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Is It Spring Yet?

by Libby Malin

As I write this, a warm wind rattles window panes as a January thaw day places a down payment on spring.

Here in the mid-Atlantic region, it's not unusual to experience these "outlier" days when temps shoot up to the forties and sometimes to the fifties in winter. When I lived in Vermont, an atypical winter day might put you over freezing, but just barely. Not a cold-weather person, I'm happy to be out of that icebox.

I love the spring season and already eagerly look at forsythia branches for signs of awakening buds. Spring itself is a time of awakening, signaling the start of something new in ways that a champagne-soaked 12:01 a.m. on January 1 just can't do.

Warmer weather means shedding coats, opening doors and windows, and generally liberating ourselves of winter's layers. It's a time of expectations--what will the melting snow reveal, what flower will bloom next, what bird will return to the trees, what romantic evening will light the spark of true love?

Maybe that's why I'm drawn to setting stories in spring, a time when "fresh" and "new" are the words of the moment. Most of my YAs are set in spring, as was my first women's fiction and last year's Fire Me. My current work-in-progress is also set in spring, right on the cusp of summer. The only reason I didn't set April's My Own Personal Soap Opera in spring was because I needed to set it in a ratings sweep period, and a mid-winter time worked better for the story! But at least it's being released in spring!

Do you enjoy reading or writing about certain seasons? Are you drawn to particular times of the year?


  1. I just came to say I look forward to reading this one...I have it sitting on my shelf waiting to read for a review...I love the cover too!

  2. Thanks, Kris. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. I'm a winter girl through and through. Born in February and went to Penn State because it was snowing on April 29 when I went for a visit. :)

    Yes, I know. I'm weird.


    My son David went there. My husband and I feel like honorary alums!

  5. I love spring, mainly because it signals the end of winter!

  6. I love spring and fall, although with our hot Texas summers, we don't get enough of any season but summer. My stories encompass all seasons though, for variety, just like I enjoy variety here. :)

  7. The pictures are beautiful.'s snowing here in the heartland and in the 20 degree you are making me yearn for something months away!!! Not Fair! Oh well, I like fall myself, spring is nice but I sneeze too much, I sneeze all year long, but more in the spring. lol

  8. Hi Libby,

    I am a sunshine kind of girl through and through. Gray days of winter give me cabin fever. I was born in Florida and thankfully I'm back in the sunshine state. But having spent a few years in Connecticut and New Hampshire, I can remember the days of just wanting the snow to melt so I could see the grass--even if it was brown instead of green!

    Most of my books have been set in spring, but that's because London's Season started in the spring and I so enjoy writing about the balls, the gossip and the romance of the time.


  9. Having lived in the desert for far too long, I love seasons. Any season. As long as it IS a season. :}

  10. HI Libby!

    I love, LOVE fall! I adore the time right around Halloween. The colors of the trees (well, not this year, it was too warm still here in CA) and the chilly mornings just fill me with energy. I love winter too- cold, gray days are my fav! So, don't worry, Judi, I'm in your weird club, too. :)

  11. I'm fall all the way through. Out here we may not have the changing leaves, etc., but I still feel something in the air. Says something for someone who grew up at the beach, doesn't it?

    Although we really don't have seasons as much here as other areas do.

  12. I really love spring--it's such an interesting transition from being cold into when it's warm... I like Fall, too, but it's so short!

  13. Great post, Libby!

    I do love spring, but I love fall too. We have TONS of trees here in Sactown and when the leaves change colors it is truly splendid.

    I set The Wild Sight in the fall, because that was the season I was last in Northern Ireland, and also because Samhain plays an important part in the story.

    Same with TToV, I set it in Feb. just after Carnevale, because that was when *I* visited Venice.

    wishing for some tulips and daffodils

  14. Actually fall is my second favorite season! I love the "transitional" seasons.

  15. I love Fall I can put the garden to bed, watch the turning of the leaves, and read.

  16. Hi, I'm chiming in late today. It's been a busy one. I like every season. Each one can have it's own special atmosphere that can be used to bring out a book's theme.

    Rather like salt-a season to season with. The pun was accidental but points to a bit of truth. Like salt, each season has its own flavor and also brings out other flavors.

  17. I'm chiming in very late - The stomach flu sucks but I'm feeling like I might just live. I write in all the seasons, I do like winter, lots of curling up by the fireplace, but then in Yours For the Taking takes place partly in the mountains, I set it in the spring so there's still fireplace action, not to mention hillbilly hot tub action *grin*


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