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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Romance and true love is serious business to be sure, especially when one writes a love story. However, authors also have to explore the light side of this crazy little thing called LOVE and few appreciate the silliness of love more than a romance novelist! Today we are going to have fun with our theme with some quotes, cartoons, a video, and a quiz. Enjoy!

"Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. That’s why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more."
—Erica Jong

Grogan: What's it gonna be, Angelina?
Joan Wilder: [voiceover] It was Grogan: the filthiest, dirtiest, dumbest excuse for a man west of the Missouri River.
Grogan: You can die two ways: quick like the tongue of a snake, or slower than the molasses in January.
Joan Wilder: [voiceover] But it was October!
Grogan: I'll kill you, goddammit, if it's the Fourth of July! Where is it? Uhh. Get over there!
Joan Wilder: [voiceover] I told him to get out, now that he had what he came for.
Grogan: Not quite. Take 'em off. Do it! Come on!
[Angelina kills Grogan by throwing a concealed knife]
Joan Wilder: [voiceover] That was the end of Grogan... the man who killed my father, raped and murdered my sister, burned my ranch, shot my dog, and stole my Bible!

A quiz of romantic movie quotes--
1. "I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you"
a. Dirty Dancing
b. Ghost
c. Up Close and Personal
d. Sweet Home Alabama

2. "I will have poetry in my life. And adventure. And love. Love above all!"
a. Shakespeare in Love
b. Sense and Sensibility
c. Pride and Prejudice
d. Emma

3. "I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme."
a. 10 Things I Hate About You
b. About A Boy
c. She's All That
d. Save the Last Dance

4. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."
a. Moulin Rouge
b. The English Patient
c. Atonement
d. Bridges Over Madison County

Sam Baldwin: Well, how long is your program? Well, it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were suppose to be together... and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home... only to no home I'd ever known... I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like... magic.

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." —Aristotle

Now for the interactive question of the day (after trying to answer that tough quiz!) - Share a favorite romantic movie quote or scene that either made you laugh hysterically or reach for the hanky.


  1. Sharon~ What a wonderful post. It brought a smile to my face and today, that's a feat. Thank you so much!

  2. Funny, funny video.

    Can't remember what the question was--not enough coffee yet. I loved being reminded of the Erica Jong quote--soul-stirring words.

    But I didn't do so good on the quiz.

    Here's my favorite movie quote on love, though it loses something without the accent. "I'm not a smart man--but I know what love is." __Forest Gump

  3. OMG, Sharon, I loved that: "How come we never collide with the burning heat of a thousand fires?" If he were a werewolf hunk, she wouldn't be having that problem! And with that last great thought, I'm off to work in an icy wonderland. Great post, Sharon! Made my day! :)

  4. HI Sharon!

    Super COOL post! You hit like ALL my favorite movies! (no wonder we get along so well!) *wink wink*

    I knew like 95% of those quotes. Wow, I guess I watch too much TV. :) I think the quote from the beginning of Romancing the Stone is my favorite, followed by Sam from Sleepless in Seattle.

    I know it's not a "quote" (lol) but I ADORE the scene in Braveheart where Mel Gibson stares at Muron. Oh, baby! He got that "I got the Hots-for-you" down pat! *le sigh*

    Thanks for the smile today, Sharon!((hugs!))

  5. Great post, Sharon! I love that quote from Sleepless in Seattle. It's one of the all time greats in romance.

  6. Neat take on romance! Because I write romantic comedy, I can totally appreciate that angle.

    I'm a big movie buff so I'm pretty sure I can guess most of those right.

    Great post and great quotes!


  7. Good morning all! Glad you are enjoying my thrown together collage of bits. Movie quotes could have captured me all night and made the article SO long! I had to limit to two favs. The Romancing the Stone one is just so funny and somewhat cheesy, but we love a little cheese, right? The SIS quote (and the Erica Jong one) beautifully sum up what love between two people is. I cry several times in SIS, and that line is one of them.

    The comedian is hysterical! I found a few others, but they weren't as funny or as clean! Same with the cartoons.

    Hope it gives a chuckle for hump day!

    Robin, we love you and I am so happy you could smile. :)

  8. No question today, MM. I just wanted everyone to smile and laugh. The quiz is merely for fun. I will post the correct answers later on tonight. Thanks for the Forest Gump line. Love that movie!

    Perhaps that can be the question!

    Share a favorite romantic movie quote or scene that either made you laugh hysterically or reach for the hanky.

  9. Hey Sarah! Oh yeah, Mel Gibson staring with intensity, love, humor, and lust oozing from every pore. *sigh

    The stuff great romance stories are made of.

  10. I love romance that makes me laugh. That stand-up comedy video was hysterical!

    Probably my favorite romantic scene is in the movie "Love, Actually" where Colin Firth attempts to propose in Portuguese and the subtitles suggest he's not conveying exactly the message he'd hoped to. It makes me laugh every time I watch it, and it also gives me warm fuzzies. Don't you love scenes that can do both?

    Thanks for such a heartwarming post, Sharon!


  11. Tawna--you stole my scene! Really, almost anything from Love Actually makes me smile :)

  12. Thank you for such awesome cartoons, Sharon. And the video was hysterical! Fabulous post!

  13. Enjoyed the post and the quote from "Dirty Dancing." Thanks for making me smile today.

  14. Sharon,

    I loved every moment of your post. You brought back fond movie memories for me. You are just too cool!


  15. Love this! Woman, you rock!

    And a scene that got to me in a movie - Enchanted when Giselle sees Robert as a man for the first time. The awareness, the attraction... love that moment.

    and, btw, Forest Gump is on tv right now.

  16. LOL the cartoons & video.
    Great choices. I like the line from Ever After - "We're supposed to live happily ever after".

  17. Great Post. Funny Video. Makes you think about the nature of love.


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