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Where Ideas Begin. . .

By Cheryl Brooks

First, you take a Zetithian guy like this with long black hair and a broken heart.

Then you picture him riding up on a horse like this:

no saddle, no bridle, no clothes (Oh my!)

With a pet like this:

Living all alone in a place like this:

and you have the beginning of The Cat Star Chronicles #9. That's all I've got so far--don't even have a title or a heroine--but the ideas are stewing around in my head, just itching to come out and play.

And speaking of new beginnings, my fellow Sextet members and I have just sold our line of erotic short story anthologies to Siren. We're very excited and having a boatload of fun. And if we make a boatload of money, well, so much the better!

LOL! Can anyone say MENAGE?


  1. Cheryl, Love the hunk, love his pony, love the scenery. Now all we need is the damsel on her pony, and this is going to be fun. Congrats on the sale, too!

  2. Great post, Cheryl! Congrats on the sale!

  3. Congrats on the sale to Siren, Cheryl! Can't wait to read your contribution!

  4. Thanks, ladies! The Sextet is having an absolute blast whether we sell any books or not. We've even got a getaway/critique weekend planned in March. Should be great fun!

  5. No wonder we have this problem with global warming with books like this coming out! The characters have enough sizzle to melt the North Pole!
    After looking at the pictures I'm off for a COLD shower! LOL
    Congrat's on the sale! Sounds like you are having fun with it and that's what's important.

  6. Ahh, just what I needed to see on this rainy morning:-) This is why I love your work, Cheryl! Congrats on the sale, woo-hoo! Umm...can this guy be in some of your anthology stories too?:-)

  7. Congrats on the sale, Cheryl and the story that's bubbling sounds great. I can't wait to read it!

  8. Great Beginnings just start with the Hunky Chief Daniel and we know where to go from there. He's such a big , big burly guy. His heroine needs to be feminine and Lacey and is very allergic to Cats. LOL Sextet and Menage!!
    Double the trouble or More Bang for your bucks or 3 is better than 1. 4 is better than 3. More the I'll stop and go stick my head back in that snowbank.

  9. Cheryl, wow! According to your picture, that guy lives in WYOMING! I'll be right there:) It'll take me a while to get to the other side of the state, but it looks like it'll be worth it!
    Congrats on the Siren sale. Awesome!

  10. Yay on your sale to Siren, Cheryl!

    And totally love guy, horse and kitty. :}

  11. LOL! So we have a new cause for global warming, huh? Well, pardon me while I continue to contribute to the problem...

    Hi Kendra!
    Yeah, I think I could slip him in somewhere. This is still the best hunk pic ever. IMHO, that is!

    Donna, you've got to stay out of those snowbanks! You'll wind up with pneumonia!

    Thanks, Robin! I just wish I could come up with a good plot for it. But I suppose it'll come to me eventually.

    Um, actually, he's on another planet, Joanne. I couldn't find a picture of Terra Minor, so I had to use Wyoming. Sorry...

    Thanks, Linda! I love them too!

  12. Love the visuals, Cheryl. Congrats on the sale!

  13. CONGRATS on your new sale, Cheryl!

    And thanx for the lovely eye candy. Ah, those... Tetons are lovely. ;-)


  14. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I'm breathless waiting for the book you haven't even thought about yet! What a tease you are, Cheryl! Loved it. Woo-hoo! on the sales! Keep it up!

  15. Thank you, ladies. The visuals were my pleasure. You should have seen that first pic before I edited it. No, wait! You can see it on my blog... LOL!

  16. Can I say menage? You know I can. Congrats, Cheryl!

  17. Aah, Cheryl.....


    I have missed your posts. Yes, even the words within. ;-)

  18. Hi Cheryl! Good heavens, with pics like that for inspiration, no wonder your books are so amazing!


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