  15. Hi!At the moment I really don't have a real life hero like your husband,so I mostly do everything myself,sure wish I had a man in my life,like your husband-the husband I and soon ex, is just plain selfish, anyways my heros are cowboys in the books I read, and I dream that one day, a handsome just a plain nice thoughtful man come and rescue me, just a nice hello would be nice! love to read your book!

  16. Hi Carole:

    I have always believed that there is the right person out there for each one of us. But I also believe that just like the friends that come and go in our lives, loves may come and go, too, but they always touch our lives profoundly.

    I know that the perfect man--
    wearing faded denims, cowboy boots and a black Stetson--will stroll by one day real soon and just snap you right up and appreciate you for all of the right reasons. :)

    Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, you don't want to miss that handsome cowboy!


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