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I know we're supposed to blog about change, but...

I couldn't help but blog about RWA Nationals! And this year was an AMAZING year for Sourcebooks Casablanca and our authors. We sponsored the conference bags and it was so cool seeing our logo literally everywhere. Our spotlight was phenomenal--so many of our authors came, and the room was full of people. The author dinner was so lovely, and we had an even bigger private room because so many people were there! And our signing, well, it was literally a MOB. Sourcebooks Casa author Carolyn Brown (Her new books, I Love This Bar and Hell, Yeah, are in stores now!) sent me a CD full of pictures that her husband was kind enough to snap of the entire conference and here are some of my favorites:

Our very own RITA nominee, LAURIE BROWN at the Literacy Signing.

Laurie Brown, Carolyn Brown and Cheryl Brooks all in a row at the literacy signing--how fun! Here they are with Deb.

Naturally, we took limos to dinner.

Of course, a BUNCH were taken at the signing--take a look and enjoy.

(Cheryl Brooks)

(Our sign, with my rudimentary hanging technique)

(Check out the crowd!)

(Amanda Forester)

(Beth Cornelison in the pink; Mary Margret Daughtridge in the corner)

(Robin Kaye)

(Lydia Dare; Jodie and Tammy)

(Judi Fennell with her Prism award!)

(Joanne Kennedy)

(Terry Spear)

and of course, the three D's (who were joined by an L this year, but she wasn't in any of the photos!)...

There were many more photos, which might make appearances in future blogs :) What were your favorite parts about Nationals this year?


  1. I loved the signings and getting to meet fans and online students and critique partners and even former critique partners and of course all the fab authors and Danielle and Dominique for the first time and seeing Deb! I know I have to many "ands" in this sentence, but there were a lot of "ands" to celebrate! I loved the "wild" dinner that Sourcebooks had, though I don't know how the new authors got off without giving speeches or Sharon didn't have to dance on the table. The majority was in agreement after all. LOL And I loved the awards dinner and the anticipation of seeing our own Rita finalist waiting for word. Even though she didn't win, there's always next year! I loved seeing all the From the Heart ladies at the Greet and Meet and elsewhere, the Heart of Texas ladies, and the FF&P members, too! And a lovely editor from the Library Journal presented me with a photocopy of a great review of Seduced by the Wolf at the literacy signing and I was thrilled! It was a terrific conference!!! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures, Danielle, and continuing the fun memories!

  2. Great pics, Danielle! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Everybody, I wish the pics from the Sourcebooks signing were in motion.See that huge crowd? Well, you would see Danielle zooming around the room like Roadrunner, unpacking books and keeping us supplied.

    My friend who attended the conference with me, asked, "Who WAS that? She deserves a gold medal. I've never seen anyone working harder or faster in my life!"

    Thanks, Danielle!

  4. I love reliving the conference via these pictures. It was such a great time, and meeting the rest of the SB authors was awesome! Love those limo rides! :)

    Thanks for the great pictures!

  5. It looks like I missed a wonderful time! Thanks so much for sharing the photos, Danielle.

  6. I was so happy to put names to faces and meet everyone. I was pleasantly surprised by how supportive Sourcebooks is of all its authors. I'm so glad I'm part of this group!

  7. LOL Terry! I did sneak out of any table dancing, didn't I? Personally I think Dominique should have done the table dancing. She was dancing about the room to that loud Spanish music, so why not take it up onto the table? Of course that might have disturbed the endless plates of food being passed around!

    Thanks for sharing the photos, Danielle. There are several there I will have to steal! Any other good ones must be uploaded to the Yahoo group. I think images can be posted there.

    I had the best time ever and already can't wait for New York!

  8. What were my favorite moments at conference? You ask too much of me! I loved it all!


  9. Wonderful pictures, Danielle! I love being a part of the Sourcebooks family.

    Riding in a limo like a rock star was my favorite part. Or maybe flirting with the limo driver. ;-) Or maybe it was the flan at dinner. OMG, food-gasm.

    And a HUGE thanks to Carolyn's hubby for helping set up at the signing and taking the pictures. She's definitely got a keeper.

  10. Thanks for posting these photos! It's hard to pick any one favorite part of the conference, but one of the things that really made it fun for me was the enthusiasm and excitement the 3 D's brought to everything we did. I love working with you guys - and all the other fab SB authors, too. Can't wait for New York!

  11. Nationals was a blast all around, but I especially loved the Literacy Signing and the Sourcebooks Signing. I love meeting the fans, especially the one who sat down beside me and handed me opened books to sign! It was great to meet everyone and hang with the Triple D's as always.

  12. Great photos, Danielle! I really missed seeing you again. We'll have to totally make up for it next year.

  13. The Sourcebooks signing event was fabulous. It was probably the closest I'll ever feel to being a rock star. Thanks Danielle for all your help and for giving me a memory I will cherish forever.


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