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Wait... What? My post is due tomorrow?

So, yes, I left this blog post go until the very last minute.I should wear a crown that says Queen of Procrastination.

On any given day, I can put off washing the dirty dishes in the sink, taking the clothes overflowing the laundry basket in the bathroom into the basement, and walk around the dirt my son tracked through the house. I tell myself I'm going to get more writing done if I continue to ignore those chores.

Sometimes it works. Mostly, I just don't want to do those things so I don't. Eventually I get around to them. Sometimes my husband gets there first. He has a lower tolerance for squalor than I do. **Smiles**

What I hate about my procrastination is when it extends to my writing. I don't have the luxury of losing entire days to solitaire and mahjong.

I've learned to deal with my mail box first thing in the morning so I'm not as tempted to keep checking it all morning. Which I do anyway. Just not as much.

I also allow myself to play solitaire for fifteen minutes after lunch. Usually when I'm enjoying my Junior Mints. Knowing I have those fifteen minutes coming usually helps me avoid calling up the game to play when I'm stuck on a scene.

But my worst procrastination tool of late is Vistaprint. They send nice little emails giving you free stuff. Promo material. As a writer, I need promo material. Creating postcards and banners is a necessary part of my job. Well, yeah, sometimes.

But really, I'm just wasting more time.

I know there are a lot of other writers and readers out there who do the same things and I'd love to hear what techniques you've found to help.


  1. Oh, Vistaprint--the website that Shall Not Be Named! I was on there last week just to play around for 10 minutes with the business cards. Um, two hours later my husband is like, are you ever coming to bed?

  2. Great post, Stephanie! I had to get my weekly newsletter with a free read out first thing this morning, need to do 3 blogs, had to check emails, and found the one about your blog, and well, it's already 1 hour and 15 minutes into my morning and I haven't even started on the blogs yet!!! But they're all promotional efforts, I have to remind myself!

    Have fun with your little bits of procrastination. :)

  3. VistaPrint, MailChimp, website, Facebook, Photoshop--anything with a design element can suck me into a different kind of creative bliss for hours.

    I've learned to get writing done before ever stepping foot into those programs, or my daily writing goal is toast. LOL

  4. I too am a Vistaprint addict. I don't need all those "free" postcards, really I don't, but I have them! Hundreds of them.

    Does anyone need a postcard?

  5. Ahhh, Vistaprint, and Amazon, and online shopping, and...
    Is that all procrastination? Is there a pill to cure it?


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