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Not Always Greener on the Other Side by Tracey Devlyn

I have to say I’m in Carolyn Brown’s corner when it comes to procrastination and my work. Any work, not just writing. Many years ago, I learned putting off an unpleasant task or situation doesn’t make it go away and, most of the time, delaying the inevitable just amplifies the problem.

After a few hard smacks, where I caused myself more work and more stress, I vowed to meet my problems head-on, no matter how difficult. That’s not to say I tackle every issue with finesse. Oh, no. I tend to hit a lot of bumps in the road before I figure it out. LOL

Housekeeping is a different story. Sometimes it takes the threat of company to make me clean my house. Have you ever noticed how quickly junk mail piles up? Or those annoying shopping receipts? And don’t even get me started on the dust bunnies!

Another area of procrastination? Shopping. Clothes and shoes, to be specific. Yeah, I know. I’m a disgrace to my gender. If the outfit isn’t on a manikin, I haven’t a clue. The thought of walking down aisle after aisle of clothing and pulling out item after item to assess its viability is like standing at the bottom of Everest and looking up. OMG

I’d love it if I could walk into a store of manikins that are decked out in beautiful clothes with matching earrings, necklaces, and shoes, and be able to point to one and say, “Mine.” Life would be good, especially if I had the dough to point and take.

So, by necessity, I’m not a procrastinator when it comes to business. But personal life? Embarrassingly so.

Are there any other ladies out there who find it painful to shop? Don’t leave me standing out here alone, exposed, and wearing sadly outdated outfits.


  1. I like to shop for horses, but not much else. And my distaste for clothes shopping goes as far back as I can recall, when my sister would be eager to go get those back to school wardrobes, and I'd be nearly grieving the occasion. I'm no better at furniture, and I hold my nose to make even the grocery run sometimes. Now, flowers and bulbs... different story. Much different story.

  2. Oh, I'm so with you ladies on shopping. For anything. Groceries, clothes...I used to do tons of gardening, and I don't have the time any longer. *sigh* But writing? No procrastination there!

  3. I love to shop but I find I'm not crazy about shopping in department stores. Too many choices and not enough time. Then there's always figuring out what goes with what.

    My favorite store is Ann Taylor Loft. Great styles and it's easy to pair things. I can be in and out in 30 minutes and I get great stuff!

  4. S-H-O-P. Count 'em. Yep, it's a four letter word.
    I tend to forget that dirty word...until I have to go somewhere like NYC this summer and everything in my closet looks like I fought a dog for his bedding down at the animal shelter.
    Writing is so much more fun than shopping and besides the sizes have all shrunk in the past ten years...what used to fit right off the rack now won't come close to stretching across my...don't get me started!

  5. I used to enjoy shopping but not so much anymore. Department stores seem to all carry the same thing and everything is somewhat overpriced in my opinion. Grocery shopping has become a chore...I've fallen out of love with shopping for anything except

  6. The only thing I like to shop for is books. My mom worked in the clothing department so she would bring us clothes and that was the end of story - you just liked it and nothing went back. Luckily I usually like what she picked. But now I can't seem to do it on my own without a ton of indecision and of course she got it on sale with discount lol.And I really loathe shoe shopping because I have very skinny feet and nothing ever seems to fit right (sigh).

  7. Painful to shop! Didn't know there was such a pain. Oh, well maybe I should qualify that--You won't find me in a Lowes or Home Depot shoping for gardening supplies.

  8. Grace--Unlike clothes shopping, I love walking through nurseries. We always bring way too much home!

    Terry--Yeah, add grocery shopping to my Ick List.

    Adrienne--I'll have to try out ATL. Haven't shopped there before and it sounds like a great alternative.

    Carolyn - LOL. Yes, I'll have to force myself to find a couple dinner outfits. I like wearing them--just not buying them!

    Maria and Catslady--Amen! Book shopping will never be a bother. I LOVE browsing those aisles.

    Amelia--I actually wished that I liked shopping more. If I did, I wouldn't bemoan my outdated, diminutive wardrobe all the time. LOL

  9. I wonder how many hours we waste grocery shopping in our lives. Someone has to have tabulated that amount, don't you think?. I loathe grocery shopping. Esp. in this economy where everything's gone up. I have three kids (12, 9 & 6) and I'm dreading the teen years. They already eat everything in sight!

  10. Hi Tracey,

    We are kindred spirits. Show me that store with the sharp-dressed manequins and I am there with you. Otherwise...ugh. Not fun.

    But take me to a bookstore...!

  11. I hate to shop, when it comes to clothes I never like anything anymore. I am not a thin women nor am I young but everything is real short tops that let the belly show, sorry not for me. To me its like a job you hate when I have to go do the shopping and I have to do all the shopping here, grocerys and all, it sucks.

    You are not alone!

  12. I used to love to shop. As I kid I got what my mother brought home or hand-me-downs ... so I had no real say in the matter there. As a newly married gal, I worked in Macy's, and became a Ralph Lauren and Jones of New York consultant. That was awesome. I'd get to dress people. Life size barbies!! PLUS, I got gratis. Which was awesome.

    Now that I'm a mom of two boys, who could care less about any kind of shopping, it's all become a chore.

  13. Elisabeth--LOL. Yes, I'm sure someone, somewhere has calculated an average number of hours we spend at the grocery store. I'm constantly amazed by what I can find on the Internet.

    Tracy--Glad to hear I'm not alone. Maybe we'll find one of those manikin/mannequin boutiques in NYC. LOL

    Virginia--You're finding tops that are too short and most of the tops I come across dip too low at the top. LOL Why don't men have these problems?!

    Kimberly--You bring up a good point. I wonder--if I knew what the heck I was doing, would I dislike like shopping for clothes so much? Hmmm.


  14. Oh, my... don't get me started on the shopping for clothes thing. If it hadn't been for my friends locking me in a dressing room and bringing me clothes to try on, I'd have gone to my first RWA conference in jeans and a T-shirt!

  15. I hate shopping. Hate it. I usually go out to buy clothes and end up at the bookstore because I DO like to shop for books!

  16. I have a ton of clothes, because I can't turn down a bargain. I wear the same outfits over and over again. I'm weird that way. Same goes for shoes. I HAVE 20 pairs. I WEAR 3 of them.


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