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2010 Wish List

by Deb Werksman

Or, what the heck should I blog about 3 days before New Year's?

I started with the idea of New Year's Resolutions, but I only have one: get to the bookstore more often. Since bookstores are among my favorite places on earth, this isn't even a sacrifice.

Then I thought, perhaps I should make some predictions. But I have really very little idea what's going to happen in 2010 and since no one else does either, suffice it to say we're in the midst of a cultural revolution and NOBODY knows what's going to happen next!

Scary? yes.

Exciting? you betcha!

Here's what I wish for in 2010

*All our retailers to make it through the year--books are such an important, vital, essential, meaningful part of our culture that any further contraction in books being available to readers would be bad for our whole society

*All my authors to grow as authors--each book better than the last, each pitch more compelling, each hook more and more exciting!

*All deadlines met!

*To meet tons of new people--authors, librarians, bloggers, reviewers, booksellers, aspiring authors, industry leaders. Part of this is also traveling to conferences and local RWA chapter meetings, where I can get my finger on the pulse of what's happening in different parts of the country. It's fascinating and I love it.

*To grow and expand Casablanca fiction--this means my authors reach new levels--more stars in their reviews, more promotions, more sales, more awards, more bestsellers lists! BIG books from my existing authors, BIG books from BIG authors to add to my list, and BIG books from debut authors whom I can have the privilege of launching!

*I'd love to see our industry take on some of the legacy practices that make publishing so difficult--returns, excessive advances, short selling cycles

*I'm excited to see what emerges in the area of digital publishing, and this year I want the perfect e-book reader to come onto the scene (preferably in time for my birthday)!

FINALLY, I wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy, prosperous and expansive New Year--I look forward to hearing from you, reading your work, and working with you!

What do
YOU wish for?

And, I'm of course looking for:
  • single title romance fiction in all subgenres (historical, paranormal, contemporary, erotic romance, romantic suspense)
  • 90,000 words or thereabouts, please
  • a heroine the reader can relate to
  • a hero she can fall in love with
  • a world gets created
  • a hook I can sell with in 2-3 sentences
  • a career arc for the author
email me!


  1. Very nice wishlist, Deb.

    I wish to see my first mass market paperback on shelves so I can take pictures and post them on my blog.

    I wish for several successful book signings.

    I wish for great reviews and maybe a recommended read and/or an award or two.

    Basically, I wish my debut Casablanca book Strange Neighbors is a big, fat, honking success!!!


  2. I'm excited about Legend of the White Wolf's release in Feb! And Seduced by the Wolf's release in August! About seeing the cover for Wolf Fever...of finishing Wolf Fever and writing Taming the Highland Wolf and Dreaming of the Wolf. And proposing some more hunky wolf tales! Plus I can't wait to go to Nationals this year!!

  3. Wishing you a happy & prosperous New Year, Deb! And all my fellow Casa authors!

  4. Happy New Year, Deb! Love your list. My goal as always is to for my books to hit a list. New York Times, USA Today...I'm not picky.

  5. Deb, sounds like your wish list will bring lots and lots of wonderful books for us readers to enjoy. Thanks.
    Wishing you and the ladies of Casablanca a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Looking forward to all the new releases next year.

  6. My wish list always consists of books, books, and more books. Hubs and I own an upholstery shop, I wish that it will increase in business, keeping a roof on our head and food on our tables. I wish for good health for my kiddos. Since I'm unpubbed, I wish for a publishing contract.

    I don't know if you'll have a chance to answer, but you said you were looking for ST romance all subgenres. How is the market for Westerns? I've heard they are dead, and then I've heard that the are coming back. Also, will Casa think about opening an Inspirational line?

  7. Oh, and thank you in advance for answering.

    The Casababes Rock!!!

  8. Deb, reading your list of wishes for the new year was like attending a birth where a good fairy is also present! Wonderful!

    I raise a virtual toast. Here's to you and your wishes. May every one of them come true.

  9. I like Robin's wish -- and I share it. To have one of my books hit a list. Uh, a good one. :-)

  10. Wonderful post, Deb.

    I wish for each year to just get better than the previous one. Which means more work, but that's fine too.


  11. GREAT LIST, Deb! Thanx for sharing.

    My resolution is to continue to grow as a writer and to keep pleasing my readers.



  12. Great list Deb and I do hope it works out from a reader the more books for me to read the better I can't get enough of them

    Happy New Year Everyone

    Have Fun

  13. Okay, this is freaky. I DID make a list! LOL! I just saw that FIRE ME is listed as one of the Best Novels of 2009 by A Novel Menagerie! Woohoo!

  14. Hi Deb! *Waving from WRW Country* It was great to chat with you at WRW last year, and I also know you from being a Romance Bandit pal of Cindy's. :>

    I love your wishlist! Wow, give a girl a nice challenge, why don't you? Ha!

    I'm with you on the bookstores making it and taking on those publishing bugaboos too. Here's to seeing all that and more deliciously resolved in a win-win for us all!

    Thanks for all the Casa authors you've already brought us - YEAH, you! They're all great! - and I'm looking forward to more fab reads in 2010. YOu've proven you know how to pick winners, that's for sure!


    Jeanne Adams
    Dark and Deadly, Kensington, 2009
    Dark and Dangerous, Kensington, 2008

  15. I'm wishing to make my deadline of NY Eve. Just kidding, Deb. I'll make it. :)

    I second your wishes - wouldn't mind that Bestseller List to head my way.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  16. I'm looking forward to working with you in 2010, Deb. Wishing us (and "Underbelly") a great cover, fabulous reviews, wonderful word-of-mouth and big-ass sales in early 2011!!

    Tammy Hoganson(w/a Tamara Hogan)

  17. Happy New Year, Deb! Sounds like a good list!


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