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Delay by Shana Galen

This month we’re blogging about procrastination. That word isn’t really in my vocabulary, but I do have a little delay to talk about.

First, I want to gush about the cover of my September release, LORD AND LADY SPY. This is definitely a book of my heart, and I can’t wait for readers to meet Adrian and Sophia, Lord and Lady Smythe. You see, the Smythes aren’t your average viscount and viscountess. They’re actually highly specialized operatives working for a secret organization called the Barbican group. Their identities are so secret, they’re even hidden from each other. Their mission? To defeat Napoleon.

But what happens when the mission is complete?

Meet Lord and Lady Smythe, out of work spies. Lady Sophia Smythe will scream if she has to attend another tea party. Lord Adrian Smythe will hit someone if he's forced to while away another evening in Parliament. What are secret agents to do when the war is over?

There's one chance left to get back into the game. The prime minister needs a murder investigated. The problem? Two spies. One position.

All's fair in love and war.

If you think the cover is a bit of a wink to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you’re right on track.

And now for the delay. THE MAKING OF A ROGUE, the third in my Brothers of the Revolution series, has been changed to a February 2012 book. This was a strategic decision made after discussions about my brand and how to properly brand me. Those of you who read my books know I write fast-paced, adventurous historicals that are often witty and poignant but always exciting. I’ve been fortunate to have some truly beautiful covers and great titles, but these covers and titles didn’t always “say” much about what a reader would find inside the book.

I’m excited that with the cover for LORD AND LADY SPY, I finally have a title and cover that completely illustrates my brand. THE MAKING OF A ROGUE is going to get the same treatment, so look for a new cover and possibly a new title in February. In the meantime, stay tuned for more about LORD AND LADY SPY.


  1. Brilliant premise, Shana! Speaking of delay, I can't wait for this story.

  2. Love the cover and agree with you entirely: It speaks wonderfully to the book's premise--I'd say the "First Box of Chcolate" award goes to whoever thought up the word "explosives" on the box under her foot! Marvelous.

    And timing... hooboy, timing. Can February be a bad month for ANY romance to be released? I think not!

  3. Now that's worth a delay!
    I'd buy it on the weight of the cover alone but the premise...oh, my! I can already see my two daughters fussing at me to hurry and read it so they can fight over who gets to read it next!
    Hurry up pub date!

  4. The cover is great, Shana! Super on the upcoming release!!!

  5. Fabulous cover, Shana! Worth the wait for sure. Sounds like a fun book, too. Can't wait to read it and see who gets the job.

  6. That is a beautiful cover and the story sounds like a great deal of fun.

  7. Shana, this book sounds like an absolute blast! Love the cover and can't wait to read it. And I think it's a cover readers won't be able to resist at the bookstore. Congratulations!

  8. We had so much fun going through the images for the cover of Lord and Lady Spy :) Can't wait to read it, and The Making of a Rogue. I know the new direction will be awesome!

  9. Thanks, Mia!

    I know, Grace. I love the "explosives." So funny and appropriate.

    Thanks, Carolyn, Terry, and Amelia :-)

    Thanks, Lil. It is fun. It was fun to write.

    I hope you're right, Joanne.

    Thanks, Danielle! I am already hearing rumors about a new title for Rogue, and I like it!

  10. I was right yesterday afterall - what a great cover :)

  11. This book looks really good. I love a good spy book. And I love the cover. So pretty.

  12. Love the cover, its beautiful. Way to go.

  13. Catslady, what were you right about?

    Thanks Danielle, Olivia, Virginia, and Catherine!

  14. Love your new cover - can't wait to read the book!!

  15. Oh, I'm sorry Shana - I go under my real name on facebook - jeanne sheats - and I'm the one that wrote what a nice cover under your daughter's pic lol. So I was really right - nice cover - just a day early!!

  16. Oh! I didn't know that was you, catslady! Cool!

  17. Hi Shana--I'm so excited for this book. As soon as Deb mentioned the title, I wanted to read it. And it's true I'm likely biased, but I adore this new cover look as well.


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