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Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I think all of my preparations are done, in fact, most of my presents are already underneath the tree. All I have left to do is to fill the stockings. . . and about fifteen other things, like decide what to have for Christmas dinner! The Christmas Eve menu (our traditional potato soup) is all set to go--I even posted the recipe on my blog yesterday--but Christmas dinner has to be something easy because I have to work that night. I'm thinking something with biscuits or crescent rolls because that way Sam will have something he likes, but the entree remains a mystery.

This will be my last post here on Casablanca Authors before Fugitive's launch party on January 4th. I still haven't received my author's copies of the book, but I did get the new bookmarks Danielle had made in honor of my first ever booksignings in my local bookstores. The first will be January 2nd at the Bloomington, IN Borders from 1-3 pm and the second will be January 16th at the Bloomington Barnes & Noble from 2-4 pm.

I don't mind telling you how nervous I am about this. I have visions of sitting there all alone while droves of post-holiday shoppers completely ignore me. I've thought that perhaps leaving a trail of truffles leading to my table might help, but it's just as likely that they'll only be smashed underfoot while everyone stampedes past me to purchase the latest bestsellers with the gift cards they got for Christmas. Barnes & Noble promised me posters, but the Borders manager told me to "self-promote" which is something I'm really rotten at.

I did as he asked, however, and emailed the local newspaper, telling them about the new release. So far, I have heard nothing from them whatsoever. Not being a pushy person, I doubt if I'll try to contact them again. Well, maybe I will. Who knows how gutsy I might get in the next week or so.

Having read a couple of terrific reviews of Fugitive hasn't hurt my confidence any. The first is on Whipped Cream Reviews, where it got five cherries! And the second, Veiled Secrets gave it five silver dragons. One other reviewer liked it a lot, but was hoping she'd find out who the ultimate bad guy was in this book. LOL! She'll have to wait for Hero for that. After all, I couldn't very well let the cat out of the bag before the end of the series, now, could I?

Anyway, what I'd like to know is if any of you have some tried and true booksigning tricks up your sleeve that you'd be willing to share. And you readers, too: have you ever bought a book at such an event, and if so, what drew you to the table? Was it a long line of people waiting impatiently for their copy (not likely in my case!), or was it the promise of free candy and bookmarks? Suggestions? Comments? Please????


  1. Have a Merry Christmas, Cheryl, and super sales at your book signings!

  2. I'm glad Barnes and Noble is promising you posters. That makes me proud of my work place lol.

    One guy who really seemed to call attention at one of the book signings was actually interacting with people. He was in front of the book signing table, saying stuff like, "How are you today? Interested in learning about a new book?" And then we had a local author who sells paranormal author and her covers alone seemed to draw attention.

    I would be excited about one of your book signings Cheryl.

    LOL. Good luck with all the delicious holiday food.

  3. Take a deep breathe and smile. You'll do GREAT and sell lots and lots of books. First of all, who can resist that cover. They have to pick it up just to get a closer look and once they do - they're hooked. They've got to find out what it's all about.

    As for the newspaper - call again. I know we sometimes forget to mark down an appointment or photo shoot and around the holidays it can be worse.

    Wish I lived close by, I'd be first in line.

    I'm going over now to check out your potato soup recipe. Sounds good.
    Wishing you and your family a safe and Happy Holiday season.

  4. Thanks, Terry! Merry Christmas right back at ya!

    I can't see myself standing in front of the table, but I sure hope that Mason is right and that my covers will speak for themselves. I'm such a wuss....

    I'll try again, Mason. Wish you could all be at the signing. We'd have a blast!

  5. Wish I could too. Call the paper, I'd love to see the write up. You'll have to post it and share with the rest of us.

  6. First of all, if you haven't already, call some friends and ask them to come to support you. Just seeing a few friendly faces will help.

    Second, this is the moment to tap into your inner heroine--and babe, you have some kiss-ass ones. Put yourself out there.

    Pin a sign on yourself that says "local author" and walk around the store with your book in your hand for an hour before the signing. You will catch some people's eyes. When you do, tell them who you are and what you're doing. Do I need to tell you to troll through the romance and the sci-fi sections? Also, make sure you go into the coffee shop.

    Remember, our books sell at an impulse purchase price, and everybody knows somebody who likes to read romance.

    You'll do great.

  7. Start this New Year off with a Bang. I think the CAT Master needs to wear her T-shirt to the book signing. And it sure would be nice if you could get a Male Model to Walk the Mall handing out your Book Marks sending them to B&N. We need to contact Charles Paz and see what he's up to Jan. 2 Send the local newspaper another E-mail with information about your books and a little personal background and pictures of your books. Good Luck with the Christmas Meals. Anything goes with biscuits. I think you even have a good biscuit recipe somewhere on your Blog. What did we serve with it?

  8. Merry Christmas, Cheryl! I find that having a small table in the front of the store with your books on it and a sign saying that you are there signing helps. It gives people a chance to pick up your book and decide if they want it without having the author watching them while they do. I know a lot of stores will have an employee then point you out and kind of run interference. They should also make announcements every 20 minutes or so.

    When I do book signings I usually schedule them with another author or two so at least you have someone to talk to. Also, I always bring lots of chocolate, and book marks. Bribery works wonders, and people will take a book mark. I'm told many come back with the book mark and buy the signed stock after I leave because they suffer from author intimidation which amazes me because I am the least intimidating person imaginable. Good luck, sweetie! I know you'll do great!

    Hugs...Robin :)

  9. Hi Cheryl! Very best wishes on your book signing! (Smile a lot--it works wonders.)

  10. Hey Cheryl,
    You are MILES ahead of me! I haven't started wrapping my gifts yet... Heck, I haven't finished BUYING all of them! :-P

    I know you'll do GREAT at the book signings! Remember, most book stores think 5 books sold is a success. I call and email friends and twist their arms to show up, and at different times. If the signings are 2 -- 3 hours, encourage a friend to show up every half hour or so. It helps if the friend is not shy and will OOO and AHHH loudly over your books as they stand there talking to you. :-)

    Wish I could be there to be your wing-woman!

  11. SMILE, it makes people wonder what you are up to. I like the idea of handing out the book marks before hand. If I had a car I would be there for you, I love your books and since I live in Ohio it wouldn't be that hard to drive over and drag a few people into the bookstore and make them stand in line. ;) Be brave and remember...SMILE!

  12. One thing that I've seen rivet people's attention, and ultimately sell books, is hearing an author READ ALOUD from their books during their booksigning---you might consider this, as you've already broken the ice, so to speak, by reading aloud at the Retreat, so it shouldn't be too scary a thought---

    Anyway, it shouldn't be hard to sell this book!!! I absolutely LOVE it--and am gonna buy copies for my reading friends as soon as I can!!

  13. Thanks for all the great suggestions, ladies!
    I'm hoping to have some friends there who I can coerce into passing out bookmarks, and I'll do my best to smile, but read aloud???? I wish I could, but I don't think I'm quite up to that! Having another author with me would be great, but I'm going to be ALL ALONE.... AND TERRIFIED!!!!
    If only all of you could be with me, I'm sure I'd be fine, but having you there in spirit will undoubtedly help!

  14. Cheryl,

    If I lived close enough, I'd go to your signing to support you. I know how sad it is when you only sell 1 or 2 books.

    A friend of mine said her sister stood outside the store and shouted "Oh my God, it's ______ signing her books!

    LOL. If only I had a sister.


  15. LOL! I do have a sister, Ashlyn, and she'd probably be one to stand outside shouting, but unfortunately she has to stay home and milk the cows...and I mean that literally....

  16. Cheryl, I am feeling your pain as I have my first solo signing coming up in January as well. I haven't done much besides post about it on my blog, but do intend to try contacting the local newspapers. Danielle has promised some handouts and the suggestions here are really helpful. Thanks everyone! My best asset is my husband, who does not have a shy bone in his body! He will be loudly proclaiming my presence! LOL! I'll probably never get invited back, but at least I won't be bored. Ha!

    We can compare notes later in January. Good luck! I know you will do fine. Indiana folk will be thrilled to see you there.


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