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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Party if I Want to…

By Robin Kaye

Today is my birthday so I thought I’d have a kind of reverse birthday party. Since I’ve already received a few rather spectacular presents, I thought I’d give away the gifts—three copies of Breakfast in Bed, the third book in my Domestic Gods series to lucky commenters.

First, I have to show you what I got for my birthday, or, should I say, what I got so far since the day is definitely not over yet.

I received a package from my mother and stepfather. I opened it to find a present wrapped in green bubble wrap. I have to say, I do love bubble wrap, especially the green variety. Back to the present—a quick glance through very cool green bubble wrap made me wonder if it was one of my books, which was quite odd, especially since I have plenty of my own books. I opened the card first because we all know it’s the polite thing to do. Okay, fine, I admit I only opened the card first because my daughter was watching. If she hadn’t been, I’d have been all over the present. In my opinion, opening the present before the card is the equivalent of eating the frosting before the cake. It’s what you do when you’re alone, but so not what you do in front of your soon-to-be 13 year-old. The card was beautiful and I even read it to my girl who sometimes was so like her mom and very impatient to see what was wrapped in the cool green bubble wrap. Well here it is.

Isn’t it awesome? It has the back cover on the back, the spine on the bottom, and the inside of the flap is covered with my first page. I was shocked, surprised, and wowed. I’ve always said if shopping were an art, my mother would be Picasso. I don’t know how she managed it, but she really hit a home run with this gift.

Yesterday we picked Twinkle Toes up from dance. I think the local schools gave the third marking period grades out a little later this year especially for my birthday. I was thrilled to see that both my girls made honor roll! I was even happier because my son only missed it by one grade. I figure since the kid is taking German and the Germans have seven words for the word the, the fact that he did as well as he did was thrilling.

Along with making honor roll, Twinkle Toes was chosen by her teachers for Student of the Marking Period. I’m so proud of how well she’s done in her new school. But when she gave me my gift—a gift she’d made for me in school, I was totally blown away!

How beautiful is that?

So, now that you’ve seen my favorite birthday presents, what was your all-time favorite birthday present? Three lucky commenters will receive a copy of Breakfast in Bed. And who knows, I might even wrap the books in really cool green bubble wrap.

Let’s get the party started!


  1. Happy Birthday, Robin! After being without electricity for over 18 hours yesterday, just having the electric back would be present enough!

  2. Thanks, Terry! I wish your electric comes on soon and stays on!

  3. OMG, what awesome presents. The purse is adorable, but the pen from Twinkle Toes is unbelievable. You did rate a great birthday. Wishing you many, many more (so you can continue to write wonderful books for us to read). :)

    Thoughts in Progress


    What a fabulous present! I would love to hear how they went about getting the purse created for you. How cool to carry around your awesome cover like that all the time. Wow! Very well done indeed.

    Have a wonderful day of celebration. After all, one doesn't turn 25 every day of the year, right? ;-)

  5. Awww, Robin, what amazing gifts! You are blesed to have such a wonderful family. I hope the rest of your 'special' day is filled with blessings! *Hugs*


  6. I forgot to add:

    H-a-p-p-y B-i-r-t-h-d-a-y!!!

  7. Mason~ Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I'm working today and I'm just thrilled with how well my new book is going.

    Sharon~My mother is sending me the makers contact information. I want one purse for each book so that I'll have a choice depending on my wardrobe. I'll let you know what I find out.

    Diana - Thanks for the good wishes, I am blessed with a wonderful family and with fabulous friends like you. Hugs...

  8. Happy Birthday, Robin, and many, many more good years like 2009-2010. The purse is AWESOME! The pen even better. Tell twinkle toes she has many, many talents -- like her mom.

  9. Happy birthday, Robin, and I'll agree with everyone else - that purse is made of awesome sauce!

  10. Happy Birthday Robin!

    Wow that purse is awesome but the pen is even better (twinkle toes is quite talented)!

    My favorite b-day present was a PS3from my brother!

  11. That book/purse is amazing! I have a friend who owns a designer handbag boutique, and I know she'd love to have the makers' contact info as well.

    My favorite birthday gift ever was the tandem bike my husband got me for my 30th just over five years ago. It's exercise, a romantic date, and a chance to brainstorm plots with a captive audience!

    Happy birthday, Robin!

  12. Happy Birthday, Robin!

    Favorite birthday gift....hmmm.... no clue...maybe a pair of Tiffany earrings that I was nuts about for my 30th birthday from a guy who was (and still is) just a friend? I think my family just wasn't as into birthday presents as much as birthday presence and the presents were all at Christmas.

  13. Aw, Robin, those stories were so sweet and moving. What a wonderful family you have!

    Don't enter me in the contest - I'll buy your books. But my favorite b.d. gift was a diamond engagement-style ring from my hubby on my 40th. We'd been too poor for him to afford one when we married, and over the years, we just never made it a priority. So I was shocked and touched that he gave me a ring even though our engagement was long past. Meant a lot to me.

    Happy birthday!

  14. What unique and special presents! I hope you have a fabulous rest of the day.

  15. Ciao bella Robin.
    Happy birthday. Love that purse - what a wonderful idea. I got married on my birthday so it's pretty hard to beat out a husband as a present. Don't enter me as I have all of your fab books.

  16. Very cool, Robin! Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday and best wishes for many more to come! Your Mom is awsome, so is the purse.

    My best birthday present was made for me by my son when he was in the fourth grade. It's a cermaic, thingie, a long rope attached to a flat base, around and around till it stood about 4 inches high. I use it in the kitched to hold mixing spoons and such. It's blue and yellow while my kitched is black, red and white, it still holds a place of honor in my heart. My baby just turned 21 last fall. He doesn't believe I still have it!

  18. Those are the BEST presents ever! What girlie author wouldn't love that purse? It's fabulous.

    Happy happy birthday!

    Best--Adele Dubois

  19. Happy Birthday, Robin!

    And what totally cool presents. Congrats on a great family!


  20. Hope, Gail--Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. It was great seeing you both last weekend!

    Razlover- Thanks for coming to the party! What a great brother you have!

    Tawana~ I love the idea of a tandem bike. I'd be the one in back not peddling...

    I'll send you the info from the maker of my handbag as soon as I get it.

    Joy~ I'm so glad you came to the party! I have a few amazingly cool best friends that are guys and I love the idea of a present from Tiffanys! Very cool!

    Libby~ Wow! Cool gift. And yeah, I'm pretty blessed when it comes to my family.

    Melanie~ Thanks for joining in the party.

    Mary! - Ciao bella! I'm so glad you came. it's great that after being married a while you still think that your husband is great gift. I think mine is too. We're really lucky!

  21. Thanks for reminding me I'm lucky Robin. I was sitting here thinking that it was because he only wanted to have to remember one date. He said, "Honey I promise, you'll still get 2 presents." Hah, he owes me 26 presents LOL.

  22. Cheryl -Thanks for coming to the party!

    Jessica~ Thanks for coming to the party. The present your son made sounds amazing.

    Adele~ Thanks for coming by! I do love the purse, but then you know me. I'm a bag lady...

    Hi Laura~ Thanks for coming. As for the family, I love 'em and I think I'll keep 'em.

  23. Happy birthday, Robin, and what truly wonderful gifts from your mother and Anna. Love the purse and just in time to take it to RT with you! Tell your mom we all approve! :-) Hope the rest of the day is grand!

  24. What wonderful gifts Robin! Something to be cherished for a lifetime!

    Enjoy your day...heck enjoy the week.

    Happy Birthday!

  25. Happy birthday Robin!

    Your mother is indeed the Picasso, or maybe the DaVinci, of shoppers. Fabulous.

  26. Okay, WHERE did your mom get that? Seriously, I need the website. I'm not big on carrying purses, but for that I'd make an exception (except with MY book cover, you understand. I mean, I do love that book and the cover, but, well, you know...)

    My favorite birthday present? Waking up that morning!

  27. I want the purse!!! What a great mom you have -- and such a great pen, too. Hope you have the best of all birthdays.

    As my youngest son was born on my birthday there is only one answer I am allowed to give.


  28. That purse is awesome! Happy Birthday!

    Hmm my favorite birthday present...I could say my first car but when I was in college my dad used to send me flowers on my birthday. So on my 21st birthday a beautiful bouquet arrived at my door. It was the last birthday before he passed away and I still carry around the card that came with the flowers.

  29. Happy Belated Birthday Robin! That book purse is adorable!!!

    Last year, my BF, after only a couple of months of dating at the time, got me a refurbished, PINK, KitchenAid Mixer. I'm toally into recycling things (especially perfectly fine mixers), the Pink mixers support breast cancer research (a cause I'm involved with), and of course, I'm a baker!

    But most of all, I was impressed that after only 2 months, he knew just what to get me :)

    I hope the rest of your day was special!

  30. Happy Birthday Robin!!

    That book purse is WONDERFUL! Please do share where your mom got that done! And the pen from your daughter is a truly beautiful - did you say she MADE it? Wow. I'm still in the macaroni necklace stage with my kids. I wear it with pride!

  31. I'm too late for the drawing, Robin, but I just had to stop by and say what an amazing purse/gift you rec'd. You're mom is fab!


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