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How Do I Procrastinate? Let Me Count The Ways by Judi Fennell

Actually, right now, there's one MAJOR, HUGE, GINORMOUS, BIG way that I procrastinate. And I'm blaming science. And my mom. And cute little feathery things.

Here ya go. Be warned, though, watching birds do almost nothing can get pretty darn addictive!

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

I've seen the mama and the papa take turns sitting on the babies (which would get you in sooo much trouble in my world...). I've seen them take turns bringing home the bacon (well, fish, actually, but I'm betting the babies wouldn't mind some bacon. Kind of stir things up in the taste department.) I've seen one of the parents sleeping (head tucked back under wing) all night and the other, God-knows-where. Seriously - the eagle doesn't come home at night? What's he/she doing? Out visiting eagle strip joints? Going on a girls' night? Hooking up with strange eagles of the night? One wonders.

Actually, I wonder. A lot.

Too much...

This morning I saw both parents feeding the babies. I was heartened to see that these are good parents. They cut up (okay, tear/rip/shred) their children's food into swallow-sized pieces, they make sure each one gets enough to eat, and they even will pull the food back out if one of them has gotten an overlong piece and appears to be choking. They keep a fastidious nesting area (not a fastidious nest, as we won't describe how the babies haven't quite yet mastered the art of, er, eliminating their digested food OUTSIDE of the nest itself, but do a funny/interesting job of keeping it out of where they sleep), always arranging what I'll call windbreaks for the eaglets, and do a good job of rotating around to make sure each baby maintains the correct body temperature.

I wasn't along for the hatching of the eaglets, but I'm going to have to go check out the archived video of the eggs hatching. I'd heard about this site online and with other people chatting about it, but it was on Wednesday night when my mom texted the link to one of my Kids for the umpteenth time (annoying said Child who couldn't really care about baby eagles when there are electronics and friends and school functions coming up), and I texted her to send me the link.

If only I'd known what I was getting into. I've always been fascinated by raptors, eagles and peregrines in particular. And I see this usstream has other cams, including a peregrine one. They also have another one I'm definitely going to have to check out: the hummingbird cam.

If you remember from I Dream of Genies, hummingbirds appear at rather, um, auspicious moments in my story. I might have to do some more research...

Yeah, that's my excuse. Procrastinating is all research.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So, who's seen this video? Who's at least heard about it?

And who have I now hooked on it? (I have it playing on my iPhone constantly...)


  1. Avoidance is my policy. That's why I don't watch tv, or play games. Although I do watch a movie on occasion. I just enjoyed Tron while I was working on stuff. But otherwise, avoidance is the name of the game!

  2. Judi, these videos can become addictive. Fortunately, I don't have the patience to watch them more than a few seconds. A co-worker sent me a link to this stream a few days ago and I got to watch the food shredding. I checked back later and saw a lot of moving about. After a full 30 seconds, I couldn't handle it anymore and I haven't been back. LOL

  3. You girls have MUCH more self-control than I do. :) Tracey, I actually put this on my desktop at work, minimize it to one side, my work screen on the other and go about my day, enjoying the eagles going about theirs.

  4. It's not procrastinating! It's research...yeah...research...that's it!

  5. And since you have done such awesome research on the eagle, what is running through your mind for the next paranormal series! I know it's there...I can hear the gears grinding away all the way to Oklahoma!

  6. *wicked grin* I watch all sorts of interesting videos in the name of research....

  7. I'm with Terry. Avoidance is a good policy. But yes, calling it all research works. Good call. Good call.

    I want links to Cheryl's videos! My kind of research, I'm sure. I sometimes "borrow" pictures from her blog for inspiration. Saves me time. Holy eye candy, baby. Thanks, Cheryl.

  8. Judi, thanks for posting this...I guess! I'm like Terry - I don't watch TV or play computer games, but now I'm addicted to eagle watching. If I don't make my next deadline, it will be the eagles' fault (I won't blame you).

  9. Yes, I can see how this could get addictive for an animal lover like you! Babies of any sort are adorable. My only defense is to only allow myself short bursts of this kind of indulgence!

  10. This is really cool, but I don't have time to watch much more than you've got here. The minute I turn my back, my toddler is into something she shouldn't be!

  11. I guess avoidance would be the best answer. I have gotten hooked on one game and I can't seem to stop. I am even bored with it but still go back every day and play it some. Not sure what to do.

  12. Avoidance, abstinence... I was never good at a-stence things...

    Joanne, if you must blame a person, blame my mom. She's the one who kept bugging the Kids about it until it got to the point where they complained and then I HAD to see it. Been hooked ever since. :)

    Carolyn... how well you know me! But as of yet, I got nuthin' with eagles.

  13. You are soooooo bad. I am hooked, hooked, hooked - I don't have time for this arghhhhh - but thanks you sort of. I am going to have to forget this somehow and I don't know how to minimize it like you did thank goodness lol.

  14. OMG They are covered in snow :(

  15. Hummingbirds are my favorite, Judi! I completely understand your 'research'. :}


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