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It’s Villain Day at my Favorite Starbucks!

By Robin Kaye

I was going to blog about my new book, Breakfast in Bed. However, we’ve had some problems with the book cover and I’ve recently learned that all the books had to be returned to the manufacturer because the foil on the cover would rather stick to people’s hands than to the book. All the books are going to have to be reprinted and as of this moment, we’re not exactly sure when they’re going to hit the stores. Right now, we’re thinking they’ll be a few weeks late, maybe more, but rest assured, Breakfast in Bed will be out by January.

So today, when I arrived at my Starbucks, all the baristas were abuzz with excitement. I sat down to write and found out that the day this blog will post, is Dress Up As Your Favorite Villain Day!

For those of you who don’t know, I live at a Starbucks. Okay, I don’t actually live there, but I might as well. I drive my daughter to dance every day, and while Twinkle Toes dances four to five hours, I sit at my favorite Starbucks, at my favorite table, and write.

In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, everyone at my Starbucks has become like family to me. During the summer, when Twinkle Toes danced for five weeks and lived with a host family, (we live 1 ½ hours away from the school) I swear, I missed my buddies at Starbucks more than I missed my own child. That might be because Twinkle Toes is 13 and they’re not. Still, the first week back to our regular schedule this fall was old home week.

So it’s Villain Day at Starbucks.

Everyone is dressed up as a favorite villain… and working. My pals: Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, Lex Luthor, and a Wizard of Oz flying monkey are here and I’m not. Unfortunately, it’s the only day I don’t drive to dance. I’m missing out on all the fun.

Just for kicks, (and a Starbucks gift card to a lucky commentor) I want to know: If you were going to dress up as your favorite villain, who would you be?

I for one would love to dress up as Dr. Hannibal Lector though it might be difficult to drink coffee and write while in a straightjacket and facemask. So you can’t be him.


  1. I'm wondering if all Starbucks are having a "Villain Day." I'll have to check at my local shop when I go by for my lunch of White Chocolate Mocha and brownie. There are so many good villains out there, it's hard to chose. For me, I guess it would be Jack the Ripper. A lot is known about him, but there is still so much mystery.

  2. So sorry to hear about the book delay, Robin! But I'll hope for good things for you in the New Year.

  3. Mason~

    What a great villain! I'd never have thought of him. You're right, he was shrouded in mystery. Oh I love it!

    I'm not sure if all Starbucks are doing Villain Day, I asked the afternoon-night crew and they didn't know. The manager would have, but it was her day off. I really hope they take pictures for me!


    Thanks so much.

  4. The delay on the books is a real downer, but villain day at Starbucks sounds like fun. I think I'd have to go with Darth Vader if I was going to dress up. Couldn't drink my chai if I did that. I mean, Darth Vader drinking tea???

  5. *Sob* They can’t do this to me! *Sniff* That’s it, I’m dressing up as The Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz and I’m sending in the flying monkeys.

    Ah, now I feel better. Breakfast in Bed is worth the wait so I’ll do my best to be patient. :)

  6. Villain day at Starbucks? That's two of my favorites-- characters and coffee! But which villain would I dress up as? Well, Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean wasn't really the villian so...maybe Darth Vader (because he got redeemed in the end.)
    One of my favorite villains from a book was Linda Howard's villain in All The Queen's Men. He was an arms dealer who had a daughter he adored with a disease he was funding research for to find a cure. So this bad guy had a good reason for his illegal deals and a tender side for his daughter. Those added dimensions made him an awesome villain!

  7. When I was a kid (which, yes, I KNOW, wasn't that long ago wink wink), I was TERRIFIED of Maleficent, the evil fairy queen in Sleeping Beauty. She was wicked through and through, but also, strangley beautiful--I thought she was prettier even then Sleeping Beauty! As I got older, my fear of her turned into fascination. I would dress up as her!

  8. Robin,
    I'd like to dress up as a Lady Captain Jack Sparrow!!! Where's the Rum!!Bummer about the book cover. Because Captain Jack has so much fun being bad.
    Twinkle Toes's is thirteen. Poor you. The porcupine age. I can see why you'd rather be in Starbucks. LOL!!!

  9. Great post, Robin.

    Villains! Well, I would rather be the heroine who gets saved from the nasty villain, but if I must, I will be the phantom in Phantom of the Opera! He might have been a fright but wow could he sing!


  10. OH darn! Danielle took my choice, Maleficent! I always loved that she could turn into a dragon. :-)

    So sorry to hear about the delay of BiB, Robin. But Gail is right, it will be worth the wait.

    off to dress up as the evil Morgan Le Fey

  11. All great villains! Sorry I've been away most of the day. Friday is my one day home and therefore means running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

    Cheryl~Darth Vador could so drink tea - especially Chai, no problem there...well except for the whole respirator thing. I've always wanted to get my caffeine by IV, just an option.

    Gail, Thanks sweetie! No Villain? I'm having an imaginary Villain day and you came without costume. Shucks. Tell me, are you just the littlest embarrassed? I guess it beats being the only one who shows up in costume.

    Beth~ I must go get All the Queens Men, sounds wonderful. I was listening to my RWA tapes (while driving home last night sans Twinkle Toes) and they were talking about what makes a great Villain, and you got one of the main ingredients, he is redeemable, and he's doing bad things for a good reason. Each of the authors spoke about giving the villain the opportunity to chose right or wrong...they choose wrong, but they think about it.

    Danielle - What a great villain. Maleficent isn't someone that came to mind right away for me but you are so right. She was eerily beautiful.

    Hi Donna! Cool, a little twist on Captain it! Though if it were me, I'd be Captain Morgan. Yes, Twinkle Toes is 13 and is at that arguing stage. I spend at least 8 hours a day with her and let me tell you, sometimes it ain't pretty. Most times though, we're very close. I keep having to remind myself she's not my friend, she's my daughter. She really is great company.

    Amelia~ Leave it to you to come up with a classy hot villain! Good thinking, Girlfriend!

    Aunti Cindy~ Good comeback with Morgan Le Fey! It would be embarrassing to show up wearing the same costume as Danielle. **grin**

    You all cheered me up, I'll check in later and put everyone in the randomizer... Some lucky person will get a starbucks on me.

  12. I went by my Starbucks this morning for my lunch of Mocha and brownies and they're were just dressed normal. Maybe they were all going as Clark Kent. Sounds like your Starbucks is just more creative. What a great place to write.

  13. I would want to be Jesse James! He always had money, dressed cool and was always on the run, like me.

  14. If I had to dress up as a villain I would love to be Cat Woman. Only because it meant that I was skinny enough to pull off a costume like that.

  15. Can't wait till January. As for a villian I would come as Jaws from James Bond in the 70's. I always found him and his teeth scary.

  16. no did not hear that lol
    avillian hum the ballon boy dad;s lol


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