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The heroines in my life

By Cheryl Brooks

Ever notice how your turn to blog comes at the worst possible time? I'm leaving for New York this morning, and, as I write this on Sunday afternoon, I not only have to pack, I have to come up with a fascinating woman to write about.

Most of us have written about a relative or a favorite historical figure, but I'm going to write about some ladies who are the unsung heroines in my life: My friends and coworkers at the hospital where I have worked for the past twenty years.

They've supported me throughout my writing career and read my earlier efforts like they were NYT bestsellers. I used to print up my stories, put them in Amazon boxes, and take them to the hospital. I've watched my buddies pass the pages they'd just finished reading across the desk to the next reader while our patients were snoozing, leaving me to answer all the call lights, which I was more than happy to do!

Let's see if I can get a shout out in here for all of them....

Nancy, who got thoroughly miffed when she got beeped to the ER while reading a particularly juicy scene in an early version of Slave.

Tracy, a great source for the occasional dash of spice to a novel, as well as buying them to give to her friends.

C-Sue, who once made an audio version of Slave read by an electronic female voice with a British accent. We all howled at the strange pronunciation of a particularly colorful, ah, euphemism, which was, sadly, deleted in the final manuscript.

Terri H, who has never met a stranger and wants to be my PR person. She could probably sell a book to a turtle.

Suzie's ambition is to be my road manager and carry my luggage. She'd be a good at it, seeing as how anytime we take a trip together, she's always got just want you need stashed in her own baggage.

Terri B, who decided to get on my website a couple of years ago and print out my book covers to post on the back of the door to the ICU nurses restroom.

And my buddy Natalie, who never read any books for pleasure until she read mine and decided just last night that the restroom door was missing something and printed out the covers of Stud and Virgin.

Then there's Angela who has inspired, to date, at least three of my heroines.

Sarah and April who inspired the heroines for Fugitive and Stud.

Susan and Christy have bought each of my books as they came out make me feel like a famous author, and Mary's hugs make us all feel special.

Robin spotted Virgin in the local Walmart and Natalie sent me a picture of it.

And last, but not least, Lola. I've incorporated so many of her anecdotes into books that I've lost count.

They're always telling me that soon I'll be rich and famous and will leave them. I've already thought about cutting back my hours, but I doubt if I'll ever quit completely. They're my family, and I've celebrated the ups with them and they've supported me through the downs. I couldn't have done it without them!


  1. It seems that no matter what fame your writing brings you will always be rich with the friends who surround you. You are very lucky in that great wealth.

  2. You're right, Margaret. I am VERY lucky. I love them all!

  3. Have fun in NYC! I'll miss you all, but next year I plan to attend!

  4. What a great post Cheryl. *Stands up and applauds*

  5. How could we make it through life without our women friends and sisters? I thank and salute them all.

  6. Oh my. I'm so used to you making me laugh & now you brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful to read this. I have to say though, that they are lucky to have you too because you are awesome!! I have first hand proof now LOL.

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm in New York! Too cool! Wish all my buddies were here too!

  8. Well, we wish we were there with you too!! You have just said something that I hear seldom, but think is extremely important...the truth that the heroes in our lives are usually the folks who we are DEEPLY FRIENDS with, the people we actually depend on to be there for us in our day-to-day lives. This is the true meaning to "having a support group".

    We tend to forget to thank these people, and to let them know how much we care about and appreciate them---thanks for the reminder!!

  9. Cheryl. I am sitting here crying because you make me feel loved and that you are my friend. I am so glad God put you into my life, you give good hugs, make me feel good and have a wonderful spirit. Have a wonderful time, you have worked hard and deserve it. TTFN, always LOL and SYP 143 Terri B

  10. You're welcome, Suzy! They're the best!

    Aw... Terri. You posted a comment! I'm touched. TTFN and SYP!


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