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If you can't stand the heat...

Get out of Hell's Kitchen!

When I heard that August's theme was about the heat, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist. While I was schmoozing with readers, my fellow authors, and esteemed members of the publishing industry at the AAD conference in Philadelphia, I received the author review copy of my December release, Demons Like It Hot. I'm totally geeked! Not only is the cover gorgeous, the back blurb is the total awesomesauce.

The second book in the Demons Unleashed series stars Serah SanGermano, a successful caterer who tries to hide her magical nature and Matthias Ambrose, a mercenary sent to Earth to protect her. Matthias has some pretty dark secrets that could threaten their trust.

Here's the lovely cover:And here's the blurb that was sent to me the day I left for AAD. I was pretty darned stoked. Oh, another heat reference!

A Recipe For Disaster...

Matthias Ambrose is a demon mercenary who never took sides, until his attraction to the spunky caterer he was hired to kidnap leads him to almost botch a job for the first time
in eight hundred years. Now he must protect her from his former clients, but even an ice-cold demon like Matthias struggles to resist her fiery charms.

Completely engrossed with planning menus and prepping recipes for her shot at cooking show fame, star caterer Serah SanGermano refuses to believe she’s on a fast track to Hades. But how’s she supposed to stick to the kitchen if she can’t stand the heat of her gorgeous demonic bodyguard?

Or The Perfect Ingredients For Passion...

As a diabolical plot to destroy humanity unfolds and all hell breaks loose in Serah’s kitchen, she and Matthias find themselves knee-deep in demons and up to their eyeballs in love…

December can't come soon enough!



  1. Sounds great! I can't wait until December either:)

    Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction :)

  2. That is one hot and sexy cover!!! I can't wait to read it. Congrats :)

  3. Sounds like a great escape! A story that will suck you right in.


  4. Your reference to heat in the kitchen--THAT kind of heat--reminds me that my mom's kitchen was always a source of the more mundane, comforting heat of the house's domestic heart. We'd enjoy the big meals around the dinner table, but then the best visiting happened in the kitchen while doing the cleaning up.

    And then some of us would sneak away to enjoy a really good, hot read like Demons Like It Hot!

  5. Oh, yes, that back cover copy will sell that book! And that is one hot, sexy, and beautiful cover. Thanks for sharing!

  6. That's just such a beautiful cover! I love that pendant, too!

  7. Beautiful cover! December isn't that far away. :)

  8. I would totally hang that on my wall:) Beautiful!

  9. Fabulous cover, fabulous book blurb, Sidney! Congrats!!


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