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Happy Mother’s Day!

This is my first Mother’s Day as a mom. I have a beautiful seven-month old daughter. I know it’s cliché, but having a child of my own has made me appreciate my mom so much more than I ever did before.

I confess, I used to consider Mother’s Day and Father’s Day little more than Hallmark holidays. No more! I don’t think most moms want jewelry or flowers from their kids (husbands, we’re not talking to you!). Most moms want appreciation.

Thank your mom for getting up with you every night, several times a night, soothing you, holding you, and rocking you back to sleep when she could hardly hold her own head up from exhaustion. Thank your mom for getting up with you at 6 a.m. to feed, change, and play with you—all with a smile—even though she was up with you at 12, 2, and 4.

Thank your mom for changing your poopy diapers and your wet diapers. You cried, kicked, tried to roll off the changing table, and basically did everything to thwart her, but she used her considerable skills at least 10 times a day to keep you clean, dry, and happy.

Thank your mom for feeding you. Her arms probably ached by the end of the day from cradling you as she breastfed or holding half a dozen bottles for you, while you cried, played, cooed, or basically did everything but drink your bottle! Even though you were hungry and protested vigorously if the bottle or breast was taken away.

Thank your mom for taking you to the doctor, the park, the amusement park, the circus, the zoo, Gymboree, and all your friends’ birthday parties. Thank her for playing peek-a-boo, singing silly songs, reading your favorite book four times in a row, and finding your lovey when you were inconsolable because you thought he’d been lost forever.

Thank her for encouraging your first words and understanding your babbling. Thank her for holding your hands as you took your first step and killing her back, hunching over so you could stand or walk for hours a day.

Thank her for rocking you, pacing with you, and basically doing an Irish jig to get you to fall asleep when you were overtired and fighting it with everything you had and screaming so loudly the neighbors thought she was killing you. Thank her for taking 3-minute showers so she could pick you up again when you woke from said nap 10 minutes later, screaming once again.

So even if you sent a card, sent flowers or chocolate or diamonds, even if you were an easy baby, call your mom and tell her thankrs! That’s the gift she really wants.


  1. My mother died before Mother's Day last year, but she'd been my best friend. For me, it's making the time to create special memories. My daughter and I are going to my son's wedding the weekend in Pensacola before Nationals and my daughter is now going with me to the conference so we can see a little of Disney. I wish my son and his wife could too, but it's a honeymoon kind of thing in Hawaii, you know. LOL :) Make the memories special with your children and your parents! They'll stay with you forever!

  2. Lovely post. Happy Mother's Day to all you ladies.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Oh, Terry, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. You're right. It is about creating memories.

    Thanks, Mason!

  4. I wish I could call my mother, but she died a very long time ago. There have been so many things I wanted to share with her since then, but I have a feeling she was right there all along.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Thanx for such a lovely post, Shana!

    You're right, all we really want is some appreciation. My son did a GREAT job this Mother's Day with flowers, a special gift (a framed photo) and lunch at one of our favorite places. But THE BEST gift he gave me this year was that he recently went back to college and he got an "A" on his first final exam! That was the best Mom's Day gift of all!


  6. Happy Mother's Day--to those who have kids, even the furry kind count in my book. I've been sick for over a week, so I was coughing up a lung all day.

    DH and the kids bought me a beautiful orchid with one flower for each kid, though I don't think they realized it. Twinkle toes was home for the weekend and DH worked all days Saturday and half of Mother's Day to finish fixing my friend's roof which paid for my hotel and conference fee for Nationals. After all that, he even barbecued our dinner and drove Twinkle toes back to her host family's.

    I'm truly blessed, although I would like to get over this blasted sinus infection and bronchitis...

  7. Beautiful post, Shana! I was always a bit difficult, so I have much to thank my mom for. :}

  8. Sorry I'm a day late--I was out with my mom! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers; you all deserve more than just a day!

  9. I lost my mom this past year, so mom's day could have been very rough. It was a little sad, but my wonderful children and terrific husband reminded me that mothers are forever and always special. I was blessed to have a great mom who loved me so very much. Now I can make sure my children know I feel the same toward them.

    Happy Mother's Day everyone, even if I am a day late!

  10. So true! I never appreciated my mother more than after I had two kids. Now I know how hard she worked!

    Sharon - I'm sorry for your loss. It is a good reminder to cherish the time we have with those we love. Sounds like the gift of love she gave you will go on forever.


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