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Rock Hard Launch Party!

by Olivia Cunning

Did someone say party?

I'm definitely in the partying mood.

The second book of my Sinners on Tour series, Rock Hard, has finally been released! I didn't think the day would ever arrive.

Excuse me while I bask in the glory of its smokin' hot cover.









*wipes drool off chin*

Those abs are definitely rock hard.  My, my, my, my, my.....

Now about that party.

I decided we can't have a Rock Hard launch party without some hard rockin' guests, so I've invited all the guys of Sinners. Sinners is a sensationally popular, fictional rock band and the Sinners on Tour series is about how each of the five sexy rock stars find love. The first book, Backstage Pass, is about lead guitarist, Brian Sinclair. The new one, Rock Hard, is the second book in the series.

Our guest of honor is lead singer of Sinners, Sedric Lionheart. You can call him Sed. Don't let that serious expression throw you off. He's just trying to hide his dimples. He's the hero of Rock Hard and let's just say the phrase "rock hard" applies to several qualities Sed possesses. Yes, he's very hard-headed. What did you think I meant?

In order from left to right: Brian, Sed, Jace, Eric and Trey
The other sexy men of Sinners are also here. Brian Sinclair, rock god and lead guitarist. He's the one with the fast fingers. Jace Seymour, our shy bassist. Well, I'm not sure if he's shy. He is quiet. He probably won't say a word the entire time. You can only imagine the wicked thoughts going through his mind. Go ahead. Start imagining. Eric Sticks, our extroverted drummer. He'll keep us laughing. And Trey Mills, the oh-my-lord-can-a-man-be-any-sexier rhythm guitarist. He has his tongue pierced. 'Nuf said.

Okay, everyone get into the hot tub with Jace.

Is everyone in? Don't attack Jace, now. Remember he's "shy". Yeah, right.

Be sure to order a drink from the server. Yes, we have a server. We're partying with rich rock stars. You can have anything you like.

Got your beverage? All hot and wet now?

Sorry the music's so loud. We might have to shout.

Now let's talk about the book.

Rock Hard is a reconciliation story. The hero, Sed, and heroine, Jessica Chase, were once engaged. It ended badly. Except it never really ended. They've both been pining away for each other for two years. So while they may claim to be over each other, it's obviously not true. When they meet again... well, let's just say tempers flair, sparks fly and clothing is abandoned. Sed quickly realizes he must have Jessica back, but he's kind of rough around the edges and keeps saying the wrong thing. His heart is in the right place. He just doesn't understand how to get Jessica to cooperate and can't figure out why exerting his authority isn't working out so well for him. He's used to being the leader of a hugely famous rock band and people breaking their necks trying to please him and Jessica... well, she doesn't like his approach. She likes him though. At least physically. They definitely have no problem connecting physically. Jessica finally figures out who Sed is on the inside through his actions (his words aren't conveying the proper feelings-he has foot-in-mouth disease) and as they learn to work together as a team, they figure out how to make an explosive relationship work. Commitment, compromise and communication. That's not so hard, is it? For these two it is. Eh, they'll get it right. If they don't drive each other and everyone around them crazy, first.

I'll be on my blog tour all month. If you'd like to follow me and the Sinners around (and win free books!), check out my blog each day. I post the details of my current location with links to giveaways each day here: Olivia Cunning's Blog.

And now for the best part.

Win hugs and kisses from Sinners!

Would you like to get your hands on one of these babies?

There are only ten in existence. And I need to keep one for myself to keep my "things" hot and steamy, so that means I only have nine to give away this entire month.

How to enter (one entry per US or Canadian fangirl/boy, please):
Leave a comment with your email address on this post, or if you're too shy, email me at with Win Kisses from Sinners! in the subject line. Or "like" Olivia Cunning on Facebook and post your entry on my wall. Or tweet it to me @oliviacunning. Or comment on my blog at Or write it across the sky with your airplane. Whatever. I'm not picky. I don't have "rules". I just need to know you want entered and a way to contact you if you do win.

I'm giving away two Sinners mugs of hugs and kisses today. You must enter by this Friday (April 8, 2011) at midnight. I will draw two winners at random on Saturday (April 9), announce the winners on my blog, and contact you for your mailing address so I can send your prize. If you don't win, don't despair, there will be more chances for you to win a mug with hugs and kisses from Sinners later in my blog tour. Check my blog each day until May 7th to find out when and where.

Now if only Sinners were real and we could get real hugs and kisses from them. Sigh....


  1. Congrats on the rockin' release of "Rock Hard"!

    I like my coffee hot...and my romance reads even hotter! I'd love to win one of those marvelous mugs ; )

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  2. Congratulations, Olivia!! Have fun with your new release and all the joy that comes with it! :)

  3. Congratulations on your new release, Olivia! You're going to have an awesome day.

  4. Congratulations on your release. You must be quite excited.

    I've have been anxiously awaiting for this book since I've read Backstage Pass! I look forward in reading Rock Hard and the other books in this series.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  5. Love the cover, love the title, love the set-up, love the fact that we get a glimpse of all five bodaciously smokin' hot musicians and a little peek into their characters. Mooch over--I want the spot next to Jace in the hot tub.

  6. The title and cover alone would make a woman's panty hose crawl down around her ankles. The idea of getting into a hot tub with that sexy man...oh my, oh my! Hot flashes, deluxe!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your launch party! Bask deserve it!

  7. WHOO HOOO!!!!! Happy Launch Day, Olivia! You already know how much I enjoyed the book, but right now... well... umm... can I just get in the hot tub with Jace?????

  8. Good morning! I'm so excited about this book!

    PaRSR- Thanks! I'm glad you liked Backstage Pass. Hope you enjoy Rock Hard.

    Virginia - You sound like my kind of woman. I like my romances scorching hot!

    Thanks, Terry! I'm having a great time already. How can I not with 5 hot rock stars in a hot tub? :-)

    Thank you Tracey D #1!

    And thank you, Tracey D #2! I am excited. I hope you win something!

    Hi Grace! Good idea getting in next to Jace early. His fangirls will be here soon. They get a little carried away sometimes. :-)

  9. Thanks, Carolyn! LOL! on pantyhose around the ankles.

    Hey, Cheryl! Better get on Jace's other side while the gettin's good.

  10. Congrats on your release, Olivia!
    Love the pics of The Sinners;)

  11. Congratulations! My copy of Rock Hard just arrived. Would love to win Kisses from Sinners!

    User1123 AT comcast DOT net

  12. Loved both Backstage Pass & Rock Hard!

    I totally want hugs and kisses from the Sinners. :) Please enter me for a mug, they look gorgeous.

    Why are we sitting on the side of Jace? Pretty sure his lap is still available...

    Anyway they can fight over Jace, I will go sit with Eric.

    Thanks for the giveaway of the gorgeous mug.


  13. Congrats on your latest release! As you know, I loooooved both books. Seriously, Sed is delicious. I'm passing the word around cyberspace. Great party.

  14. Destynee Romo-DanielApril 5, 2011 at 11:06 AM

    I already ordered the airplane to fly across the sky today around noon. But I decided to cover all my bases.

    I'm still waiting...not so patiently for Rock Hard to get here so I can read it.

    But I'll just relax in the hot tub with Jace ;) And congratulations Olivia! I wish you lots of success!

  15. Congrats on the new release! Loved Backstage Pass and am excited about Rock Hard.

    Would love to be able to stare at your Sinners as I sipped my morning cup of Joe.

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  16. Congratulations, Olivia! Love the cover, love the mug, love the rock stars - gotta have the book! Have a great day and C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!

    So where's the book where a hot rock star meets a very cute, bright-eyed Nebraska girl and discovers she writes erotic romance in her spare time...?

  17. Olivia! Woo-hoo! Your cover is VERY hot! And sounds like the book is too! Here's wishing you much success!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Happy Realease Day! And OMG, that IS one smokin' hawt cover!! I'm off to Amazon to get this ~ I loved reconciliation stories!

    And I want one of those sinner mugs ~ they ROCK!! HARD!!

    Melissa ~~

  20. Congrats on your new release! I do love these sinners you have posted and would love to have the mug. Please enter me.


  21. Well, I'm thrilled about your release Olivia, but looking for one of my own. Is Trey around, 'cause we have a conversation to finish? That boy was making promises his tongue better keep.

    Perhaps I'll slide in beside Jace while I'm waiting and see if I can get the mystery man to act.

  22. Love, Love, LOVE Rock Hard!! I can't wait for Jace's story. Congratulations on your release!

  23. Why do I giggle every time I think of "Sinners" and "release"? Many, many congrats! I ADORED Backstage Pass, and can't wait to read this one (though I used to be a Sed Slut, I've been eyeing Eric with lust in Yeah. Heart.

    And I GOTTA get me one of those cups! With that on my desk, I wouldn't get much work done, but really, who cares? And oh yeah. Jace. Oh my. And Eric (gotta LOVE a drummer's guns!)

  24. What a fun launch party! Thanks for inviting me! Congrats on the release!

  25. Congrats on what looks like a wonderful book! I collect coffee mugs so what would be better than looking at these hunks with my morning (and nightly) coffee :)


  26. Woo-Hoo!!! I love a party

    **sips Champagne** :)

    Congrats on the new release Olivia.
    I love the mug..please count me in for that.

  27. Congrats on the new release Olivia. I can't wait to start this series. These books looks so hot and I can't wait to pick them up. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Thanks, C.H. I had fun finding pictures to represent them. :-)

    Yay, Stacie. Hope you enjoy Rock Hard!

    Hi, Darla! No one has claimed Eric, yet. I guess you get to have him for yourself.

    Thanks for all your support, Sara. You rock!

    I think I hear your airplane now, Destynee. It's a little late. :-)

    Hi, Lil! Glad you liked Backstage Pass. This mug is sure to make your morning coffee extra hot. Use caution!

  29. Joanne -I'll have to get to work on that book, ASAP. :-)

    Thanks, Amelia. Love the hottie on my cover. I think there's a woman on there, too, somewhere.

    Thanks, Melissa! I hope you enjoy Rock Hard. It's rockin'.

    Virgina - Glad you like my guys. :-)

    VA - I can NOT believe you are the first to claim Trey. You lucky girl.

    A Girl and Her Dog - Soooo glad you liked Rock Hard! I can't wait for Jace's book either. LOL!

    Kat - I giggle too. Great, pervy minds think alike. You do need a cup.

    Shana - Glad you stopped by. Have another drink.

    catslady - This is a very rare mug. It would look great in your collection.

    elaing8 - I hope the champagne is to your liking. Sed's footing the bill, so get the good stuff. ;-)

    Hi, Danielle. If you like your books hot, this is the series for you!

  30. I loved Backstage Pass and Rock Hard! They really ROCKED! Thanks so much for sharing with us today! Looking forward for your next books already!


  31. Oh yeah!! A picture of my Trey within easy reach? Heck yeah! That's right, I said my Trey. I'm confident that it's me he'll meet in his book :)

    Thanks Olivia for pairing us up!!

    sarah_gutierrez at comcast dot net

  32. Congratulations Olivia. I have loved both books so far and can't wait for Jace's story next! All the best to you! I want a mug of the band! :)


  33. Congrats on Rock Hard!!! Love The Sinners, have a soft spot for Jace. I call shotgun in the hot tub!!! Loved Rock Hard! Everyone should get it! Would love to win a mug!
    Lovin' this blog tour!

    vampgirl99 at comcast dot net

  34. It's a shame to have only one. The Sinners should be available for sampling like a wine flight, in this case a sin flight

    Though if I could only have one, Trey sounds like he has the best bag of tricks ;)

  35. Congrats on the new release. I loved it.

    luvmy2doxs at yahoo dot com

  36. Congratulations on the new release! So many of my friends have ranted about how great this series is that I finally bought Backstage Pass. Loved it!
    Getting this book next.


  37. Johanna - Every author likes to hear that! Thanks!

    Sarah - You definitely need to keep a close eye on Trey, if he's the one you want. ;-)

    Amy - Thanks! I appreciate your enthusiasm for my books!

    Heather - #1 fan. You definitely need a mug.

    VA - No one said you had to choose just one. I have them on rotation. :-)

    Hi, Sondra! Great to see you here!

    Yay, Maria! Glad you succumbed to peer pressure. lol

  38. Congratulations, Olivia. Sorry I'm late to the party. I know you must be thrilled now that book two it out. Hope you had a wonderful release day!

  39. Big Congrats Olivia!!

    What an awesome mug!! :)


  40. Just discovered this series recently when I won a copy of Backstage Pass. Can't wait to read Rock Hard.

    Love the mug. Thanks for the chance.


  41. I really love this series and have been recommending it to my reading friends. I just can't wait for each book to come out. Congrats on such an awesome series.


  42. The hottub pic was feckin' great, Olivia and I am not coming out anytime soon. So There...Nanner Nanner....Would love to win this fantabulous mug as I am a caffiene addict as well as a Sinner's HOOR. Parts of me are starting to get water logged but Jace is not shy about helping me out with that sitch...LOL
    My email is
    Laters! And ROCK ON!

  43. I want I want I want!!!! I have been one of those lucky few to get ARCs of both books to review and I am just in love with the whole bunch! (Though I especially cannot wait till Jace's book!)

  44. Congratulations on Rock Hard's release. It was fantastic. Loved Backstage Pass too. Love all the Sinners, but really have a thing for Trey. Love the mug. Would really really really love one. Cannot wait for Jace's story. I'll just have to reread and reread both books until Jace's story.

  45. I have been partial to Cowboys and Soldiers, but oh boy the Sinners get me goin =)

    Congrats on the release of Rock Hard!

  46. Anita- You're fashionably late. Still plenty of beverages to go around, but most of the guys are taken.

    Thanks, Blanche!

    Beth- Maybe you'll have a winning streak an win a mug, too.

    Terri - Yay! Thanks for recommending to your friends. Good luck on winning the mug.

    Trish - I'd ask you what Jace is doing to decrease your water-log-ery, but I'm kind of afraid to ask. O_o

    Hi, Kayla! Loved your review of Backstage Pass. Can't wait to read the one for Rock Hard. I didn't miss it, did I?

    Hi, Sharon. Are you Sharron B from twitter? Want to make sure I know how to contact you if you win. And I'm so glad you liked the books!

    Hi, Didi! Welcome to the dark side. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

  47. Hey Olivia,

    Great release party! Lovin' the hot tub, drinks and um... the company in that hot tub...mmmm.

    Now about that mug...oh yeah, I want to win one. I'll have lots of 'inspiration' drinking my tea from that cup!

    Party on, girl!


  48. Congratulations on the release, Olivia! I just ordered the new book last night, and expect it to arrive any day.

    I loved "Backstage Pass" and can't wait to read "Rock Hard!"

    Keeping my fingers crossed to win!

    Keep Writing!

  49. Who knew I would become a groupie? I'm proud of it also, I tell everyone who will listen. Olivia Cunning is original and brilliant! You put all of my favorite things in your books. Thanks for the hours of pure reading pleasure.

  50. Aries18 - It is a rather inspiring mug, isn't it? :-) Hot-tub Jace is also inspiring. YUM!

    Liz- Yay! I hope you like Rock Hard. Good luck winning a mug to match your books.

    Janeen- You rock! I think you need a mug. Good luck!

  51. I loved both books. I really need to pursue my insane obsession with a totally ficional band, therefore I must have the Sinners coffee mug! Please,please contact me at

  52. hmm...These boys sure know how to make a girl Purr. And as sexy as Jace looks just loungin over there, I'm gonna go sit next to Trey. Wore my special cherry-scented body spray JUST for him. >;)

    email is officeamazon(at)

  53. Ginger - I think it's perfectly normal to be obsessed with a fictional rock band. (Otherwise I'd have to admit to being abnormal...)

    Desert Lioness - You're a woman who knows hot to get her paws on Trey Mills. :-)

  54. Congrats on the new release!

    About half way through "Rock Hard" and love it...gotta go finish the rest.


  55. Yay, Gigi! Glad you're liking it so far.

  56. Love the Sinners! Rock Hard was HOT! Would love my own Sinners mug. :-) Can't wait for the next book and the encores!

  57. I ::loved:: Rock Hard. Great job! Reconciliation stories are some of the best out there...:)

    And I'd love to win one of those lovely mugs, of course. No better way to start my day than with a mug that displays some other fine looking mugs...;)


  58. Kristin- The mug will keep things hot and steamy. :-)

    Karra- Five fine mugs to grace your mug. Love it! And glad you enjoyed Rock Hard.

  59. Thanks for entering the mug contest, everyone!

    The randomly selected winners are... posted on my blog.

    And the Winners Are...

  60. Sorry I'm late, but sure wanted to wish you congrats and great sales on 'Rock Hard'! Gotta love the title. :}


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