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It's Valentine's Day... Now what do we do?

What can I say about it that hasn't already been said? That it's a day I look forward to every year? Not really. That it's a day for lovers to express their love for one another? Actually, we should do that every day. Do I like it because I might get candy? Nope. I'm what they call a pre-diabetic and probably shouldn't be eating candy at all--and in case you haven't checked the labels lately, even the sugar-free variety isn't exactly low in carbohydrates.

There have been a whole slew of Valentine's Day posts here in the past week or so, and having read Robin's blog from a few days back, I'm intrigued as to why whipping the girls would increase their fertility. It might increase a few other things, such as ire, coupled with a determination never to hook up with a man wielding a whip, but I suppose if nudity--particularly male--was involved, it might make me more inclined to overlook the whipping part.

That being said, I think all we really need this Valentine's Day is a good, hot hunk to get us in the mood. And--would you look at that!--I just so happen to have one.

While I was on vacation in Tennessee with the girls earlier this month, we watched a lot of movies, and My Life in Ruins was one of them. The hunk to the left there is Alexis Georgoulis, who was the romantic lead in the film, and in one scene in particular, I could have sworn he was the cover model for Slave. I couldn't find many shirtless photos of him, at least, not from that movie, but he did have the desired effect: he got me thinking about romance again.

What's that you say? A romance writer whose mind isn't firmly fixed on romance??? How awful! What a tragedy! But it's true. What with one deadline and another, I haven't had it on my mind very much lately, and going away for a week with my friends normally doesn't help a whole helluva lot. You see, the truth is, I need testosterone, and when I hang around exclusively with women, there's not a lot of it to be had. And just being in the same room with men doesn't help particularly--unless, perhaps, they're as hot as Alexis.

I learned why that is from reading one of Mary Margret's books. Testosterone is transmitted via touch, rather than being airborne like female hormones/pheromones, which makes me understand why men tend to touch women to arouse their inner passions. You may dismiss it as bunk, but I'm pretty sure it works because when there isn't any of it around, those passions tend to lie dormant--at least, they do in my case. Visual stimulation is great, but there's nothing quite like the tactile version, is there? Just imagine Alexis running a fingertip from your cheekbone to your collarbone. Have your own bones turned to jelly yet?

Which brings me to. . . dancing. We've been discussing movies a lot lately, and there are a ton of them that involve dancing--even in the title. Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, Dances With Wolves (well, it DID involve Kevin Costner, didn't it?) And then there are the great dancing scenes. Who could forget Rhett Butler and that scandalous waltz with the recently widowed Scarlett O'Hara? Or Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr in The King and I? Or my personal favorite, Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone? That dance was HOT, but to be honest, I've never done much dancing, which brings me to another subject entirely.

While at the lake with the girls, we each made our Bucket List. If you haven't seen that movie (which is terrific, by the way), it's the list of things you want to do before you die. And on each of our lists was learning how to dance. Surprised? You shouldn't be. What better way is there to get close enough to a man--even a stranger--to get your daily dose of testosterone? On my list, dancing was listed no less than five times. Don't believe me? Here's an excerpt:

7. Take Dance Lessons

8. Go to Greece/Mexico/Argentina/Italy and dance with a hot, long-haired Greek/Mexican/Argentinian/Italian man.

Based on this assessment, I recommend dancing as an excellent Valentine's Day activity. Just as long as it's with a guy you really want to get close to, as opposed to the kind you wish were light years away.

As for the rest of my Bucket List, I can't tell you everything, but having sex with a Zetithian was #3.

I think I'll start with Manx.

Shall we dance?


  1. I don't think I've ever seen Romancing The Stone. But I love Dirty Dancing a lot. I also love this scene from Take The Lead. Antonio Banderas sure surprised me in it.

    I would love to learn how to dance. My cousin pics on me because she says the Hispanic blood in me should at least know how to salsa but I am awful at dancing. Now if a yummy hunk volunteered to help me that would be amazing.

    Sex with a Zetithian is on my list too >> Or two. *Cough* Kyra *Cough*

    LOL. I know, I have problems XD

  2. It's a scientifically proven fact that my husband can't dance. Never fear, he does other things quite well... like buying me chocolate for Valentine's Day - now that's an attribute!

    Enjoy having that long slow dance with your hot Greek/Mexican/Argentinian/Italian man. I'll try not to cut in...

    Happy valentine's Day!

  3. Oh, my, I love #3, Cheryl! ;}
    Happy Valentines day to all!

  4. Ana needs Salsa lessons!!! Can I have a few hot volunteers to teach her???

    Back when my husband would actually set foot on a dance floor, he proved that he CAN dance, but he and I just aren't compatible. *sigh* It's probably been twenty-five years--or is it thirty?--since we last danced together. Sad, but true. Should have put THAT on my bucket list...

    #3 really should have been #1 on the list, but going to Europe was more attainable, therefore it was the first thing I thought of!

  5. Hey, another great post! For years, Valentine's Day has just been another day and today was no exception. I got up, put on the coffee and ignored the sink of dirty dishes to come and play on the computer. It's okay, I can hear my hubby loading the dishwasher right now. Happy Valentine's Day to me!

    My husband can't dance either. In fact, when we first started dating I had a hard time not giggling. We stuck to slow dancing which was just fine.

    The Bucket List was a great movie and there is a show on MTV where four young guys have made a list of 100 things that they want to do. Some of it has been stupid, but some of it has been quite incredible and they are learning that it's the things that they do for others that mean the most!

    Happy Hearts Day to all!

  6. Hi Lisa!
    I fixed my DH breakfast and put wood on the fire and now he is defragging my computer since I'd forgotten how to do it. It's not even finished yet and it's already working better. Ah, love. In all its forms it's still sweet....

  7. I met my hubby at a dance. That's why I fell in love with him. My blood boiled when we slow danced for the first time and he smelled so good and he chewed on my ear. That was our first dance. (My Hot Pink Earrings and Sexy High Heels helped) I knew then that he was the man I wanted to Tango with forever. Tonight I'm going to put on the old "Turtles" Album and Dance to "So Happy Together" And remember when he looked like James Dean and was chewing on my ears at the Prom Center.

  8. Great story, Donna! I'm still chuckling. Glad you're still Happy Together!

    The song that always reminds me of how I feel about my DH is "You're Still the One" by Orleans. It says it all.

  9. My late hubs claimed he could only slow dance, which was good enough for me, and he claimed our song was "Still Crazy After All These Years"!! Even all these years after he's been gone, I'm still crazy about him!

  10. Great post. Learning ballroom was on my "bucket" list for years. Then I had an idea for a SEAL book in which the heroine was a ballroom instructor and the SEAL recovering from injuries. I said to myself, it's now or never--the dance lessons might be tax deductible.

    LIke a lot of ideas for books, that one fizzled, but I kept going with the lessons. I did use them eventually. Lo and behold, ballroom dancing became the hobby of the heroine of SEALed With A Ring, coming in March.

    I'm kind of with you Cheryl. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate don't really do it for me, but dancing--now that's romantic.

  11. Cheryl

    That is one thing I would love to do as well is learn to dance. The waltz and some of that dirty dancing would be fabulous.
    As for Valentines Day I didn't get anything but I did go out to lunch with a group of romance readers and we had a great time talking about books and hot guys and went to the Lindt Cafe for dessert it was a great day then came home and had a quiet evening with hubby.
    Thanks for that picture boy is he a hunk

    Have Fun

  12. GREAT post, Cheryl!

    That dance number from The King and I is one of my all time favorites!

    My ex couldn't dance, except the twist! OH HORRORS! My DH tries, but he needs a few drinks in him and then he can be a bit of a menace on the dance floor. Plus, when we slow dance, my nose is right at the level of his arm pit. Um... NO THANX!

    My sister and I LOVED to dance when we were kids. Every Saturday we watched American Bandstand and copied all the cool dancers there.

    I haven't danced in years (see above for reasons why) but on my last cruise, they had an Argentine couple who did a whole show of tango numbers and OMGOSH! It was SMOKIN HOT!!! I'd LOVE to be able to dance like that.


  13. Good song, Suzy. What you said about your late husband reminds me of a line from Designing Women where Dixie Carter's new beau Hal Holbrook says, "I wouldn't want a woman who would stop loving a man just because he died." Lovely sentiment. Happy Valentine's Day to both of you.

  14. MM,
    I once won several free dance lessons and my DH and I attempted the ballroom thing, but, alas, he didn't want to go back after the first one. Felt out of place I guess, and so did I, but I'm thinking that most people feel that way at their first lesson. Good for you for sticking it out and finding a way to use it!

  15. Helen,
    I was trying to figure out how you'd had a quiet evening with your hubby when you posted that comment at 1212 PM. Then I remembered. You're in Australia!!! Glad you had a good day and enjoyed the hunk!

  16. I'd like to be able to dance like that, too, Cindy. Maybe we can practice when we're in Nashville!

  17. Yes on dancing! I would have loved to have danced with Yul Brynner ala The King and I.

  18. Romancing the Stone was one of my all time favorites! :) Great post, Cheryl. I'm behind!!!

  19. I dreamed about that dance for a long, long time, Linda. I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one!

    No worries, Terry! I'm feeling a bit out of the loop myself!
    One of my favorite comments about any of my books was that it reminded the reader of Romancing the Stone. I loved that movie!

  20. I love how in older movies, the sexual tension and attraction scenes usually involved dancing--even in the seemingly proper waltzes, you still had to get close to your partner!

    Great post, Cheryl!


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