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Hot Topics

by Olivia Cunning

I could talk about the hot weather, but that would be boring. So I'll try to come up with a more exciting hot topic.

I could discuss this hot guy here on my left (I wish he was on my left), but I don't know him, so what can I say, other than I think he's hot. I will admit that he is the inspiration for a new rock star character of mine. Maybe his ink doesn't do it for you, but it definitely does it for me. RAWR! And those abs/pecs/guns... And the fact that I can't see his face clearly... And those jeans he "forgot" to fasten...  And those narrow hips... And... Oh my! Yep, hot.

I could talk about all the "hottest sex scene" awards that Backstage Pass won from bloggers last year (*cough* 13 of them *cough*), but someone might misconstrue that as bragging and I'm a humble Midwestern gal. We don't brag. We "mention".

I could write about the lovely Reader's Crown Awards I picked up in sweltering hot Denver at the beginning of August at RomCon. I felt special. Backstage Pass won for Best Long Erotic Romance and Best First Book. It was hot that day. Just mentioning...

Or I could tell you about the hot pin-the-body-part-on-the-Sinners game that we all played at the Chocolate Mangasm event at RomCon on a Friday night. Erotic romance authors and readers are soooo naughty. Self included.
Yes, you can probably guess what we pinned on Sinners' lead guitarist, Brian Sinclair. It wasn't a tail... Heh heh.

I could talk about standing in hot lines at Cedar Point this summer. Do ride the Millennium Force if you get a chance. Best. Roller-coaster. EVAH! Worth the sunburn and sweat. Totally.

Maybe I should rave about the hot bands I saw in concert this summer. Avenged Sevenfold. Three Days Grace. Bullet for my Valentine. So many rock stars. So much inspiration. So tax deductible!

I could excerpt a hot scene from one of my rock star erotic romance books, but you'll have to go over to my Sinners Excerpts blog to see those. Not for the prudish. They're pretty darn hot.*  I didn't want to melt the casa-blog or anything.

*see hottest sex scenes of 2010 awards "mentioned" previously

I could leave a recipe here for some hot food, but I don't cook spicy food. My tongue is a wimp.

I could elaborate on Hot Topic, but I'm a bit too "mature" to shop at that store anymore. Unless my son is with me. I've been known to buy a rock T-shirt or two for myself  him from there. I swear that Papa Roach T-shirt is not mine. Okay, it is. And next time I'm there, I need to get some of those studded, leather... um, where was I?

So, I guess I will talk about the weather after all. That's a nice, "safe" topic.

Dang, it's hot outside!

What's the hottest thing you did this summer?


  1. Cute blog, Olivia! The guy IS hot that you based your character on. He wouldn't do for my wolves or jags tattoos allowed. LOL!

    The hottest thing I've done? Watered in the 110 heat, written hot scenes for wolves and jags...well, as humans. :) And hoping it will cool down soon!!!!

  2. Olivia, is that's a little insight into your mental hampster wheel, it's no wonder your books win awards for steam! Keep 'em crankin'!

  3. Hey Olivia! Congrats on your well-deserved awards :) Your love scenes are waaaaay hot! Great post. Hope to catch you at a conference again sometime soon!
    Looking forward to your next Sinners novel.

  4. i think i will focus more on the guy to your left...because here in Oklhaoma it has stayed way too hot for way too long...nothing hot to report but the temperture...too hot to breathe much less have fun!

    still looking for a release date on the next Sinner's book...*sigh* patience for me & you too!!

    respectfully a fan

  5. Congrats on all the awards!

    Also, tattooed guy above is really hot! :D

    Hottest thing I've done this summer...well I haven't done anything really (must change this).

  6. Olivia, I had to start fanning myself! Loved your post it was rocking hot!

  7. Extra estrogen pill needed now for the hot flashes after reading that blog and having those pictures burned into my eyeballs! Good job, Olivia!

  8. I remember going to Cedar Point when I was a kid and lived in Michigan. I thought riding the Blue Streak (don't know if it's still there) was so scary!

    Basically stepping outside is the hottest thing I did all summer. I went to the park with my daughter yesterday, and it was 102. Can't get much hotter than that. Thank God for AC.

  9. Hottest thing, aside from the weather and fevers--ugh, I saw Avenged, Three Days Grace, and Bullet For My Valentine and I had a grand seat, close enough I could feel the heat from flaming...whatever they were--columns? I'm mean I could see faces clearly and did you know Zacky has a a tat on his neck? I didn't until he came up to play with Cyn (whose guitar was close enough I could count the stripes) Muwahahaha.

    Ah, you should have been there--oh, wait, you were. lolol!

    Congrats on the Crowns and btw, if you should happen into Hot Topic again, I lurve Papa Roach, just sayin'

  10. That was really fun to read Olivia, cant wait for the next book and the next series, As for the hottest thing I did this summer I will tell you later (in private)

  11. Shana- The blue streak is still there. I thought I'd need a chiropractor when I got off that thing. Shook me half to death! But still fun.

    Sia- You are a brat. That is all...

  12. Melissa- I can only imagine. LMAO!

  13. The hottest thing I did this summer? Fight through the crowds of the local mall in over 100 degree weather for back to school shopping. NO FUN AT ALL!

  14. You had me with the hot pic of that adorable man, Olivia. ;}


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