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Ah, Summer Vacation

I am a night person. I am the most creative at night, when everyone else is asleep and the house is quiet. The phone doesn’t ring. They neighbors aren’t loud in the court. It’s just me and the slight hum and glow of my laptop. It’s heaven.

Until middle school began…

(And I do have to say ‘middle school’ or my middle schooler will get persnickety about the whole thing. It was junior high when I was that age; but I would dissuade anyone from saying ‘junior high’ to a middle schooler. Or do so at your own risk, in any event. Or maybe it’s just my middle schooler.)

Anyway, this past year my son had to be at his desk before 7:30 am. I should probably repeat the first line again – I am a night person. Getting someone somewhere before 7:30 am is a special kind of torture for a night person. For the last nine months, I have risen at the ungodly hour of 5:00 am to shower, dress, fix breakfast, pack a lunch for my son, make sure he’s showered and dressed, and leave the house just in time to make sure he is just in time for school. Then I have an hour before I have to be at my day job. One would think I could use that hour to be creative, but it doesn’t work that way. There are too many things to think about at that early hour for me to stop and try to create anything.

I remember being my son’s age. Waiting anxiously for that last bell of the school year to ring. Lugging my yearbook home for the last time. Stepping from the odiferous school bus to the freedom of summer break. The freedom of making my own fun for three glorious months. Hanging out with friends at the mall. Taking various trips here or there. Sleeping in late. Lazy days, tanning by the side of the neighborhood pool. Or just nothing at all. Ah, the memories.
That all changes once you’re an adult. Oh, there is still that special time of the year when you get to sleep in late and do chores at your leisure. It’s called the weekend. And it’s only two measly days at a time. How nice would it be to have three months of freedom like that again! It would be heaven.

Of course, I’m getting my own little bit of heaven this summer, and I’m not sure which one of us is more excited for summer vacation – my son or me. But I think it’s me. For the next three months, I can sleep in again, if you call 7:00 am sleeping in. But it’s light years away from 5:00 am, trust me. Now that summer is here, I can return to my most creative, late night evenings spent with only my laptop and my imagination.

How do you plan to spend your summer?


  1. I feel ya!(As my granddaughter would say)My mind is fresh at 2am. I have no idea what's wrong with the rest of the world!

    Giggles and Guns

  2. I too am a night person, my most creative is around 2 to 3 a.m. In my not-so illustrious career, I have only had one night job and a kindergartner at the same time. Horror! When you have kids in school, and you are a single parent, stick to the day jobs. As far as summer goes, I work, I go home, kid moved out last fall, so it's just me and the cats (2). Read, watch TV, sleep (when the one cat lets me) and start the day all over again. Weekends, up most of the night...being creative.

    I'm with Maribeth, we night people should rule, the rest of the world is off kilter.

  3. Boy do I wish I had this problem. LOL. But the weather will only get colder in my part of the world. Glad you will get to write late and sleep in a bit for the next few(?) months.

  4. The funny thing is, I've worked nights for more than 30 years, but when I'm off, I'm usually in bed by midnight. My son, however, stays up all night on the computer or playing video games, and sleeps all day. I tell him repeatedly that they have to PAY me to do that.
    For me, summer means that I have even more things to look after (the yard, the garden, etc) than I do in the winter. But at least there's no snow...

  5. Oh, I am SUCH a night owl. After my hubby goes to bed, I usually stay up and write until around 2am. Even though I don't set an alarm, I always wake up between 8:32 and 8:39 the next morning - go figure.

    The only difference to my schedule when summer is here, is that I spend my evenings paddling around the lake with the pooches, or just relaxing on the dock.

    *Sigh* I love summer :)

  6. Mary ~ That is so funny. I've never heard my son say "I feel ya." But it cracked me up.

    Jessica ~ Your day sounds heavenly. But I think I'll cry my eyes out when my son gets old enough to leave.

    Heather ~ It just starting to get cold for you, isn't it? Yeah, we get the next 2 1/2 months to sleep a little later.

    Cheryl ~ You're too funny. When you think about it, I am getting paid to stay up late since I'm working on deadlines. :)

    Erin ~ I swear you live the life of Riley. I'm so jealous. ;)

  7. See My problem is I'm a morning person and I lose half of it to getting ready for school and the day.

    I'm the first one up but till I've exercised, had a shower, made lunch and got the kids off to school for their 9am start time...I've lost my most creative time.

    Night time is for sleeping....not staying up and trying to write through bleary eyes. But with summer and the kids I now have to try and be creative at night. Ugg.

  8. Lydia, I have no idea what goes on at 2:00 am but my mom always told me nothing good happened after 10:30 at night! :-)
    I guess I'm at my best in the morning. No night work for me--even if I don't work that day. I can't imagine trying to focus and think at that time of night. So enjoy the summer and work late in the evening and then sleep late in the morning!

  9. 7:30 is ridiculous. So many studies have shown kids can't function that early! Middle schools should start at 8:30 or 9. I understand why high schools start early--work/study and sports practices, but there's no reason for middle schoolers to be there at 7:30. There!

    My little one is up between 6-6;30 every day, so 6:30 is sleeping in. But I'm a morning person.

  10. Beth ~ Sorry the summer won't work out for you. But at least you get a good nine months out of the year.

    Amelia ~ Nothing good happens after 10:30? That is hilarious. I think your mother and I travel in different circles. ;)

    Shana ~ You are preaching to the choir. Unfortunately, I'm not on the school board and the schedule is what it is no matter how much I hate it. :)

  11. Most school schedules were based on the farmer and their needs. It stuck, with a twist for the modern business person. They want their evenings for playtime, a lot of times NOT with their kids. When they figure out what they're missing it's to late...I agree kids should not be required to go to school before 9 a.m. and out by 4 p.m. Nor should they be required to do 4 hours of homework at night, that is too much. They still need to be kids sometimes in their lives! If they are not allowed to be kids now, they will do it later in life when it will cost them so much more...OK I'm off the soap box now...any body else????

  12. I'm addicted to's like crack in reverse for me.

    But I have two under 6 and the oldest is just like her daddy...all sunshiny at 6 am.

    That man used to call me at 7 am on the weekends when we dated in high school to ask me if I was awake, yet.

    That should have been a big clue right there!


    Ps my word verification in speaking southern : heatn

  13. I've always teetered between being a night person and a morning person. I've rarely slept past 9am in my whole life, no matter what time I've gone to bed. That was my curse for a long time. I'd stay out late partying and having fun, and be wide awake at 9 the next morning. Thankfully, I'm a napper, too, so it's always worked out. But things are very different now that I have an infant. If I go to bed past 11, I'm toast the next day. The munchkin has me up at 7am every morning, and I have to be ready to hit the ground running. Now 5am would be another thing entirely...kudos to you for doing that every day!!!

  14. I hope to spend my summer reading a ton of good books, and spending as much time as possible in the sunshine!

    I've always been an early riser, but that doesn't mean I'm a morning person. The morning is meant for quiet time :)

  15. My oldest - no longer living at home - had to get up for a 5am test the other day. He's a doctor. He doesn't need sleep, does he?

  16. Boy I hear ya on the not-a-morning person bit. I guess that is why I stay on the night shift after 20+ years even tho my body is rebelling. I hate getting up early! I was SO happy when my kids finally got to the place where mom did not have to help them get ready or take them to school. Of course, because I hate mornings (or maybe because I am a bad mother - LOL!) that came at the earliest possible age! Now my son is having to take summer school, meaning no bus service so I have to actually dress in something moderately respectable just in case and be up with coffee in hand by 7am. Ug....

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