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A Little Too Hot

by Amanda Forester

I recently completed the final round of edits for my next book, The Highlander's Heart, due to hit the shelves November 1. After a long writing process, I am excited to see it finally in print. Since the topic this month is about heat, I thought I'd share an excerpt about a time when my heroine is feeling a little too hot for comfort.

In this scene, Lady Isabelle Tynsdale has woken up in bed next to the man she loves, Laird David Campbell. Trouble is, they are not supposed to be together, and she can't remember exactly what happened.

“Lady Tynsdale, I would speak to ye,” said Campbell, gathering his courage.

“Yes, I would like to speak with you too,” said Isabelle.

“Ye would? Aye, well, I feel I need to apologize for the other night. I dinna intend to… that is to say I did intend, but I…” Campbell rubbed his forehead with one hand and gestured in the air with the other. “It just happened.”

“It?” Isabelle’s eyes grew wide. “It? How could you?”

“I was tired. Ye dinna seem to mind at the time.”

“I was asleep!”


“You should at least have woken me up and asked me if I would like to.”

“Ye are verra right.” Campbell’s heart sank. He was right, she was angry at him. He had thought… but no, her feelings did not match his. “I apologize. I thought that since we had before and… forgive me, I mistook yer feelings on the matter.”

“We did before too? I remember some things, but I do not recall doing… doing…” Isabelle flushed prettily. “Was I asleep?”

Now it was Campbell’s turn to be confused. “Aye. People do sleep when they are asleep.”

“What are you talking about?” Isabelle tilted her head slightly to the side.

“Sleeping. Together. In my bed. What do ye speak of?”

“Sleeping? As in actual sleep?”

“Aye.” Campbell drew out the word, speaking slowly. He had strong suspicions he knew what she was thinking, and it was not about sleep. He tried unsuccessfully to suppress a grin. “Ye speak of sex.”

“Campbell, please!” Isabelle glanced into the corridor and shut the door. “Someone might hear you.”

“So ye dinna mind speaking o’ it, but ye dinna wish anyone to know.” Campbell’s heart began to beat quite merrily. She did like him. Her blush gave her away.

“We should not.”

“Did ye think I had made love to ye while ye slept?” Now that was plain insulting.

Isabelle looked off at a tapestry hanging from the wall. “But for a moment. Is this not a nice tapestry?”

“Isabelle.” He stepped close and softly brushed her cheek. “If I should ever take ye to my bed to love instead of sleep, I will promise ye two things. First, ye will wish for it as much as I. And second, I dinna wish to brag, but there is no possible way ye will sleep through my lovemaking.”

Campbell had the satisfaction of watching Isabelle’s blush deepen to the color of a fine wine.

So have you ever had a time when your conversation got you a little flushed? Do tell!


  1. Amanda, fun post! It's been so long that I can't recall what made me flush, but I've definitely had it happen to me. With my fair skin, red cheeks are incredibly easy to detect, too!

  2. I love the cover, Amanda! Too hot! :)

  3. Isabelle is a verra, verra lucky lady. And I love those moments when the sizzle in the room is much louder than the mere words being exchanged. Well done, best of luck with the launch!

  4. Tracey - I have the same problem. Fair skin is a dead giveaway!

    Terry - I am loving the cover too! It went through a few different iterations, but I really like the final product!!!

    Grace - thanks! I had a great time writing the book, the characters were fun to write.

  5. That was a great ending line, Amanda. I've got to read the book now just to see how he follows through on his promise that she won't be asleep when he makes love to her! Loved it!

  6. I can't think of anything after reading your excerpt lol. Loved it and loved the sexy humor!

  7. I love that scene! Love! It! It's funny and sexy at the same time. My favorite kind. Okay, now I really must have this book.

  8. Loved the line about being asleep...sounds like a fun, fun book Miz Amanda! Cover is hot, hot...surely she wouldn't fall asleep! LOL

  9. Amelia - thanks. I hope when they do finally get together it is worth the wait. They have several more obstacles to overcome!

    Catslady - I'm glad you liked it! Isabelle was a little speechless too!

    Shana - thanks! I enjoy writing with a little humor - makes it fun!

    Carolyn - you are so right. With a man as sexy as Campbell, I don't know how she could have thought she slept through anything. I really like the cover too!

  10. Love it!! Great scenem It made me blush and smile all at the same time.

  11. Oh wow. Can't wait for the book. and I blush all the time, but never for such a fun reason as this one.


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