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Decisions, decisions, decisions. . . .

Since I've already written one blog on travel this month, I'd like to take this opportunity to explore a few places I have never been, but would very much like to visit. But the question is, where should I start? If I had only one choice of destinations, where would it be?

What about Brazil? Trust me, if this is how they grow them there, I need to park my butt on the beach at Rio de Janeiro and soak up the sun and the scenery.

Next, I'd like to visit Israel, for reasons which I believe are obvious even to the casual observer.

Can't forget Greece. You know, the place where they have all those Greek gods and exotic statues?

While I'm at it, I guess I might as well go to Italy, too. . . .
Okay, so Leo is an American of Italian descent, but you still get the idea.

And I must back to Brazil to see Klaus.

And mustn't miss a tour of the Scandinavian countries.

Or a trip through the American West for a Native American experience.

And back to Brazil to see Rafael.

I think I'm seeing a pattern here. The decision has been made.

Look out, Brazil! Here I come!

Now, where the devil is my passport. . . . .


  1. I love your reasoning...Brazil it is. Can I come to?

    You won't believe this, my word verification is: are you ready...deephot...yes those guys had deep eyes and were plenty hot!lol

  2. Okay, Cheryl. You know how to find these guys. I'm going anywhere you go.

  3. I think the casababes should go on a writing retreat to Brazil and Italy. What do you say?

  4. LOL! Just tell me when you want to go, and we'll buy our tickets together! OMG, wouldn't that be a blast????

  5. I'm looking for my passport. Brazil is a trip I'm not missing. Raphael could you carry my bags please?

  6. Yup, Brazil might just have it all. Between the hunks, beaches and beautiful landscape-just don't drink the water! :( And I see you've found additional pics of Mr. Lavi! I'm pretty sure I didn't send you that one because if there was a girl in the photo I passed it by! :)

  7. I'd save money to go to Brazil >> LOL.

  8. Cheryl, my passport is good for 10 years, and I've never been to Brazil. I don't snore so I'm a great travelling companion. Let's look at the calendar and make some plans!

  9. I've already got a LARGE piggybank with BRAZIL printed on the side in big red letters! I wanna go to!! Of course, after seeing the other hunks pictured here, I'm ready for a round-the-Mediterranian tour as well!!

    *sighs* Guess I'll have to settle for going up to the lake and walk, watching for some of the HOT running guys that exercise there...

  10. Cheryl, I can think of three reasons to go to Brazil -- Henri Castelli, Caco Ricci, and Rafael Verga. And of course Raf's older brother Alexandre.

    Fanning here!

  11. Brazil it is then! I can pack quite quickly, just so you know :)

    Thanks for an interesting, educational blog essay with illuminating photographs. It is always wise to prepare for a journey prior to embarking. ;-)

  12. Ah, Helen, you're a woman who knows her hunks! But I'm sorry, I'm keeping Rafael Verga for myself!

    Looks like the boys in Brazil had better beware the hoards of drooling women headed their way. It's a tough job, but I'm sure they're up to it!

  13. Heh, Cheryl. So, you having wanderlust or what?

    Couldn't resist...

  14. Hi Cheryl
    I knew this was your post before I got to the bottom LOL. You have a wonderful eye for scenery.

  15. Maybe we can get Sourcebooks to pay for us all to visit Brazil? It's research, right?


  16. Thank you, Mary. That is praise, indeed!

    That sounds perfectly reasonable to me, Tawna. We should suggest that!

  17. Wow! Talk about motivation to travel! Loooove your post, Cheryl! ;}

  18. Um... I'm sorry did you write something? I tried to read your post but somehow got all distracted...


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