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Dream a Little Dream

We are closing out our month long discussion of traveling and that is rather sad. I have SO enjoyed hearing of the wonderful places both domestic and foreign that the CasaBabes have visited over the years. I have, I confess, been a wee bit jealous upon occasion as I have only ventured outside of US borders twice in my lifetime, and that was only to Mexico! Fun, believe me, and somewhat exotic, but give me Greece any day! Or even Brazil, right Cheryl? LOL!

Cheryl’s tongue-in-cheek blog 2 days ago (scroll down) had us virtually traveling to some stunningly gorgeous locales without concern for packing the sunscreen or appropriate clothing. I mean, I have traveled through parts of the American West, heck I live in the American West, and my Native American experiences have never been THAT good!

So, super stud hunk muffins aside, if I could go anywhere with money not an object – we are still in dreaming mode apparently – Where would I go?

1. England. “Naturally,” you say in a sarcastic tone, yeah I hear ya. Well, the truth is that looonnnggg before I became obsessed with Jane Austen I was a major Arthurian geek. I would LOVE to see the places Jane lived and tour the locations used in the movie, no doubt. But the draw to see Tintagel or any of the plains that might have been Camlann is intense. And don’t even get me started on Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall, or Scotland. Thus I would need at least a month!

2. New Zealand. OK, to be very honest until some 9 years ago all I knew of NZ was that it sat somewhere close to OZ! Then a tiny flick called The Fellowship of the Ring was released and the Tolkien/Middle Earth geek inside of me (a larger presence than the Arthurian geek) craved walking in the paths forged by Hobbits, Elves, and Peter Jackson. I would happily brave the fires of Mt. Doom, uh, I mean Mt. Ruapehu, if necessary payment to seeing the rest.

3. Cruise the Mediterranean. This just sort of encompasses it all, right? No point in deciding whether to see Greece or Italy or Spain, by golly, just combine the culinary and oceanic delights of cruising with a leisurely survey of each country!
4. The historic east coast of the US. I really don’t care to see New York, although I would toss in a Broadway play just for kicks, but the desire to enmesh myself into American history has burned in my bosom all of my life. Boston to Philadelphia and then down into the South, I want to cover Colonial to Civil War. Not asking for much, am I?

So I figure that would take me a good year or so. Not a problem because in this fantasy I have unlimited cash and time! Now tell me where you would go if you could choose the world.


  1. So now we're talking "wish trips," huh? I'm kind of the opposite of you. Being an east coast native, I've done the thirteen colonies to a fair thee well but I've never seen as much of the American west as I would like to.

    I want to go to Seattle and then drive all the way down the Pacific coast.

    I'd also like to see the steppes of Russia, mainly because it's something I know about only because of my reading. I don't think I've ever even seen picture.

  2. Oh, Sharon! Cruising the Mediterranean is on my list too! For now I'll have to settle with cruising the Caribbean this summer. :)
    ~ Lydia (Jodie, the always traveling half)

  3. Great post, Sharon!!! I want to go to Prince Edward Island to see where my MacNeills had settled it in the 1700's. And I'd love to go on a garden tour in the UK. *sigh*, and a castle tour too!!!

  4. LOL Mary Margret! I kept vacillating on which of our vacations to chat about and could not decide! I figured "wish" trips were fun too, although my blog is not nearly as exciting as Cheryl's!

    Maybe you and I should do a house switch! Ha!

  5. Cruising the Caribbean sounds wonderful, Lydia/Jodie. We were planning to do that this year, but it just did not work into our life and budget. Have a great time! Keep an eye out for Captain Jack. :)

  6. OK Terry, I am gonna show my geography ignorance: Where is Prince Edward Island? Unless it is somewhere near Alaska, it sounds like a perfect vacation destination!

    *Garden tour of UK - add to agenda, now need 1.5 months. :)

  7. My travel wish list is enormous and continues to change daily and with each new trip we take!

    Though we don't ordinarily repeat destinations, I'd love to see other parts of Greece, Australia & New Zealand beyond where we've already explored. As for totally new destinations, my top five at the moment are probably Bali, Peru, Thailand, South Africa, and Ireland.

    Ask me again tomorrow though, and the answer would surely change!

    I've loved travel month, but can't wait to see what topic is coming up next!


  8. In addition to all the other places you mentioned (I'll go with you anytime. Just give me a call!) I want to take my telescope to Montana and see that Big Sky I've heard so much about.
    Of course, I'm sure there there are plenty of cowboys to go along with those starry skies....

  9. Hi Tawna! I know what you mean about travel lists. I have my top places that have been my #1 choices for a long while, but give me a free ticket and I would go just about anywhere! Unless it is cold. I don't think Iceland will ever be on my list!

  10. You know, Cheryl, I never really understood the whole "big sky" moniker living here in smoggy CA. Then we went to Montana and Wyoming and Man! The sky is indeed endless with nothing to inhibit. Stars so bright that you truly feel as if you can reach out and touch them. Almost spooky! I hope you get your dream someday, although you would likely see far more elk and buffalo than cowboys! LOL!

  11. Great post, Sharon. I have a problem with wanting to go everywhere and do everything, but first, I'd like to visit my friends. I have a good friend I've never met in person who lives in New Zealand so I'd love to go there, explore both Islands and then have him take me and my DH on a sail to Australia. My friend designs racing sailboats and sails them too. Then in Austrailia, I'd visit my Aussie friends. What a trip that would be.

  12. I know what you mean, Robin. I have a dear friend in OZ too and we dream of lazing on the beach. Then I have my buddy Simone in the Netherlands. I would give my right arm to see her! So many people I have been blessed to "meet" through my writing and I wish I could truly meet them all. Someday.

  13. Thank you for your post, Sharon; and everyone else for your comments.

    There are few places in the world I WOULDN'T like to visit. The exceptions are places where there's a war going on, a disaster taking place, or a notorious dictator in charge.

    The foreign country I'd most want to vacation in is Greece. I'm an ancient history and mythology buff. My trip would include places in Turkey that are part of Greek history, such as Istanbul, Ephesus, and Troy.

    The general destination I'd most want to head for in the US is the "Great Circle" of northern Arizona and New Mexico, and southern Utah and Colorado. It's full of sites that have to do with two of my interests, archeology and geology.

    Right now my travel is pretty much limited to virtual tourism---the Web and novels that take place in colorful locales. Such as yours!

    Keep up the good work!

  14. I hear ya, Mary Anne. I have always wanted to travel through the Holy Land and even have friends in Jerusalem, but just couldn't bring myself to brave the trip. My girlfriend speaks calmly about the air of violence, then in the next breath mentions bombings and concerns for her son who will soon be joining the army. Too scary.

    And of course I have already mentioned avoiding cold places like the plague, so shan't belabor the point! LOL!

  15. Hi Sharon!

    Loved your choices!:) I'd go with ya to England and NZ anytime!

    My top choices would be: England, Ireland, and Scotland. Then, Italy, Australia, Greece, and Alaska. I hope I'll get to see all of these places at least once in my life. This country mouse doesn't even own a passport! So, I have a lot of the traveling to make up for! :)

    Loved the pics, too!((hugs!))

  16. Right now Scotland tops my list. I'm also interested in Biblical history so Israel and other places in the middle east would be cool to visit - but given the current political climate I don't see myself visiting any time soon.

    Hey MM - I live near Seattle - come stop by when you visit!

  17. Ireland and England, without a doubt. I could lose myself in all the history. Lovely post, Sharon!


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