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Decadence by Shana Galen

Quite honestly, there’s not been a lot of decadence in my life. I’m not the kind of person who likes to be pampered. I always feel like there’s something else I could be doing, which would be vastly more productive. That’s not exactly a pampering mindset.

But there are times when all of us need a little pampering, after a hard week at work or a rough day with the kids or after a serious bout of spring cleaning, which is definitely in my future!

My favorite way to treat myself is to get a pedicure. There’s something about having soft, pretty feet that makes me feel refreshed and feminine again. Like many of you, I also enjoy curling up with a good book—my favorite chair, a glass of wine, maybe some chocolate, and a sweeping historical or a funny contemporary are my idea of winding down.

What about you? Do you enjoy being pampered or do you usually have better things to do?


  1. I had to laugh at your "no pampering please" attitude. When I used to sell real estate, my broker was like that. She even refused a massage gift certificate, saying she needed her stress, thank you.

    I'm glad you've learned you deserve a pedi, Shana!

  2. Good Morning, Shana! Thanks for the lovely image to start the day. I'm wondering is the water warm enough to heat up the river rocks?

    I usually don't make the time to pamper myself, but then I'll get uptight and need to unwind, it's a vicious cycle.

    I may have to see what all the fuss is about having someone else paint my image from the movie Bull Durham comes to mind. LOL!

    I'd skip the spring cleaning, if I were you, and head outside for some sweet sunshine and fresh air...if you open the windows and let it blow through the house, you've cleaned out the stale/winter air, so that should count for cleaning ;)

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Shana,

    I know what you mean about feeling like you should be doing something more productive. My husband and I were talking about going to a movie today and the first thought that entered mind (as it always does) is how many hours of writing time I would lose if I go play at the theater. :)

    Hope it's sunny by you!

  4. Aspiring writers be warned - there's a workaholic mindset among published authors! It seems like all of us would rather get something done than be pampered! Maybe if the house was clean, the book was finished, the cat was fed and everything was ship-shape we'd be able to relax! Except then we'd probably start another book...

  5. LOL! I don't know much about pampering, either. I got to stay home on call last night, and actually watched a little TV--with my feet up, no less!--which was about the closest thing to pampering I've done for myself in ages. On the other hand, that night off gave me an entire extra day to write!

  6. Mia, I wouldn't refuse a massage gift certificate. i would just think, when will I have time to use it?

    C.H., we are moving next weekend, so I have to clean--the old house and the new house. So glad I'm done with revisions!

    Tracey, I'm in Houston, so it's very sunny. Took my daughter to the park already today.

    Joanne, I'm laughing. You are so right!

    Cheryl, hope you have a great writing day!

  7. Oh, I looked at that picture and I thought I want to go get a pedicure right now! I LOVE being pampered--by anyone. If anyone's available, I need a neck massage.

  8. I love to be pampered but frankly there is little time for it.

  9. Oh that picture is tempting me to have a pedicure. My feet... well, let's just say they don't quite look like that!

  10. I enjoy being just doesn't happen very often:)

    Love the toenail polish in the picture...need to see if I can find one like that for my next pedi:)

  11. Pampering requires sitting still and I have acute hyperactive induced hypertension. I do stop long enough to hug my grandkids...and read a book but even then my mind is off in writing land thinking about the next scene. Oh, but I did enjoy the moment of relaxation that your feet in the water brought on...and the cowboy sat down beside her and tangled his toes with hers, sending delicious shivers up her legs toward ... see what I mean!

  12. I could use a massage too, Amelia!

    I hear you Lil and Amanda.

    That polish is pretty, Maria. That's one reason I chose the picture.

    Carolyn, love the scene! Keep it going!

  13. Shana! You already know how I feel about pedicures! Glad someone else feels the same :)

  14. If I found a wolfish hunk to pamper me, I'd be all for it. Otherwise, not. :)


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