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So Hot It Tingles, by Tracey Devlyn

Until this week, I had no idea what I’d discuss for this month’s theme. I thought about sharing how much I adore the heat. I love feeling warm. Just ask my co-workers. They call me a lizard (Not a pretty image, is it?) and have threatened to buy me a heating rock to perch my constantly cold body on. But that little bit of trivia seemed too boring and wouldn’t hold up for a 500-word blog.

So I racked my brain for another heat-appropriate subject.

The racking didn’t help, and a mild panic set in as I watched my blog date edge closer and closer.

I finally got my break a few days ago while listening to my friend’s audiobook (Adrienne Giordano’s MAN LAW) on my way to work. At one point in the story, Adrienne had captured her hero’s intimate appraisal of the heroine so thoroughly that I felt like Vic Andrews was giving ME the once over with those admiring green eyes.

Before I knew it, a heated, tingling flush spread across my body. So caught off-guard by my reaction, I actually glanced at the driver idling next to me to see if he was staring at my pink cheeks. In case you were wondering, he wasn’t.

I LOVE being the recipient of the unexpected hot tingle – that sudden, physical reaction to whatever action is going on in front of me. Doesn’t matter if I’m reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to music. I want to feel something, and my body flushing with awareness is never a bad thing.

Because let’s face it, I’ve read a lot of romances. An author has to dig much deeper these days to stimulate a physical reaction out of this seasoned reader.

So Hot It Bumps

Hmm. The Bumps title doesn’t carry quite the same pow as the Tingles title, does it?

Of course, I’m referring to goosebumps. Not the scary kind, but the makes-you-warm-all-over kind.

Over the years, I’ve come across melodies or movie scenes so evocative and beautiful that they will raise the hair on my arms. It’s a little unnerving when it happens, because I can never explain WHY the melody or scene affected me in such a physical way.

Here’s a song that gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. The song starts out slow, and then builds up to a haunting melody at the two-minute mark. Until this blog, I had no idea of the meaning behind the lyrics (circle of life), only knew they touched me in a visceral way.

Lightning Crashes by Live

One day, I hope my writing has the power to affect readers in the same way as Vic Andrews’ assessing gaze made me feel one August morning while driving to work.


How about you? Have you ever been physically affected by a well-written scene?


  1. Super post, Tracey!!! Well, as much as I hate to do it, I've cried when I've read a bit of an emotional scene. It bugs me as I'm trying to tell myself, it's JUST a story! A fictional story. But there you have it! :) Tears galore!

  2. Tracey, my favorite fan mail is from folks who say that a scene made them cry or laugh or so mad they could chew off chunks of rail road ties. I've read books who brought on all those emotions and they are the ones I remember past the last page. If, as writers, we touch emotions, we have succeeded!
    Love your post and I can just see that high color in your cheeks!

  3. Did you ask "have you ever"??? Of course! :-) Often! And I love it!

  4. Oh, sure! I'll get goosebumps or feel a pang in my chest or feel incredibly envious I didn't write it! The best are the ones that make me cry. I don't cry at books often, so if you can amke me do that, you really moved me.

  5. Terry--

    I hear ya. I've told myself that before too--it's just a story! Doesn't help. LOL

  6. Carolyn--

    You're right about remembering the scenes that evoke so much emotion. I have a scene from one of Lisa Kleypas' stories permanently etched in my mind. Gotta love Derek Craven!

  7. Shana--yep, the very first romance I ever read had me in tears often. That was before I knew I could count on a happily ever after. :)

  8. I should clarify--since my first romance, I've come across some tear-jerkers, but not the blubbering kind like I had with the first. LOL

  9. I do cry sometimes, or I just have to close the book for a moment and regain my equilibrium. A well written Big Black Moment can absolutely make the book that way.

    But I've laughed too, and maybe that's an even better testament of an author's skill.

  10. Great post! I know just what you mean. That tingle says it all.


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