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A time of growth

Spring is definitely the time for new beginnings, perhaps even more so than the coming of the new year because in the dead of winter, the promise of new life seems so remote. But now, in late May, things are popping out all over the place. My roses are blooming,

and just yesterday, one of the lilies I planted last fall burst into flower.

Peaches isn't a little puppy anymore, but she is so full of exuberant life, she makes me feel young just watching her enjoy her first springtime as only a dog who was near death in December can do.

And last, but certainly not least, my son Michael graduated from Purdue this month and has been accepted into graduate school. Now, that's a new beginning!

I planted my garden on Tuesday--a bit later than I usually do, but what with deadlines and an over-abundance of rain, I simply hadn't gotten to it yet. As soon as I finished planting, a little thundershower passed over to give those seeds a good head start on growth.

And we could all use a little help when it comes to growing, both as people and as writers. Like all of the Casablanca authors, I, too, have suffered the pangs of childbirth associated with a new book. Not long ago, I finished the final edits to Hero, which will be born in August, and I'm now nearing the finish line on the next book. I was calling it Renegade, but about a month ago, Deb sent me this:

The cover was totally hot, but the new title has taken a while to grow on me. It does have the virtue of being unique--while there are several other books coming out with renegade in the title, I don't think there are many virgins, at least, not with respect to the hero. I'm hoping this will make it stand out from the crowd and draw in some new readers, but even if is doesn't, I know some people who will be happy to have it in their hot little hands no matter what it's called.

Being able to provide fun, escapist entertainment for my readers has been the best part of being published. My heroes really mean it when they say, "I will give you joy unlike any you have ever known," and with what the world has to face these days, we could all use a little joy. In tough times, people need a vision of the future that offers hope and new beginnings for our world and our species, and if I can contribute even the tiniest little bit to that vision, then I've done my job.

One book at a time.


  1. Here! Here! Congrats on your new upcoming release, Cheryl!

  2. Congrats on everything, Cheryl!

    The flowers, the healthy puppy and your son's graduation as well as the NEW BOOK! Yahoooooo!


  3. Congratulations on the new release and your son's graduation. The flowers are beautiful and Peaches grows more adorable by the day.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. My lilies are coming up too! So pretty!But the weather here is 90+, so it's not very much like Spring.

  5. I just have to share that earlier this month at our Spring 2011 Launch meeting (where the editorial team presents the list for that season), this cover was ready and Deb showed it during her presentation and the whole room--including the grown men--was giggling, and it took us all awhile to fully get back on track!

    Congrats with everything going on!

  6. WOW!!! I think that cover and title are fantastic! "Virgin" will definitely catch the eye. Very well done, Sourcebooks design!

    Congrats to your son, Cheryl. You must be so very proud.

    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos. Love the flowers and the puppy is simply adorable.

    Welcome spring!!

  7. Wow!! That is some cover! I think the title is intriguing, given the studliness of the model... it certainly gets my mind going.

    Love the pictures, especially how proud you look with your son and how adorable your smiley dog is.

    Good luck with the new release!

  8. Congratulations, Cheryl - on everything! I love the title, btw. The cover is fabulous. I'd buy it...

  9. A son, flowers, a dog? I didn't see any of thaem-only Virgin! All I can say is, "Joy!"

  10. Cheryl...You definitely have brought fun and joy into my cyber life and I thank you. The photos of amazing man flesh, nature shots and pets; the recipes and the camaraderie at CBEB is such a bright spot in the ordinary doings of daily life. The fantasy and escapism you provide with your books is an extra special treat whenever you publish. I love that you share your unique self with so many of us and I toast your wonderful sense of humor.

  11. A great pic of you and your son, Cheryl!

    And honeychile, you have done your job above and beyond!

  12. What more could we ask? Beautiful roses, lilies, peaches, proud Son and a proud Mom. And a great Hero. And the changing of a Renegade to a Virgin. You should have Fun with that book title. I'm looking forward to it.

  13. Cheryl you make me want to plant flowers lol. They always look so pretty and now I want to plant flowers.

    Congrats again to your son.

    Peaches is looking sooo cute. She sure has gotten big.

    And the cover, well I'm very excited for Virgin :D

  14. Thanks, ladies! I'm glad you all like the cover.

    Giggles, Danielle? I certainly hope they were GOOD giggles!

    It's 93 here, too, Shana. I've been out working in the yard most of the day and I'm feeling rather wilted!

  15. What Nancy said Cheryl. No matter the subject, you make my day every day. Always stuff to smile about and I thank you.

  16. To all of the ladies of the CBEB, sharing my life with you has been a pleasure beyond words, and I thank YOU for making it so special.

  17. Wow! Now that is an intriguing cover! I think it is hard to stand out from all the other books on the shelves, but I think this cover does (in a good, sexy, I can't wait to figure out what this is a about sort of way)!

  18. LOVING this title! And the cover! It's definitely going to sell, Cheryl!


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