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Glass Half Empty or Half Full? (By Catherine Mann)

Our Casablanca blog theme for the month: Hope. This made me think of the age old question: Is your glass half empty or half full?

Yes, you are seeing a blinged-out, be-dazzled, monogrammed wine glass. It started out as a joke at a neighborhood picnic and now has become a cute tradition when we gather for cook outs. Stick on jewels are courtesy of the local craft store. :) Diet coke, straight from my fridge.

But I digress. I like to think I'm a glass-half-full kind of person. Although like most folks, I have my days when it seems the glass it mighty darn empty. So, on one of those days, I posted the "glass" question on my facebook page, hoping to find either commiseration or inspiration. I actually found both in the witty answers of my facebook friends. Here are a few of the highlights. I hope they bring a smile to your face as well!

Is your glass half empty or half full?

*Neither. Mine is overflowing.

*Depends on whether I'm drinking.

*What glass???

* It's just too da** large.

*Depends what's in cough syrup, then half empty but chocolate milk would be full.

*Always half full, as long as I have the wine bottle.

* I don't have a glass. I used to have a glass then puppies took over and now my glass is gone. I need to find a new glass! :)


*I use small glasses so it doesn't take much to fill them. :-)

*It's in the dishwasher.

And finally, since I had just given a dear friend a be-dazzled, monogrammed wine glass of her own, she replied...

*My NEW glass is going to be half to three quarters full tonight! :)


So, as I drink my half full, blinged glass of diet Coke, I celebrate the joys in my life and hopes for the summer, some of which have to do with my books on the horizon. As you're packing your bag or e-reader with summers reads, I hope you'll check out my June book: ACQUIRED: CEO'S SMALL TOWN BRIDE.

And in July, my Sourcebooks Casablanca debut: COVER ME

And here's a link to a video book trailer for COVER ME!!

If you're looking for more books to fill your summer beach bag, check out the 6 book contest I'm currently running on my website. Contest ends today, May 31. Good luck!

What are your hopes for the summertime?


  1. Hopes for summer: Get galleys done on "Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish," finish drafting "Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight" (going to have to crank up the AC), submit revisions on "The Bartered Earl," complete drafting my first short, start drafting the story about Lady Jenny and the portrait artist, and there are some conferences in there somewhere too... SEE MY CASA FRIENDS AT NATIONAL... love the more relaxed pace of summer.

  2. Oohh, I love your hot cover! I'm not hoping, but I'm FINISHING writing my first jaguar story in a couple of weeks. :) And then??? Not sure which of the next 5 books I need to tackle, but I've already started one, Tom's story, so I'll probably work on it some more!

  3. Grace, sounds like you have a wonderfully busy summer ahead! Looking forward to seeing you at Nationals in NYC!!! :)

  4. Hi Terry! Thanks for the cover kudos - I think it's pretty yummy too. Kudos definitely go to Sourcebooks art department!!

  5. My glass is full like my life and I love it. My hope is that I finish the next three contracts for Spikes & Spurs by December and that Deb likes them well enough that I can do more on this series...and that I make the NYT and/or USA lists, since Oprah retired!

  6. Mine's always half full. Even when it's not.

    Now you've got me wanting a blinged out wine glass for my day job!

  7. Love the wine glass! My hope for the summer? Finish "Once a Cowboy," write a couple of workshops that are rattling around in my head, and most important, have some kind of adventure with Scrape! We were hoping to go hiking yesterday and it rained:( Also I hope to go to lots and lots of rodeos!

  8. Carolyn, Judi and Joanne - I just love the positive, upbeat attitude of my Sourcebooks Sisters. :)

  9. MY glass is pretty full right now! I love all those replies about the glasses. So funny!

  10. I've always been a glass half full kind of person but I really liked the person who said her glass was overflowing. I feel that way myself sometimes. Life is good!
    HOPE your new books is a bestseller!

  11. :::Waving::: Hi Shana and Amelia! And cheers (in keeping with our blinged out wine glasses. :)


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