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Change of Pace... And Not Slowing Down

Change: I'm feeling it.

Some of you know, I used to work in the custom home building industry and, well, with the economy (and my words, "used to") you can guess what happened. I had loved that job, working on-site in those construction trailers with the guys. I got to watch the homes being built, wear shorts and t-shirts to work, make my own hours, and it's really fun being the only woman on a construction site. Like having 20 older brothers who looked out for me and treated me with a lot of respect (except that I was older than most of them). It was a fun place to work and the pay was great. Plus, they didn't mind the writing thing. I never thought I'd find as perfect a job again.

Well thanks to that job and one of the guys I'd worked with, I now have a comparable one. In the construction business again, but this time for solar power installation. An up-and-coming company and they need someone to get their processes and office organized. There's a lot of paperwork involved with this new business and I've been hired to help them streamline the process. Luckily, from having worked with the guy before, we know each others' strengths and how we work together, so that's a huge plus. Definitely beats going into a new situation cold where no one knows what you can do, so that part is a non-issue. But there's still the whole learning curve of the industry and who the players are, and what, exactly, the steps are for getting panels installed and rebates for the homeowners. Plus setting up a company's processes.

It's actually something that I wouldn't mind doing full time, but, luckily, they're willing to let me do it part time. Considering that, on the 2 days I've been in so far, I've solved some major issues, I think they're getting enough of my expertise to justify it. I'm enjoying the challenge and, yes, even getting dressed up. The 40 minute drive in the mornings? Notsomuch. Luckily, b/c I'm leaving before rush hour to go home, it's only 20 minutes, but that's 60 minutes of non-writing time.

Thank goodness for the voice recorder app on my iPhone; I'll be talking to myself a lot on the drive.

In other change news, I got a copy of the ARC of I Dream of Genies, so I have to re-arrange my bookshelf to accommodate it. :)

Here's my question for the day: what job would you do if you could, given that all pay would be equal for all jobs (and it would be enough to not only live on, but also take a few vacations, and have a retirement plan).

Oh, and I'll probably check in after lunch sometime, since I'll be at the new job this morning. Happy Hump Day!


  1. Believe it or not, the one I have. I work for a County, in the Courthouse in the Mid-West. Yes, we are like any other 'business' we have our ups and down and idiots. But I really like my job. Pay is OK, downside, I haven't had a raise of any kind in five years and my insurance and transportation costs have gone up every year. Such is life. Maybe, WHEN the economy is doing better, haha...that long awaited raise may come through. I'm not holding my breath! Overall, I still like my job!

  2. Judi,
    Loved your post. I too used to work for a company and be the only woman in an office full of men (Naval Officers at that-- oh the inspiration. . .) lol. But that was years ago, we won't say how many.

    But after years of security with my husband and his job with IT/Network engineering he had recently been laid-off. Talk about a 'big change'. He is temporarily working for a company in which he does quite a bit of traveling. I have been his designated secretary/travel agent/ bookkeeper in the meantime (on top of running a household still). I think change helps us to grow in ways we never thought we could. My grandfather used to say, "God doesn't put you through anything He knows you can't handle."
    There is no time for slowing down, only going forward.

    As for your question about what I would wish to do--my ultimate dream, writing for a living. I know it's not going to happen in which I could take all those vacations, etc. but just to be doing something I love so much, sharing my stories with readers, and having an excuse to write for at least 8 hours a day. Perhaps book signings could work into my small vacations. :) That would be one 'change' I would look forward to.

  3. If I could have any job, it would have to be....
    Lead guitarist polisher. I envision working for various rock bands and travelling all over the world with them while they're on tour. No, not polishing guitars. Polishing lead guitarists. I wouldn't need any vacation days.

    Honestly, I'd love to be able to write full time, but until that's possible, I'll keep the job I have. I would like to relocate to a warmer region of the country with better facilities. Our building is crumbling, our lab is outdated, and I don't know if I can take another Nebraska winter.

  4. Glad you found a job that looks like it's going to work out for you.

    I know all about changing jobs. I've done it lots. I've never seemed to get the hang of finding jobs at which I made a lot of money but since I've always had enough to eat, had transportation, medical care, and a roof over my head, I must have done okay.

    The perfect job? I don't know. I liked the job I had once, driving rental cars from airport to airport. I've sometimes thought I would like to be a courier--and with GPS, my total lack of sense of direction would no longer be a handicap.

  5. If I could support myself by writing for a living--what a novel thought!--that's what I'd do. :) Plus continue to teach writing classes and make award-winning teddy bears.

  6. Congratulations on finding a job that is making you happy, Judi. It's a rare, precious thing. :}

  7. Congrats on the new job, Judi!!! I love the idea of you "writing out loud" to and from work in the car :)

    If I could have any job, I'd read books and help adapt them into screenplays. There have been some great movie versions of books... and some not so great versions! I'd like to think I'd be able to help make a cool visual representation of a book!

  8. I'd be a writer, but if I wasn't, I'd want to work with animals. Maybe I'd be a vet or a dog trainer or something.

  9. Congrats on the job, Judi! They're lucky to have you! My job working for a bookstore is just about perfect, although the long hours standing are starting to get to me. Still, it's part-time, and I write the rest of the time so I couldn't ask for more.

  10. Judi, sounds like you are going to enjoy your new job and that they are going to be lucky to have you.

    As for me and jobs???? Can't think of anything I'd rather do that write about sexy looking heroes!


  11. I've already got a job that pays well, but I've worked every Christmas for the past 20 years. I'd like to write full-time, benefits or not!

  12. Back home from the job. I hate this learning curve part. I can't wait until I'm in the job and know what the heck I'm doing...

    On the plus side, there was cake. Chocolate. So that was nice. And already one co-worker wants my autograph. LOL.

    Thanks, Loni Lynne - yep, working with all guys was definitely very nice. Too bad they weren't *quite the stuff of which inspiration is made visually, but otherwise? Yep. And definitely good times. So it's really nice to be back with at least one of them.

    And I love that we would pretty much all choose to write full time. I was doing that until this gig, and I have to say, it's easier to not focus when you don't have other demands on your time. Now, I'm much more focused on the limited writing time I have.

  13. Congrats on the new job, Judi!

    On an unrelated note, I was browsing the romance shelves at the bookstore the other day (OK, admittedly I was fantasizing about seeing my own Sourcebooks title there a year from now). Anyway, I realized that you and I will likely end up shelved right next to each other. Way to dominate the "Fen" section of romance, Sourcebooks!


  14. Ha! Love it, Tawna! Yes, let's dominate it - right next to Christine Feehan! And we'll be sitting next to each other at signings.

  15. I'd like to be an offical chocolate taste tester if such a job exists and I could be guarenteed not to gain weight. Sound like you have found a good job. Using a voice recorder to write while commuting is a darn good idea!

  16. Hi Judi~

    I think I'd keep writing full-time. Now if only the kids would get back to school so I can do it!

  17. Congratulations, Judi. Loving your job is a real perc. My dream job would be what I do now. Write. But in the dream, I'd be as successful as Nora Roberts and I'd have a maid. Oh, and I'd have a house big enough that my office isn't in my laundry room.

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