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Tell Santa what you want....

Today I changed my Google blogger profile picture from Outcast to Fugitive. This is something I've been meaning to do for a while now, but you know how it is around Christmastime; you just can't remember to do everything you would wish. Something always gets forgotten, and hopefully it's not your sweetie's present, which brings me to the subject of today's blog: What do you want for Christmas?

I ask a lot of people this question, mainly because I can't think of anything, and when I do, it's either one of the tried and true gifts that I've given many times before, or it's something no one wants. I've considered not getting into the family gift exchange, primarily because I usually wind up with the gift that I contributed. I mean, I thought the Demotivator's Calendar was funny, but the family just didn't get it. I thought a gallon of Quervo Gold was a great gift--took me an entire year to drink all of it--and how many gifts can keep on giving like that?

Part of my problem with gift buying is that browsing the aisles for the perfect gift is not my style. I'm more what you'd call an efficient shopper; if I know what I want, I go straight to the source, get it, and get out. The rest of the time, I'm in a fog.

So, what about you? Do you want diamonds for Christmas, or something more practical? Are you a casual browser or more of a commando when it comes to shopping? A mall rat or an online master of the point and click? C'mon, give Santa a clue. . . .


  1. Ok, you asked for it..What I want for Christmas...
    1. World Peace...
    2. Stable world economy
    3. To loose all the extra poundage
    4. A TV or a car, or both
    5. Last but not least, books from my favorite authors,of which you are one...

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  2. I enjoy the giving more than the getting, because, really, I get what I want during the year. Although, there's not much that I want. That's affordable, anyhow. Trip to Europe? Sure, sign me up. Sadly, no one in my family is independently wealthy.

    I do know my Mom bought me a nice wooden lapdesk from Borders. I know because I gave her the coupon and told her which one I wanted. :)

    But I can't wait to see my kids open their netbooks. That and the year we gave them not one, but two, puppies for Christmas will stand out in my mind. Oh, and the year one Kid was being a smart alec and asked Santa for a jar of pickles.

    Santa brought them. And we still laugh about it. Ah, the memories!

  3. I love to decorate my home and have been asking Santa for a number of things. I finally got a new bedroom carpet (after 7 years of begging, spilling ink on it, and spilling wine on it. oops. heh heh)

    Now I'm beginning the campaign for new lighting and a granite or quartz countertop. Maybe in 7 more years?

    Meanwhile, I know Santa got me an ipod touch. Technology is sort of wasted on me, but he keeps trying to drag me into the 21st century.


  4. My mother died earlier this year and I think that's why I can't really get into Christmas. It just doesn't feel the same without her. Someone sent a Christmas card for her yesterday which didn't help matters. But I finally also managed to get a few things for my kids and feel a little more ready than before. Plus I'm on deadline for Wolf Fever, so I've been furiously writing on that, which has been great in helping to avoid thinking of what should have been. Of course for me, I'd love to get all kinds of gifts, but a trip to a Scottish Castle would be top of the list. :)

  5. I'm terrible at giving Christmas gifts, and don't have much more luck at receiving them.

    It's about now that I usually start shouting Bah! Humbug! Not because I'm tight-fisted or misanthropic but because I dislike feeling compelled to produce gifts just because of a calendar date--especially knowing I will inevitably feel like a failure.

    Oh golly! I do sound Scrooge-ish!

    Truly I'm not. I adore Christmas music and never tire of it. I like decorating and baking and getting together with friends and family. I like calling out "Merry Christmas!" to friends and strangers alike.

    But even my cat didn't like the present I got her last year.

  6. I would definitely go for 1, 2, & 3, Jessica! Too bad you can't wrap them up in a gift bag.

  7. Yeah, Judi, it's the little ones that make Christmas so much fun. You have to go a long way to get us older folks as gung ho as he kids are, but we still try to recapture that magic, don't we?

  8. Ash,
    Santa got me an ipod touch last year, and wound up keeping it for himself because I had no use for it. But if he gives me a new laptop this year, I won't complain....

  9. The first Christmas after my dad died was tough, too, Terri. It was bad enough when my mother died, but Pa was the last one, which made it that much harder. But hang in there, it gets better.

  10. Poor MM! I know exactly how you feel. I've never gotten a present that any of my cats liked, so I've quit trying. Of course, when you have a cat that likes to play with dust particles in sunbeams and another that chases shadows, they find their own brand of Christmas joy.

  11. We have a tradition at our house, where Santa's gifts are left unwrapped around the kids stockings (I think it started cause most of them are too big to wrap). When my son was three, my DH and I were laying in bed awake in the morning quiet, and although we couldn't see my little boy, we could hear the little plastic footsies of his pj's swishing across the floor. They came to an abrupt stop, and we could hear him breathe a reverent "Wow" when he saw the enormous stuffed animals Santa had brought him.
    When Christmas gets a bit crazy, that sound of wonder my son made keeps us going.

  12. Cheryl,
    I absolutely love Christmas! The Christmas decorations are never put up too early for me. And I love to give and to receive gifts. I shop online and in stores. I enjoy looking around and finding just the right gift. I'm not fussy about what I get but be sure to wrap it up pretty because I love looking at presents under the tree. Beautiful, frilly boxes with lots of color and shine.
    I love to dress up and go to Chrismtas Eve service at my church. Christmas is never a bother to me. I love everything about it!

  13. Not my favorite time of year. I'm with MM on the pressure to produce gifts by Dec. 25. It's not fun for me at all. I'm looking forward to the 26th.

  14. I wouldn't kick a Kindle or a Nook out of my Christmas Stocking. Nor would I have a problem with diamonds. Unfortunately, I doubt Santa even considers jewelry. He's much too practical.

    Right now, I'd be happy to have the living room remodel finished so we have a place to put our Christmas tree. So far, the drywall mud is drying and after one more sanding we can prime it. My mother-in-law is visiting on Thursday for the weekend and DH told me he's hoping to get his mother to help with the painting. I just patted him on the head, wished him luck, and told him I would be away as much as possible.

  15. Goodmorning.
    What present does Santa bring us today? HoHoHo
    Yes I'd like a Peaceful world to, and I'd like to see our people going back to work here in America.
    And I'd like Rubies, but I think I'm getting a new Office Chair.
    My Hubby is not too Creative or Romantic about gift giving. At least it's not a vacum cleaner this year.
    I'd like to take that trip to visit Scottish Castles too.

  16. I always feel bad when I have people ask me what I want because I don't usually have the money for everyone I want to buy gifts lol. But I do like going to stores and browsing randomly sometimes.

    I went to this antique store here and even though I didn't plan to get anything I found these awesome earrings for a person whose gift I hadn't thought about. I like when stuff like that happens. I'm super excited about Fugitive though Cheryl. I like your new profile picture :D

  17. I love Christmas, but I hate to shop-have never been a shopper. Hate is not even a strong enough word. I love what you said, Ana, about just happening upon something and thinking of someone who would like it. I LOVE when that happens, unfortunately, it doesn't happen often enough. We pick names on my hubby's side and so we had two adult gifts to get this year. Should be a simple task, and luckily this year it was. I was given ideas and they fit the price range and viola...done. The kids are another story. They are getting older and three of them have part time jobs so buy whatever they want when they want it.

    When possible, I have always made gifts-I love doing that and most people adore something handmade. Sadly, though, that takes time and I have not given myself much of a head start. So we'll see!

  18. I love to gift shop whether point and click or the mall or even browsing funky shops.

    As for what I want, I really have trouble with that unless I see something that catches my eye. I generally browse Sephora and give hubby a list.


  19. I am a pretty simple gal. Oh sure, I would still like to have the Porsche Carrera that I have dreamed of since high school, but since that ain't gonna happen I'll settle for a wonderful family vacation at Disneyland. And I want the Muppet Show on DVD. That's it.

    And world peace. :)

  20. Kathryne,
    Kids are what it's all about, isn't it? Nobody can say WOW! with quite the awe of a three-year-old!

  21. Amelia,
    I used to wrap everything and use lots of bows and cool stuff, but once we moved to Indiana and had to travel two hours back to Louisville on Christmas, I discovered that bows didn't travel well. I use (and reuse) gift bags most of the time now. Plus, anything really fancy under my tree gets attacked by cats!
    Glad you enjoy the season and embrace it. That's the attitude I'd like to have, and I do have it, but it comes and goes!

  22. Marie,
    I'm with you on needing to produce gifts--particularly when they're for people you rarely see. My immediate family, yes, I usually know what to get them, but when it comes to the little kids in the family that I see once or twice a year, I'm clueless! We always manage somehow, though. I think it's because my DH is such a kid at heart and knows a good toy when he sees one!

  23. LOL, I recommend spending lots of time at Starbucks, Robin!

    I'm more of a practical person like your DH. If someone gave me diamonds, I'd be like, "Do you know how much tea I could trade this in for???"

  24. You know, Donna, the best present my DH ever gave me was my Kitchen Aid mixer. It is powerful, reliable, and always does the job perfectly. But
    I wouldn't turn down world peace or a trip to Scotland, either!

  25. Thanks, Ana!
    Finding that perfect gift is part of the magic of giving, whether you're spending one dollar or fifty. Happy shopping!

  26. I used to make most of the gifts for my DH's family, too, Lisa. I've given cookies, candy, homemade bread, afghans, and crocheted hats and scarves. No time for that anymore, though--unless they'd like books, but something tells me mine wouldn't go over well with some of the family!
    Good luck with your shopping!

  27. Linda,
    I usually get a horse supply catalog and mark the pages and circle what I want. My DH rarely fails if I do that, but on his own, it's a toss-up. Sometimes he amazes me and sometimes I'm left wondering what on Earth was he thinking???

  28. You never know, Sharon. Someday, when you least expect it, you might find the keys to that Porsche in your stocking!

    Or world peace. Wouldn't it be great if that really COULD come in a stocking?

  29. I am definitley a planner when it comes to Christmas shopping. Any other time of the year, I'm the biggest window shopper, wanderer, etc., but once the end of October (I told you I'm a planner) hits, everytime I'm out near a store, I try to have an agenda.

    Happy Holidays!

  30. I'm always satisfied with a gift card or a cashmere sweater, but I'm hoping for an ereader.

  31. If I have a plan, there's no problem; it's the LACK of a plan that screws me up!
    Happy Shopping Danielle!

  32. I'll bet a lot of people are getting ereaders for Christmas, Jane. It's the wave of the future!


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