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The Times They Are a-Changin'

“All is flux; nothing stays still.” Heraclitus

It’s a strange time here at Sourcebooks… I know what some of you are thinking—“WHAT?!?!!? My book isn’t even in stores yet/My book just hit shelves! What do you mean?”

In publishing, we work MUCH further in advance than most people realize. That’s because the media (magazines, television, even newspapers and some websites!) works ahead, too. As a publicist, it’s my job to be aware of what’s happening… before it happens! Believe it or not, even though the August and September books have long been on shelves, October is just getting underway and we’re preparing for November and December, I’ve got new ARCs coming in for February. And March? Yeah, those will be in soon, too. There’s even one ARC I received that’s for MAY.

When I say it’s a strange time, I mean it! There comes a point in the middle of the beginning of each season where my focus has to be split—while still staying very much with the current season (and let’s face it, the turn around in romance is basically an instant so I know how important the here and now is), I also have to start planning out my expectations for the Spring 2010 list. So I feel like I’m in this warped kind of limbo. Each year since I’ve started at Sourcebooks (which is almost 2 years now), the Casablanca list gets longer and better! We’ve got some great talent on board, and it’s amazing to see how so many of you continue to grow in your writing, as well as bringing on a whole new batch of authors. Additionally, fiction of all sorts (romance, historical, contemporary) has become a new initiative for Sourcebooks, meaning more books in the marketplace, and more importantly, more planning and scheduling from yours truly!

The Fall 2009 season is well underway, and we all know it has been a success! Rave reviews, “well attended” blog tours, book signings, etc. But think about this—what’s next? What should I be thinking about for my future books? I know it’s something I’m constantly thinking, brainstorming, talking about.

So, apologies for my recent absence from the blog; I know my comments have been fewer in recent weeks. And believe me, it’s tough because I like blogging and commenting and asking questions! But someone has to send books out for review, right? Before you know it, Spring 2010 will be here, and I’ll already be thinking about Fall 2010…

What’s on the horizon for your writing?


  1. Woohoo, Danielle, great post! I always love your old time photos! I'm a multi-tasker anyway, so it's like juggling 3 books at once--finishing edits, promoting a new release, writing a new book, and wait--the 4th book is going out in the form of ARCS already??? It keeps me out of trouble and keeps me from being bored with doing just one job. lol.

    Oh, and what's up next? Pitched some new works too. Always have to think beyond the present. Thanks for everything you do for us, Danielle! You're the greatest!

  2. People can definitely read our books faster than we can write them, and if they're looking forward to a new release, well, it doesn't get any better than that! Thanks for all you do!

  3. And here I pictured you at your desk, feet up, popping bon-bons, wearing your Fluff and Puff slippers, reading the next fabulous Casa release while cabana boys on loan from the Romance Bandits massage your shoulders... Thanks for ruining my illusions of the glamorous job of the romance publicist!

    Glad to have you here whenever you can make it! Thanks for all you do.

  4. Terry--you're right about multitaksing! It's a must, and definitely keeps me from getting bored.

    Cheryl--if I had a dollar for everytime someone asks me about the release date for Hero, I'd be a rich woman.

  5. Marie--I use the cabana boys to ship books out and bring me infinite cups of tea. Though, I had to get rid of the bonbons, all this reading and writing and sitting isn't exactly burning calories. I need one of those treadmill desks like Robin!!

  6. Thanks Danielle for a great post. The "glamorous" life of an editor, publicist, and author are not what the image is cracked up to be. But then we do love it! Or maybe we are all insane and this is a holodeck illusion.....

  7. Great post, as always, Danielle! And what fabulous pics of Elizabeth Taylor, definitely one of the world's great beauties, IMO.

    LOL, Sharon! If this were the holodeck, I'd be much younger and thinner. :-P


  8. Hi Danielle,
    I have no idea how you get all your work done! I just hope you don't have too many authors like me. One of these days I'll be better and not take so much of your time--one of these days--probably not soon, though! :-)


  9. Hi Danielle~

    Great post as always. If you want a TreadDesk, they've been on sale lately. Maybe you could talk Dom into it. The only bad thing about it is when you're finished with work, you're not only mentally exhausted, you're physically exhausted as well. Or, you're like me and working at Starbucks. I'm only a tea drinker when I'm sick, if not it's venti soy sugar-free vanilla lattes for me all the way.

  10. No!!!!! My youngest graduates college in summer 2010. I just can't think about it. No way!

  11. Sharon-- It's funny how glamourous people think things are! I wish I could tell them it was so :) But it is a good thing that we love doing what we do!

    AC--I LOVE Elizabeth Taylor. She's incredibly beautiful and was very talented (both on screen, even i the most seemingly vapid roles, and off screen having all of those husbands!), and I was sorry to hear this week that she's having heart surgery. So I thought these screen shots from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof were great for this post today!

  12. Amelia--you aren't bad, at all! And you're getting used to everything with each book!

    Robin--I feel like this would be the very out of the box thinking Dom would enjoy :) I'm a venti nonfat Caramel Macchiato girl myself! But I like tea throughout the day, not has heavy!

  13. Sheila--worry not! You don't have to think about 2010 :) It's still ages away, lol!


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