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A marketing statistic

When I was taking a management course, I learned an interesting statistic.
If you make a customer happy, they'll tell one person. if you anger a customer, they'll tell twelve.

That was twenty years ago. These days with all the social networks, in a matter of moments a disgruntled customer could tell thousands!

What does that mean to authors? To put it succinctly, be nice to your customers...the readers and fans. Since fellow authors are often avid readers, I'd put them on your list also.

I read something on a professional authors' loop recently (like an hour ago) that got me so riled up, I was tempted to tell a dozen people not to buy this woman's books. Of course, I wouldn't twitter it, but I could always secretly hope one of those dozen people would! (evil laugh)

Instead, I'm taking deep breaths and trying to rise above the temptation. I don't want to sink to that level. And if you believe in Karma (which I do) I won't need to do a thing. Chances are if I was insulted, others were too. Perhaps she already lopped off her nose to spite her face.

So, I'll go on my merry way, treating my readers like the intelligent, supportive treasures they are.



  1. I love my readers. Anyone willing to take a chance on an unknown author and then keep buying their books is a treasure indeed!

  2. Fabulous advice, Ash... words of wisdom to remember, as it seems more and more people are connected these days by the web.

  3. Wise advice. It's part of why I don't like ratings. Seems like maybe one in ten people will rate something they like, but one in one if they're upset.

  4. Thanks for your support. I'm still upset about the matter, but some people will be dunderheads.

    When I called the person in question on her behavior, I got my hand slapped.(sigh) I guess there's more than one dunderhead out there.


  5. Ash, I don't know who said it first, but I have always remembered--"You never make yourself look good by making other people look bad."

    If any of you ever find me doing that--please slap my hand. :-)



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