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I’m Either Running From Change or Waiting for it.

By Robin Kaye

I have been running around non-stop for what seems like the entire summer. I think I’ve driven at least 5,000 miles in the last three weeks through 11 states
and stayed with four different family members and in four different hotels. I arrived home late Sunday night and I swear it’s going to take an act of God to get me to leave the house again!

I want my nice boring life back. Okay, my life was never boring, but at least it was slower. I want to spend a whole day thinking of nothing more than my work in progress. I want to get so involved in my character’s lives that I’m surprised when my husband comes home and asks what I’m planning for dinner. I want to be able to get out of my car without having to drag my luggage behind me. I want to put my kids on the school bus and not have to talk to anyone but my sweet dog for six hours.

I’m counting the days until school starts (six) and I’m already planning the soup I’m going to make on the first chilly day. I want to make stew and homemade bread and spend the day writing and listening to my stomach growl because the scent of it will keep me feeling as if I’m on the verge of starvation until dinner.

I want the days to get shorter, to have to pull on my favorite Mickey Mouse sweatshirt I bought at Disney World when it was 110 degrees. I want to have to finish knitting the wool, cable and seed-stitch hoodie so I can wear it and stay warm. I want to nest. I want to keep my family close to me and enjoy my kids. I long for the afternoons when my kids stop by my office after school and tell me about their day. I long for the 9:30 bedtime when my husband and I have a half hour of peace and quiet before our bedtime.

So, am I the only one who is dog tired of conferences, vacations, family reunions, and children complaining about being bored?

Are you tired of change or looking forward to it? Or are you like me…eternally confused?


  1. I've only had one conference/wedding to go to all in the same week. But mine is moving. We are moving our library branch to a new location, and we've been "moving" for months. So the big day was reporters have been trying to talk to us--we're not allowed. LOL I want to wave my book and say that my wolf series are moving under the utmost of care for the continued enjoyment of patrons...LOL

    It's been a nightmare, and I'll be glad when we're not in two locations, trying to staff both. When we open, a new nightmare will begin. Everything is going to be different... *sigh*

  2. I'm not surprised that you're tired of the peripatetic lifestyle you've carried on this summer, Robin. You've been in perpetual motion.

    Me? Not so much.But I am looking forward to fall. I'm most energetic and creative in the autumn.

  3. Yes, I am sick of conferences and even vacations. This summer was too full of activity and my lazy buns didn't appreciate having to go non-stop. Usually, I have three months of uninterupted writing time in the summer. Not this year. So now I'm back at the day job and my students are expecting me to be motivated and charming and enlightened. Um, yeah right. It might take a grenade under my butt to get me off this couch this morning. I was so not ready for school to start.

    Maybe once I get back into a routine, I can find time to write for a couple minutes. The kid goes back to school tomorrow.

  4. Robin, parents everywhere should be initialing that blog. It's probably the end of summer lament being sung across the land. Do you think year-round school would help?

  5. LOL! That depends on what kind of change we're talking about! I could definitely use a few more hours in the day, but I haven't heard that the number is going to change anytime soon. Bummer....

  6. Terry~

    Good luck with the library move. Sometimes a little change is good. Different is not necessarily a bad thing.

    MM~ I hope the fall is a creative one for me too. It will help me make up for all those non-creative days I've had recently!

    Olivia - routines are a good thing. And you know that saying, if you need to get something done, give it to a busy person... I'm sure you'll be very productive.

    Grace~ I actually went to year-round school and it was wonderful. Just about the time I was starting to get bored school started again. We also got to go on great vacations, skiing in the winter, the Hamptons in the summer and visiting family in the fall and spring. I thought it was perfect. I wish we had the option here!

    Cheryl -I'm thinking a 28 hour day would work well for me. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening either.

  7. Robin,
    I think I am eternally confused. If I'm on the go too much-I want peace. If I am sedate too long-I need activity. Can't there be a 'happy medium'?

    Lately though, I just seem like Taxi mom (my oldest to work/first year community college and my youngest high school/boyfriend/social life) and secretary wife. Now that school is back in session I thought it would be more time to work on my WIP but now I'm trying to find me and the house again. ( I am setting up a new office downstairs and getting back to Power walking.) Baby steps. It's only week one of Back to School.

    Best of luck to you and slowing down a bit this fall. Break out the mugs of cider, pans of homemeade apple crisp and mornings of cinnamon rolls (ala Pillsbury) and hot cocoa.

    Crock-Pot pot roasts/stews/etc. and fall cassarole cooking here I come! It gives me time to focus on writing. I love fall!!!

  8. It's been a crazy summer, that's for sure. I don't mind going places but coming home, being home, is a joy for me. Probably comes from having had to do so much travel as a marketing rep.

    I wish we had year round school here too. My sister's boys have in in the St Louis area but here we're lucky they took out the tie offs for the horses, lol!

    winters make me want my family close in a warm house and good smells emanating from the kitchen too. Humming to "Baby it's cold outside..."

  9. Loni Lynn~

    I'm jealous! School doesn't start here until the 31st. I swear I've been looking forward to it for what seems like forever. I've got my whole workout scheduled for once the kids go back (that way they can't laugh at me when I'm doing the Biggest Loser on the Wii. Good luck with the power walking...I'd be lucky to just walk.

    Sia~I adore that song, always have. I think I have seven versions on my iPod and I don't take it off when it gets warm. I adore winter food...okay, I adore all food, but really miss the winter feel-good foods. My DH was just talking about it last night.

  10. I hear you, Robin--about things getting "calm" again! It seems like ever since RWA, everyone has been on the go! Hopefully with Labor Day weekend coming soon, everyone will get the break they deserve.

  11. Your life is totally not boring, Robin. But I'm with you. I'm ready for school to go back. I haven't traveled except to the RWA Conference but it's been a crazy summer. I can't get much done.

  12. Robin,
    You lost me with waiting for the first chilly day. I like warm weather. Chilly weather makes me cold! Even sweatshirts with Micky on the front, I don't want it on! I want cute little flip flops, sundresses and plenty of sunscreen on!

  13. Danielle~ Labor Day Weekend is usually anything but a break, but this year I decided we're not going to a party/picnic and just doing ribs on the grill. Something DH will gladly cook. I might make my famous baked beans but that's about it.

    Anita - I just can't wait to have nothing on my calendar. No running, no driving, just me and my computer. Thank God school is starting soon.

    Ah Amelia - I'm not much for the heat, unless it comes with 15% humidity. Still, I do so love the change of seasons. I lived in Florida for years and really missed the cool weather.

  14. Yup, my summer has been crazy too, but I feel like it went way too fast. Where are the "relaxing" days of summer? Actually my favorite time of year is probably the fall - so I'm looking forward to it!


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